Hey, folks! I’d hoped to close out the month of April with another week of three updates, but circumstances have arisen that are preventing that. If I’d started the week with the kind of “cushion” I’ve had in a few of the past weeks, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but such is not the case.

This brings me to May. For the month of May, I’m going back to Monday/Friday updates for the whole month. If I’d done that this month, I’d be a few weeks ahead of where I need to be… and I like that idea, having a few weeks’ padding. Monday/Friday is going to be the “regular” schedule from here on out. Monday and Friday will be the days you know you can show up here and see at least one new chapter.

But Wednesday updates aren’t going to be gone for good. See, if I only ever post chapters on Monday and Friday, then I’ll end up getting months ahead at the pace I’ve been going and that’s not good, either. So I’ll post three chapters a week as often as I can without eroding the comfortable cushion.

So, anyway… this is all to say that Chapter 10 will be coming up on Friday, and I’ll see you Mondays and Fridays through the month of May. I hope you’ve been enjoying the first day of classes of Mackenzie’s sophomore year. As far as I’m concerned, volume 2 has been a great success in every measurable way… your responses, my experience writing it, everything. And as my work practices and my writing continues to evolve, it’s only going to get better from here.

And A Reminder:

The Spring Fling Thing ends at the end of the month. Saturday is the last day to vote. Friday (that is, today!) is a double donation Fundraising Friday, so your contribution counts double if you make it before midnight Pacific Time, Saturday morning. Also, if you’re a monthly sponsor you can email me to have your subscription counted as a vote! (Sorry, those don’t count double.)