Chapter 60: A Short Walk Down A Long Hall

on January 16, 2012 in Volume 2 Book 3: Figments & Fragments, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which The Author Hopes You Appreciate The Fact That She Is Bleeding On The Keyboard To Type This

Fortunately, my classmate didn’t require anything in the way of explanation to change his feedback. He ended up suggesting I make some small decorative flourishes to the boxthat would tie into the interior design, which wasn’t a terrible idea.

I didn’t want to go to the extremes of the old timey TV boxes that had indirectly inspired my aquarium theme because that would not tastefully blend in to a modern living room, but I thought maybe adding some kind of trim around the edge of the box wouldn’t necessarily go amiss.

After class, Nicki and I walked out together, since neither of us had anywhere to hurry off to.

“Oh, you want to take the scenic route?” Nicki said as I headed down the long irregular curving hallway that seemed to be the only way out of the Emily Center.

“Funny,” I said.

“Ooh!” Nicki said.

“What?” I said.

“I just had an idea for how to salvage the drawing of you,” she said. “You could make it into a feature of the fish tank.”

“But I don’t want a naked image of me to be a feature of the fish tank,” I said.

“No, I mean, you could say that it will display the owner’s face,” Nicki said. “Then yours is just like a placeholder to demonstrate the concept?”

“So, the idea is that everybody who buys it would have a tiny naked picture of themselves hidden inside their living room whenever they aren’t using the TV?” I asked.

“…it’s possible I didn’t think that one all the way through,” she said.

“Making the entire image customizable makes a lot of sense in the long run,” I said. “If I were making an actual product, I’d be focusing on that as the actual goal and then have a few pre-made ones to choose from. But we’re going to be graded on our design skills, and for the aesthetic effect I’m going for there’s a lot more to work with inside the box than outside it.”

“I guess that makes sense,” NIcki said.

“Speaking of aesthetic effects… I guess you decided to keep your hair orange?” I asked.

She’d glamoured it up for the dance, but while she’d relaxed the shaping and given herself a little trim it was still the same vivid color it had been on Thursday. She’d told me the spell didn’t cost much to maintain, but it did have to be maintained.

“Well, I think it’s more interesting this way,” she said. “I mean, you seemed to like it, so…”

It was weird to think that she was doing things to impress me… it might have been flattering, but I hated to think that she was altering her appearance to suit what she imagined my tastes to be. Okay, as a glamourist, that wasn’t really as drastic as it might have sounded, but I still felt it would be better if she would relax and just do what she wanted.

“Well, it is cool,” I said. “It’s more that I didn’t really notice it before you glammed it.”

“Well, yeah, exactly,” she said.

“I mean, you’re a creative person,” I said. “You can probably do lots of things that are cool with your hair… and you don’t have to all the time. You’re not going to like fade into the background if your head’s not on fire. I noticed you because you talked to me and we got along.”

“Sorry,” she said. “But I do fade into the background? You know a gnome ran into me one time?”

“That’s… kind of impressive, in a way,” I said.

“I mean, she seemed distracted,” Nicki said. “But still…”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Anyway… if it makes you feel any better about the mermaid, I don’t think most would recognize at a glance that the body is yours. I mainly recognized it because I’ve seen you drawn in that style.”

“I didn’t,” I said. “Though I don’t spend a lot of time looking at my body… but, yeah, that’s why I think I’ll be okay if I just alter the face. Even if I make it less distinct… but how many people do you think have seen Steff’s sketches, though?”

“I don’t know,” Nicki said. “She let me flip through it at a rainbow meeting… I said I was looking for tattoo ideas, and I kind of was, but it was really more of a conversational gambit? Like, I’d dared myself to talk to three new people that week, I mean really talk and not just say hi or something, and so I had to find something to talk to them about. I thought being interested in her sketches might break the ice, but it kind of backfired… she handed it to me and said I could look through it if I wanted to and walked away to talk to someone else.”

“She wasn’t trying to blow you off, I’m sure,” I said. “She probably felt embarrassed and didn’t want to show it.”

“Oh, I figured that out, eventually,” Nicki said. “I mean, from what I could tell, it seems like she’s more likely to show off with her knives than with her drawing, which is nuts because she’s crazy good with a pencil.”

“Well, she learned how to fight in a mostly-human class,” I said. “That makes it a little bit easier for her to see her natural grace than competing with a bunch of full-blooded elves. It’s funny, you don’t seem to have much trouble talking to me.”

“Don’t I? Well, I spent the whole first day trying to work up the courage,” she said. “I’m lucky Professor Stone encourages collaboration or else I’d probably still be doing it. Poor Professor… do you think he’s in trouble?”

“With the clan or the school?”

“The clan,” Nicki said. “I mean, that’s his mom’s clan, right?”

“I think so,” I said. “But I don’t think they’d hold an attempt against him, when it failed and the thieves were caught. Dwarves can be unforgiving of theft and people who fail to prevent it, but I think they accept the existence of thieves as a fact of life. He might have been in an uncomfortable position between the university or the imperium and the clan about how to deal with the thieves. The fact that they came to a private bond agreement means there was an agreement, but who knows how much negotiation and pressure it took to come to that point?”

“I guess,” Nicki said. “So… see you Thursday?”

“Definitely,” I said. “But, you know, you’re welcome to hang out with me outside of class. I mean, there doesn’t have to be a specific event or anything. We eat dinner at the Arch pretty much every day, for instance… I’ve got the last class of the day in our group, so it’s usually after I get back from my melee class.”

“And it’s okay if I come to?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Like… tonight.”

“Any night,” I said. “You don’t even have to check in or anything… you can just plop down at our table.”

“I might do that sometimes,” she said. “But I wouldn’t want to intrude…”

“I’m pretty sure everybody in the group likes you,” I said.

“Maybe I’ll come by tonight, then!” she said.

“Great!” I said.

At the front door, she kissed the tips of two of her fingers and touched them to the door frame as she went out. It was a weird kind of affectation, but a lot of the G&D majors seemed pretty fond of the unconventional building.

“See you tonight, then, I guess,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said.

It was only when she started heading off that I started to think about the downside to adding another person to our circle… like, we’d have a lot of backstory to explain if we wanted to talk about the owl-turtle thing or anything else that was going on.

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          Not really. About even up.

          And really, a brain in a building is more useful.

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            You think so? I’d consider a girl with a penis way less unexpected in the MUniverse. There are- IDK how the population is, but if their population is anything like ours then easily millions of transwomen in their world, and on the order of a million in the Imperial Republic. How many sentient buildings do you think there are?

            I’d say Steph puts her penis to pretty good use. Well, when she’s not putting the romance in necromancer, anyways.

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    Lovely chapter.

    I saw on Twitter about your finger; I hope it heals quickly.

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    “I guess that makes sense,” NIcki said.

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      *ie: Normal for Mack, that is *

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