Chapter 76: Bureaucratic Attacks

on March 30, 2012 in Volume 2 Book 3: Figments & Fragments, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which One Door Closes And Another One Opens

I spent the time between my hazards class and my last class of the day reviewing the past two days’ bouts in my head, trying to visualize what I’d done… what had worked and what hadn’t. Coach Callahan had given me two days to try out new things without consequences, and today she’d put them to the test.

If I could impress her, she’d offer me a chance to get the extra credit I’d need for an A. If not, I’d get the grade she thought I deserved. Her grading was arbitrary and subjective, but I couldn’t say in so many words that it was unfair. I wasn’t an A fighter, and I never would be.

But I needed to be an A student. I needed an A in this class.

Coach Callahan was leaning against the door to the salle when I got there. A number of the other students were milling around in the hall.

“Can’t go in there yet,” she said. “Some wand-necked parchment-pusher thinks my modifications to the red mockbox might be violating some basic fundamental something or other, so some jackass from maintenance has an enchanter, a diviner, and an illusionist going over it now.”

I knew that Callahan’s teaching methods brushed up against the limits of what the school considered to be acceptable… if she had her way, it would be literal survival of the fittest… but it was hard to see why her customized mockbox would be singled out. The changes she’d had made to the red one gave it maximum realism when it came to pain and damage, but the effects reset them faster

Even though the bell hadn’t sounded yet, I found myself annoyed at even the prospect of a delay. Maybe it was a sign of my growing maturity that I saw this as an inconvenience rather than a lucky break. More likely it was just the fact that this was my day to prove myself, and I would have less than an hour to do so. I was predisposed to resent anything that cut into that time.

“What, they couldn’t look at your class schedule first?” I asked.

“I’m sure they did,” she said. “This is what an attack looks like, when you’re a bureaucrat.”

“What are you going to do if they shut it down?”

“They won’t,” Callahan said. “You think I never learned how to cover my ass, Frybaby? I didn’t do the modifications myself. The whole thing had to be submitted and approved before anybody would touch it. Anyway, there are standard mockboxes in there for my other classes. If they haul away the red one… class goes on. It just doesn’t go quite as smoothly. And then I lodge a complaint with the vice-chancellor.”

I shuddered at the mention of Embries. I couldn’t help it.

“Either way, you’ll get the chance I promised you,” she said.

“It seems like you’re getting singled out a lot this year,” I said.

“I’ve always had enemies wherever I go,” she said. “When I joined the faculty here, I got people who think they’re my enemies, though they don’t really know the meaning of the word. Part of the problem is our beloved chancellor wanting to put a fine polish on this gleaming turd of a school before she kisses it goodbye, it makes her care more about the complaints. But it isn’t just that. It’s not my enemies…”

The door beside her opened, and she stepped back. A burly-looking guy in orange robes stepped out, followed by a group of three wizards who were in close conference with each other. The three followers stopped talking and shrank back when they saw the look on Coach Callahan’s face. She ignored them, though, and addressed the foreman.

“Oh, good… can I have my salle back now?” she said.

“Sure,” he said. “Just as soon as I get a crew out here to haul out the suspect boxes.”

“There are a lot of things wrong with that sentence but I’m going to start with the plural at the end of it,” Callahan said. “You were sent here to check out a box. One box. The red one. The only one I’ve had reconfigured. It’s hard to miss, because it’s red.”

“Oh? You sign my work orders now?” he said. “Listen, we checked out the other boxes to get a baseline comparison and they all show the same issue.”

“What the fuck issue is that?”

“It’s hard to pin down,” the man said. “Which is why we have to take them in to where we can give them a real going-over.”

“What the hell have you been doing for the last twenty minutes?”

“Giving them a preliminary going-over,” he said. “Which told us that the issue is something that’s hard to pin to down.”

“But what, exactly. is the issue?”

“We’ll know it when we find it,” he said.

Callahan’s whole body began to shake, except for her right arm which remained absolutely still at her side. Her face… it would be hard to describe what happened with her face. It was like watching an animated character going off-model briefly as part of a poorly drawn reaction take. She was basically the size and shape of a human, but she’d arrived at that point by taking the long way around.

Seeing it left the foreman flummoxed long enough for her to regain a bit of control.

“Hang on,” she said to him. “Those boxes are property of the university athletics and armaments department, and they are not to be removed from this building without proper authorization.”

“Are you nuts? I have authorization. I am authorization.”

“Yeah?” she said. “Show me.”

Wordlessly, he thrust a stack of forms into her outstretched hand.

“Where does it say in here that you can take the other boxes?” she asked.

“You can read,” he said.

“I already know that it doesn’t say jack or shit about the other boxes and I suspect there’s nothing in here about removing the red one,” Callahan said. “You’re just hoping that sheer administrative magic will be enough to transform a pile of papers into a general right to do whatever the fuck pleases you. Well, I say you’re a thief, and if you don’t want me to treat you like one, you need to prove you aren’t.”

The small crowd in the hallway had already fallen silent, but this was the point where things got really quiet… nobody was moving, nobody was breathing, nobody was thinking.

The three assistants looked like they would really like to be somewhere else, but none of them quite dared to be the first one to move.

The foreman looked her up and down, really taking in the muscles of her arms and the gold pommel of the sword she wore on her back. Was it possible that anyone who worked for the school even on a contract basis didn’t know who Coach Callahan was? Maybe he’d heard stories but didn’t quite know what to believe.

The bell rang.

“Fine,” he said. “Fine! I’ll be back with an authorization to remove the equipment. In the meantime, I’m removing the authorization to use this room. Potentially unsafe conditions.” He turned to one of the squirming wizards. “I want a seal on that door, maximum warding, with retribution and silent alarm.”

“I… I… we’re not actually allo…”

“Fine, I’ll do it myself then,” the foreman said. “Everybody stand clear.”

Callahan remained where she was, but the wizards who’d apparently failed to find anything wrong with the mockboxes took the opportunity to clear out completely. The foreman closed the door and then made a big show of tracing seal runes onto it with his thumb. The outline of the double doors and all their hardware glowed orange for a moment, and then the glow faded. He took a rod off his belt and pointed it at the middle of the door, and a sign appeared indicating that the room was closed for necessary maintenance.

“There, and I hope you’re dumb enough to try to open it,” he said. “There’s going to be an inquest, and it’ll go hard for you if you try to force the seal… that is, if there’s anything left to discipline.”

Callahan said nothing. She’d remained still as a statue since he announced his decision to seal the door, her face betraying nothing.

Could the foreman really be so stupid? He was stupid enough to pick a fight with Callahan, but it was hard to believe he could have spent twenty minutes in the room and overlook such a crucial fact… but then he hitched up his belt and swaggered away.

I let out a breath, and I wasn’t the only one.

“Did you piss off someone in the maintenance department?” I asked Coach Callahan.

“Only because I’m not allowed to piss on them. Anymore. But this wasn’t about me,” she said. She turned and walked past a bulletin board to the one of other two sets of doors into the wide salon and opened it. “Okay, class… important safety tip for the day: make sure don’t use the middle doors when you leave. Time’s a-wasting.”

The class filed in through the two un-warded sets of doors. Though there was some hesitation at the ones that Callahan hadn’t opened first, they proved to be passable. The coach went straight to the red mockbox and ripped the bright yellow tape that had been wrapped around it off.

“Let’s get going, people,” she said. “We’re already burning daylight. Pair off as you mock your weapons and begin sparring. Do best of three falls and then switch partners. Today’s an evaluation day. Show me what you’ve learned, show me what you can do… if you’re doing what you’re supposed to, you won’t know when or if I’m watching you, so give it your best the whole time.”

I would have liked a few minutes to get myself centered on fighting again after watching the drama in the hall, but I didn’t begrudge Callahan wanting to get to it. I’d wanted the same thing. I took the time I had while I was in line for the mockbox to try to review my plans in my head one more time.

She wanted to see me doing something more than powering through my opponents’ defenses… well, I’d practiced things like feints and rapid direction changes to get around them instead. I assumed she would still want to see me winning, so if if I had the choice between knocking the hell out of an opponent or taking a lethal hit I’d lash out. The name of the game was self-preservation, after all… I just needed to show her that I was open to all options.

I got lucky in that my first opponent was someone I hadn’t yet fought extensively with. He had a two-handed sword with a big spiky crossguard and pommel… not the most nimble of weapons. I got him down on the mat by tripping him up as he came forward, and then took him out of the fight with a quick thump to the chest. I might have had a hard time making it “fatal” without the demon-strength behind it, but I wasn’t necessarily supposed to be pretending I was weak. I had a clear shot and I took it.

My practice the past two days had taught me the folly of trying the exact same trick twice in a row… in an actual fight to the death, of course, that would probably be a moot point, but I had to come up with something new. I decided to start by trying the same thing anyway, because it made for a plausible feint… it had worked well enough the first time, right?

My opponent didn’t lower his sword, though, he just stepped back sharply. Okay, so it was going to be a bit trickier. He was being a lot warier of my weapon’s longer reach. I adjusted my grip towards the center, from aggressive to defensive… it was probably obvious that I was baiting him to come in closer, but he took it.

We went through a couple passes, him coming on swinging and me mostly trying to slip inside the arc of his blade rather than swatting it aside. We both got a glancing blow or two in. Then our legs happened to collide, and I took the opportunity to try to trip him the old-fashioned way. It wasn’t a move I’d ever practiced or even tried to do on purpose, and we both went down.

There are some advantages to having a blunt, round weapon. It hurts a lot less to fall on it from a height of three or four feet. Having the hilt of his sword lodged in his stomach wasn’t enough to trip the red, but apparently the virtual damage he did pulling it out was.

That was two out of three to me, so we moved on to our next opponents.

I tried not to over rely on the tripping thing, because part of the point was to show versatility… but the other part of the point was to do what worked, and it did work. Plus, like the coach had said, she wouldn’t be watching any one fighter for the whole class.

“Keep fighting until the bell,” Callahan said, near the end of the session. “And watch what door you go out through.” She positioned herself near the middle doors. As much as it would probably amuse her to watch someone walk into an aggressive ward, I could imagine she had feelings about letting someone else harm her students when she wasn’t allowed to. She’d happily make her classes more hazardous if she could get away with it, but a random death by door wasn’t part of the lesson plan.

I didn’t finish the day with anything like a perfect record, but I had the feeling of having done well… not “I did great” so much as “I did it”, period… I got it done. I dispelled my phantasmal weapon when the bell rang and headed over to Coach Callahan so I could find out if she agreed.

I had exactly enough gumption to walk up to her but not quite enough to be the first one to speak. She looked at me and nodded once.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” she said. “Starting next week, you’re going to be fighting gladiators. Not the best of the best in terms of skill, but the ones like you… the special cases, the ones who can get by on brute strength or other power and who’ve never had to learn how to be better than good. I can pit them against each other, but there are only so many combinations. Throwing another person into the mix can only make things better.”

“I have to beat trained gladiators now?”

“As fast as you can,” the coach said. “That’s your goal. That’s always your goal. Some of them I’m going to give different instructions to… because otherwise there wouldn’t be a fight. If one of them needs to work on control, I might tell her to hit you as many times as she can without ending the fight.”

“I thought you didn’t like games,” I said. “You don’t want us learning lessons that won’t apply when we’re in a fight for our lives.”

“Believe me, from your point of view you will still be in a fight for your life,” she said. “The whole point of this exercise… at least as it applies to you… is to give you a scenario that credibly challenges you.”

I suddenly remembered some of the people that Callahan had in her gladiator stable. Pala the storm giant, for instance… she would definitely qualify as a “special case”, and in fact Callahan had used her in an attempt to level the playing field in at least one bout last year.

She was also probably one of the last people I’d want to play a game of who-can-hit-the-lightest with.

“Now, I told you that if you impressed me I’d give you a chance to earn extra credit,” she said.

“Fighting your gladiators isn’t that?” I said.

“No,” she said. “That’s just to make sure you’re actually working for your regular grade. I’m just trying to put you on the same level as the rest of the class. For extra credit, you’re going to have to go above and beyond and do something completely different, and you’re going to have to do it on your own time outside of class.”

“What?” I asked.

“Fight gladiators,” she said.

“But you said… oh,” I said as realization caught up with my mouth.

“That’s the only offer you’re going to get from me, and you can take or leave it,” she said. “I’m not going to do anything for you I won’t do for anyone else who qualifies. You don’t have to join the stable… and at this point I wouldn’t take you… but every open match you participate in will add a bit to your final score.”

“How many do I need to get an A?”

“That depends on the rest of the year,” she said. “And how you do in the arena. Don’t worry, though… you will get the grade you deserve.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” I said. “Are you worried about the ‘inquest’?”

“No,” she said. “Because the worst thing they could do is fire me, and they know it. You should watch your back, though.”

“Me?” I said, as some of the things Callahan had said caught up with me. “This was aimed at me?”

“It would be one hell of a lame bankshot if it was,” she said. “It wasn’t aimed at you, it was aimed at me… but it seems like a number of people who’ve taken your side one time or another are getting targetted. I’m not worried. This is barely an inconvenience. But from the way you kids bitch, I get the feeling it doesn’t take much to fuck up a school year.”

Maybe I should have been surprised at the thought of an organized campaign against me, but I wasn’t. I didn’t even have to think very hard about who might be orchestrating it. It was just possible that someone in the school administration had decided on their own to give me some kind of quiet pushback, but that didn’t seem likely… not while Ariadne was around.

True, it was a completely different M.O. than she’d shown in the letter to Acantha, but Acantha had no previous connection to me. Maybe she’d taken a different tack because she’d expected sympathy from another elf.

Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part, the desire to not have one more enemy in my life. I didn’t have any evidence that Ariadne had anything to do with Coach Callahan’s bureaucratic difficulties, but if she was right about a larger conspiracy I hoped it was Ariadne, because I had evidence I could bring to bear against her and hopefully stop any further persecution.

If there was someone else out there who had it in for me… I didn’t want to think about what that would mean.

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        Callahan’s student aide in Mixed Melee.

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  17. Ermarian says:

    If one of them needs to work on control, I might tell her to hit you as many times as she can without ending the fight.

    And that one might be named Puddy, by any chance?

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  18. Erm says:

    Mack said Puddy was stronger than her. Whether she actually is is anyone’s guess (Mack’s the definition of unreliable narrator sometimes), but Puddy did overpower her regularly. It may have been ingrained fear and deliberate holding back, or it may have been pure strength.

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    • Sher says:

      I think Puddy in’t stronger than Mack. It was only once, when she was cheating in the arena during the gladiator fights. Outside of that occasion, I think I remember Mack saying something about being stronger.

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