Chapter 122: A Little Something More

on November 16, 2012 in Volume 2 Book 4: The Reinvention of Mackenzie Blaise, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which Hands Are Washed

I fell in behind Nicki when we left her room… she wasn’t heading out the way I’d come in, but I figured she knew the way out of her own dorm.

All the buildings in the nexus cluster had their own separate entrances that were technically the front doors, even if they weren’t used very often. In the case of Burlew, going out the front meant taking the long way around the building when we got out, but I didn’t say anything. I understood the phenomenon of always going the same way out of habit.

When we got back around to the main path, I thought I heard someone calling my name.

Well, that’s not completely true… I definitely did hear someone calling my name. But my high school years had instilled in me the knowledge that good things rarely came of looking up when someone was yelling to get your attention, and my college years hadn’t yet managed to erase that, so there were a few moments where I was stuck pretending not to hear.

Then Nicki tugged on my sleeve, and I turned… and almost wished I’d kept my head down and kept walking.
I might not have recognized Jamie at first glance if he’d been by himself. He was just so… blah… looking. Within the parameters of conventional attractiveness, maybe, but not particularly interesting. Sandy-ish hair, average height, kind of slight build. Wiry as in skinny, not wiry as in strong.

He had elven blood, but not enough to put a point in his ears. He’d still managed to find enough room to put a couple of more holes in each one, bringing the total number of piercings up to five on each side. If he’d been worth a second look on his own, I probably would have recognized him for his jewelry.

Stumping along with a cane beside him was his friend who I did recognize, but whose name I couldn’t remember… she was just Jamie’s friend in my head, which was how I identified Jamie. She was built like a dwarven easy chair and always had a look on her face like she was mildly amused by everything.

“Jamie,” I said, hoping that the thing my face was doing qualified as an easy smile. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself… I almost didn’t recognize you, with the new clothes,” he said.

“Is it really that big a change?” I said. “I mean, I wasn’t going for a total departure…”

“I just meant that they’re new,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wearing anything that didn’t look like it came from Goodweal. I… uh… meant that in a good way.”

The weird thing is, I could tell that was almost the truth. He hadn’t meant it in a bad way… it definitely wasn’t good, but there was no malice or conscious meanness behind it.

If Jamie Bowman had only one flaw, it was that he could be a bit of a snob when it came to appearances. He seemed like the kind of guy who did laundry every week, even at college… the sort of person who thought a shirt was dirty when it had been worn just once, even if you didn’t get anything on it.

Of course, if he’d had only one flaw, it would have been a serious improvement.

“How’s Iason?” I asked, mostly to be polite. Well, actually, I’d meant to be rude. I’d meant to say Jason, knowing how much it ticked him off, but somehow it had come out right. That was probably Amaranth’s influence at work… she would have disapproved of petty humanocentrism, even for a good cause.

“Oh, well… he’s still Iason, you know?” he said.

“That bad, huh?”

“Well, that’s not completely fair. He’s… a bit better than when you knew him.”

“So, you’re still together, then,” I said.

Through no one’s fault in particular… though mostly his… Jamie and I had got off on the wrong foot during our first semester at MU. Things had improved between us a bit, but I’d told him that I couldn’t keep being around if it meant being around his manipulative, chauvinist boyfriend.

“Didn’t Steff tell you?”

“Steff knows better than to talk to me about you,” I said. I knew they were sort of friends… less “sort of” than we’d ever been… and I guessed that sometimes they did things together, but I wasn’t interested in having that confirmed. “Tell me what, though?”

“We broke up last spring. It was long overdue.”

“Seriously? Why didn’t Steff tell me?”

Jamie laughed.

“Same old Mackenzie,” he said

I didn’t ask him what he meant, because I knew. Early on, Jamie had acquired a tendency to think of me as a hypocrite, and it shaped the way he took perfectly innocent things I happened to blurt out.

“I guess I should have noticed that he finally took his bracelet back,” I said, noticing Jamie’s bare wrist. “So he was lying the whole time about not being able to get it off?”

“No, that was the truth,” Jamie said. “We did finally figure out how to remove it without breaking the whole enchantment… it’s kind of a long story, but basically we found an elven enchanter who used the right definition of ‘curse’. Now the bracelet still works, but it doesn’t… bind. We actually got that fixed a couple of months before we split.”

“So… what finally ended it for you?”

“Nothing… no one thing,” he said. “There was no last straw or breaking point or anything. In fact, things were better between us than they’d ever been at the point I called it quits.”

“So why did you?”

“Because a better Iason is still Iason, and because I’m a bit better, too,” he said. “I know who I am and what I want.”

“And it isn’t Iason?” I asked.

“It isn’t anyone. I’ve figured out that I’m not really the dating type,” he said. “Or maybe I should say the relationship type… I don’t have anything against dates. I’m just not looking to commit to one person right now.”

“There are more options than committing to one person and not committing to anyone,” I said.

“One person, five people… it’s still committing,” he said. “I’m just not there. Nothing against people who are.”

“I am not in a relationship with five people,” I said.

“Well, I don’t exactly keep track,” Jamie said. He gestured at Nicki. “And since I have no idea who this is, I didn’t want to leave anyone out.”

“Oh… sorry, this is Nicki,” I said. “Nicki, this is Jamie Bowman and his friend, uh…”

“Regretably, I’m Marlot,” she said, taking Nicki’s hand in both of hers. “Ever so sorry to have made your acquaintance. My deepest apologies.”

Nicki laughed, out of what I assumed to be nervous tension. She turned to me.

“So, were you and Jamie ever…?”

“Joined at the wrist for a week because of a botched attempt to remove a cursed magic item?” Marlot supplied. “In fact, yes, they were.”

“…I was going to say ‘together’,” Nicki said.

“Oh, and here I thought you were really good at guessing,” Marlot said.

“You’ll have to excuse Marlot,” Jamie said. “Because she’s leaving.”

“Actually, we were leaving,” I said. “Due to plans of a non-specific nature. The mention of which should not be interpreted as invitation for anyone to join us.”

“That’s fine, we also have plans,” Jamie said. “Awareness of which also does not invite outside participation.”

“So we both have plans, then,” I said.

“Yes,” Jamie said.

“Good,” I said.

“Excuse me, but do your plans involve the student union, or the Arch?” Marlot asked me. “I only ask because I don’t want to have to stand around for another five minutes so we don’t end up awkwardly walking alongside you the whole way.”

“We’re going to the Arch,” I said.

“Good, because we’re not going to the Arch,” Marlot said. “See? You two lovebirds didn’t have to go out of the way to avoid ending up eating together, fate itself has arranged to keep you apart.”

“Do you want to get dinner together sometime?” Jamie asked, and it was only after I’d wondered why he would ask Marlot that when they were already heading to dinner together that I realized he was looking at me.

“You could go a little more out of your way than that,” Marlot said.

“I… uh…” I sputtered.

“There is some serious romantic comedy nonsense going on right now,” Marlot said. “I wash my hands of it.”

“Just to catch up, I mean,” Jamie said. “You know I’m not looking for anything serious, with you or anyone.”

“And you should know I’m not open to anything casual,” I said. “So it would just be dinner.”

“Obviously,” Jamie said. “I mean, I’m not putting any limits on what events could unfold…”

“Oh, there will be no unfolding,” I said. “Events will remain folded the entire evening, or I’m out of there.”

“So that’s a yes?”

“It’s a ground rule that has to be accepted before I even consider saying yes,” I said. “I really don’t see the point in going out if we know it’s not going to lead anywhere, though.”

“Why does everything have to lead somewhere?” Jamie said. “Talking to people is fun. Sharing a meal is fun. Going out is fun. Not everything has to be about pairing off for a practice marriage, or finding your one… your assorted number of true loves.”

“Is that what you think I’m doing?” I asked.

“I have no idea what you’re doing, Mackenzie,” he said. “That’s why I want to catch up.”

“But… Jamie…”

I hesitated, not sure if I should be as blunt as I felt at the moment.

“But what?” he asked.

“We kind of… hate each other,” I said. “Don’t we?”

“Is that really the word?” he asked.

“Okay, we can’t stand each other,” I said. “We don’t get along with each other. We grow edgy and irritable in each other’s presence.”

“Hey, maybe if we all stick around a little bit longer, we can even see that start to happen,” Marlot said.

“So… yes? No?” Jamie said.

“We’ll talk about it,” I said.

“When? It’s not like we see each other all the time,” he said.

“Fine, then we’ll get together sometime and talk about it then,” I said. “But not this weekend, I’ve got… personal stuff I need to do.”

“Next week, then,” Jamie said. “Tuesday?”

“Wednesday,” I said, and I was pretty sure I could come up with a reason that Tuesday wouldn’t have worked if I’d thought about it.

“Are you still in Harlowe?”

“I’m in Gilcrease,” I said.

“That’s the other tower?”

“It’s one of the two towers on campus,” I said. “I don’t see what’s particularly ‘other’ about it.”

“I’ll meet you in the lobby at seven, then,” he said.

“Fine,” I said.

“Great,” Marlot said. “Now, can we please get out of here before any more hijinx ensue?”

“Sure,” Jamie said, and they headed off in the direction of the student union.

“Nice meeting you!” Nicki called after them. “That was really cute, by the way.”

“What was?”

“The way you agreed to a date with him while pretending you can’t stand him.”

“Romantic comedy nonsense,” Marlot yelled back over her shoulder. “That’s all I’m saying.”

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    Words cannot adequately express how much I love Marlot.

    Edit: First, apparently?

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    While your reading this, in your head do so in Valley Girl voice.

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    And O!M!G! a nondate for the nondating duality of race-you-to-the-bottom submissives.

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      I was literally just wondering what happened to Jamie and Iason… and Marlot. More importantly I was wondering what happened to the telepathic girl who was not very big on personal boundaries.

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        Violet I wondered about, though I do like Marlot.

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      He was like all of the horrible monstrous personality traits of The Man, but without the slickness that made him interesting. The Man is someone you can love to hate. Iason, you just hate, period.

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      • Cadnawes says:

        I’m glad you mentioned Random. I had great hopes for her.

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      Does it really matter ?
      Just enjoy the story as written … *frizzen grammer sharks*
      About time some of the older,lesser known charecters re-appeared.

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      Weal is an olde word for well, so I think it’s an intended otherverse twisting of goodwill.

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      I am assuming it is an intentional MUniverse name.

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        Right, just like “White House” and “Walled Market”.

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  4. You have made me blink many times, discombobulated…..

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  5. zeel says:


    . . .

    What just happened?
    I like the idea of recovering those characters, but the whole “lets talk about stuff that the reader is clueless about” thing threw me (not the normal MU style). Since when do Mackenzie and Jamie know each other this well?

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        She’s an enchantment nerd with asstons of raw power; it makes sense that she’d be on a list of people to go to for help with the bracelet. Jamie going to her was probably a big part of how they became tsundere for each other instead of genuinely disdaining one another.

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          Yeah, but considering how much he disliked her… I have a feeling it’s something she sort of blundered into helping with.

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            nerd geekout at fancy annoying toy? totally plausible

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      There are definitely some salvageable aspects of moarmu. I’m happy.

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          I’m thinking the reason taking it off the same way didn’t work is because the opportunity didn’t come up again. Jamie isn’t a Skirmish player like Iason, and after that one Skirmish match I’d hazard a guess that possibly neither is Iason anymore, so the chance for Jamie to get hit with realistic-enough mock death to fool the bracelet again probably never reoccurred. Either that or maybe the magic on the bracelet was like “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

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          • zeel says:

            I would guess the latter, with Iasons wealth he easily could have paid whoever necessary to get the two of them out on the field again, and then phantasmaly murder Jamie. It wouldn’t have to be during a match, as long as they were in a place with the proper enchantment and Iason used a phantasmal weapon, they could have gotten it off.

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              Probably both, but I imagine the bracelet’s enchantment adjusted.

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      (Actually seeing some parallels to the Emily encounter.)

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    Sooo… how much do we have to donate for the OT about when they got stuck together? Or is that doomed to be forever in the “noodle incident” Category.

    On other news its nice to see Jamie has stopped being such a total douche, and that Marlot is still awesome as hell.

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    I want to read this chapter from Jaime’s perspective though. Possibly with the psychic jabberings of Violet as well. This is classic Jaime passive aggressive dating.

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        Growing up, she probably blocked out most of what she could have ‘heard’ just because it was routine and boring. Like being in a group of people and not listening to all the conversations you’re not part of (assuming you had ‘elven ears’ and could actually listen to any one specific conversation anywhere is the room).

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    Typo Report

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    Then Nicki tugged on my sleeve, and I turned… and almost wished I’d kept my head down and kept walking.
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      • Cadnawes says:

        I must disagree with the “poorly written” part. It takes good writing to make someone so irritating.

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        • Zukira Phaera says:

          Indeed, it can actually be the harder task.

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    Meet Mackenzie Summers, the Metaphor Slayer.

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    – Self hatred
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    – Easily manipulated (at least at the start)
    – Oblivious

    – Spineless (WTF are you doing with Iason?)
    – Not very bright
    – Easily manipulated

    Neither is a perfect person, fact is all the characters have major flaws. While some (Iason, Puddy, The Man) are horrible on a basic level, the rest are still not saints. I feel that it is unfair to say “Don’t bring back Jamie, he is a douchebag” because from another perspective you could say “Don’t write about Mackenzie, she is a hypocrite” truth is that both those statements are true.

    Anyway, I really hope that the More MU characters (almost all of them), will be draw into the main events. It would also be nice to get some Jamie perspective OTs on certain important events.

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    And unlike most people on here, I actually liked Iason as well. Sure, he was a complete dick most of the time, but most of the things he does aren’t really any worse than what Amaranth did to Mack at the beginning. In the same way that Jamie might be ‘spineless’ but he actually stood up for himself more than Mack did to begin with.

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    • That one guy says:

      Of course not. Magically extended life isn’t worth it if that life isn’t worth living. Sure, you could go be a stag with nothing but a stag’s memory and a stag’s thoughts, but then you wouldn’t be “you” anymore. Is extended life really worth it if you have to basically suicide first?

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  24. Seajewel says:

    I love Marlot and her sense of humor so I hope she’ll be around more now. I just need to see more Feejee and I’ll be happy.

    I think it’s interesting to see how Mack views Jamie. She finds him physically non-impressive, but my impression from MoarMU was that Jamie is probably at least cute. Lots of negative history between the two we don’t know about but it is still funny to see how Mack rates Jamie in light of all we know of how he rates women. And I never found Jamie so terrible.. He had his prejudices and his weaknesses but he was not a bad person.

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  25. ????? says:

    …. Am i the only one who has no idea who jason, iason or marlot are?

    Author please linkspam obscure or new characters, instead of jumping right into discussion of backstory…

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  26. ????? says:

    …. Am i the only one who has no idea who jason, iason or marlot are?

    Author please linkspam obscure or new characters, instead of jumping right into discussion of backstory…

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