Chapter 200: Of Clay And Stone

on February 6, 2014 in Volume 2 Book 6: Career Counseling, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which Mackenzie Eases Her Way Out

Now that I had a deal in place with Acantha, I felt like it was time to start winding down my involvement with Professor Stone’s work. So far it had hardly been an arduous addition to my schedule, but having two paying jobs on top of everything else seemed excessive. It had always been temporary, just until Two and he got comfortable with each other.

There hadn’t been any major problems yet and the longer things went on the less likely it seemed like there would be. They were both learning the other’s communication styles, so it probably would have been difficult to string the thing out much longer anyway.

“Professor Stone? Do you have a minute?” I asked at the end of my next class with him.

“For you? I have several,” he said, a twinkle in his eye. “Please choose carefully among them.”

“I’d like to, uh, talk to you about the work I’ve been helping you with.”

“Well, I’m glad you chose to approach me,” he said. “Because as things stand, I’ve been meaning to speak to you on that very subject, though I wasn’t quite sure how to raise the matter.”

“Yeah… I had a feeling this day was coming,” I said.

“Well… to be honest, I’m not sure which day you mean,” he said. “I don’t wish to give you the impression that I have come to any kind of a definitive conclusion regarding my ongoing collaboration with Ms. Two. I had hoped that you would be able to put my mind at ease on one or two points, or failing that, confirm my doubts and prevent me from compounding an existing error.”

“If you have doubts about Two, then I think you should talking to her,” I said. “If you need my help, I’ll be happy to give it as always, but I don’t think it’s right to have a discussion about her without her.”

“Oh? Ah, I believe see your concern,” Professor Stone. “And if you truly feel that way, I will respect it… but what I would like to ask you is no more or less than I might ask the friend of any friend, in a situation of some potential delicacy. I fear… I hope , in fact… that I am jumping at shadows. If this is the case, I would not wish to burden Ms. Two. If it isn’t, then I will naturally address my concerns to her.”

“I’m not sure she would feel burdened, if you were clear that you were only asking to see if there was a problem,” I said.

“Does she never take anything personally?”

“She does,” I said. “Unfairness, especially… anything that strikes her as unfair really gets under her skin. It’s not that she doesn’t have emotions, just that there’s a different sort of logic to it than with most people… but I might be able to be more specific if I knew what we were talking about.”

“The problem… well, I should say the potential problem… is that for all the value her assistance brings to me, I don’t know if she enjoys doing it or not,” he said.

“I can tell you for sure that she doesn’t mind doing it,” I said. “When she feels like she has to do something that she objects to, she has a way of being really passive-aggressive about it and even when she doesn’t feel like she do that, she has a way of going blank while she does it. She’s not doing either of those things, that I can tell.”

“Yes, but does it bring her pleasure?” Professor Stone asked. “Does she find fulfillment in the activities? There is a considerable gulf between ‘not minding’ and genuine enjoyment.”

“She genuinely likes having something to do,” I said. “She likes feeling productive and making things.”

“Having something to do is rather broad. Does she enjoy her work with me more than she would enjoy having something else to do instead?”

“Does it matter?” I asked.

I knew Professor Stone had been looking for something other than just practical abilities when he’d extended the offer to Two, but I thought it’d been pretty clear that this was a job to her, work for hire. Being an enchanter’s assistance had been her original purpose. I’d told him up front that I didn’t think she’d ever see it as her calling again.

“To me… well, it matters a little,” he said. “I would enjoy it more if I thought she shared in my pleasure. To her, I must imagine it matters a great deal. If I were in her position, I imagine there would be a considerable difference between a pleasant task that pays a worthwhile wage and one that is tedious but pays too well to be passed up.”

“Well… respectfully… I think that might be where you’re going astray,” I said. “Trying to imagine how Two feels or what she thinks about something by trying to put yourself in her shoes. I don’t think tedium is something she even cares about… the closest she comes to boredom is when there’s nothing to be done, and even then it’s more like she’s anxious than anything else.”

“Even as someone who doesn’t mind putting his nose to the grindstone when it’s called for, I have a hard time imagining that anyone could not care about tedium,” he said.

“Yeah… well, I really hope you don’t think I’m out of line here…”

“Oh, my dear, I crave whatever advice you can give me,” he said. “You are not out of line in giving it.”

“Okay, it’s just I feel like if I repeat this kind of thing too often, you’re going to feel insulted, but I think the fact that you can’t imagine her point of view is the biggest obstacle here,” I said.

“But if there’s an insurmountable gulf of experience between us, how can we resolve this? Should I simply give up?”

“You can’t resolve it, but that’s no reason to give up on working with her,” I said. “Do you need to know how a mind that doesn’t experience tedium as you know it would function to accept that it can and does?”

“Well… I suppose not,” he said. “I mean, the balance of evidence suggests that she functions very well.”

“Then I’m not sure why you’re worried,” I said. “The reason I wanted to talk to you is because I thought things were going so well that I was going to ask if you thought you would need me for much longer.”

“I could see where you would get that impression… on the surface, I have no complaints,” he said. “On one level, we have ‘clicked’, as you might put it, as well as I had hoped… and yet, the rapport is not quite what I had imagined. This fills me with misgivings, particularly on the subject of exploitation.”

“Oh,” I said, and suddenly I felt like I understood why he had been treating the subject as if it were something dire and dreadful. He’d been afraid he was inadvertently exploiting Two. “Well… as much as she might seem like she would be vulnerable to exploitation, she’s also what I would call sensitive to it. If she were feeling exploited, I think you would know about it… and I definitely would.”

“I suppose that does put my mind at ease a bit.”

“I still think the best policy would be to talk to her,” I said. “And to trust that she understands you and that she means what she says. That’s the thing about Two. She doesn’t always volunteer information about things like how she’s feeling, but if she says something without being directed to, she definitely means it.”

“It’s the ‘without direction’ part that troubled me, though,” he said. “If I asked her a question, wouldn’t she be inclined to tell me what I want to hear?”

“If she was, that would actually be at odds with her first and strongest impulse, which would be to truthfully answer the question as it was asked,” I said. “When she knows someone doesn’t want to hear her answer and she cares about them, the conflict is pretty easy to see.”

“That sounds worrying, and yet also reassuring, if you take my meaning,” Professor Stone said.

I nodded.

“Now, maybe I can put your mind at ease, as well,” Professor Stone said. “You, ah, seemed to expect this conversation to go in a different direction at the beginning?”

“Yeah, the reason I brought it up is because I’ve… accepted another offer,” I said. “It’s been interesting to watch you at work, but I have a chance to do something that’s closer to what I want to be doing.”

“I understand completely,” he said. “I’ve known that this was more a crossing of paths than a merging of them, and I knew you’ve been in talks with someone else. Moreover, how could I fault you for following the course that brings you pleasure after having shared these doubts with you?”

“I guess that’s one way to look at it,” I said. “Granted, I don’t think I’m going to want to spend the rest of my life doing this other thing… I have my own misgivings about it, but the money’s good and it could be valuable experience even if it doesn’t work out.”

“Some of the most valuable experience comes from things that don’t work out,” Professor Stone said. “Though… well… I don’t know if you can withstand another piece of advice from a tiny old man.”

“I crave whatever advice you can give me,” I said, trying to make it sound as sincere as it had when he’d said it so it wouldn’t sound like mockery.

“Just because a bad experience can be a learning experience, don’t fall prey to the trap of assuming that suffering must be worth it, that anything that tries your soul will pay off in the end,” he said. “They say that hard work is its own reward, but it is in fact rewarding work that is its own reward. Hard work that is rewarding may well be worth the hardship. I’ve certainly never been afraid of rolling up my sleeves, and I would counsel you to be the same. Just don’t be confused about your purpose in doing so.”

“Thank you,” I said. “I suppose it’s a little flattering that you’d think I need that warning… I mean, I try to put a good effort into the things I do for your class, but sometimes college life leaves me a little scattered.”

“Indeed,” Professor Stone said. “There are times when I think some of the smaller schools have the better idea, where students take one or two classes in an abbreviated semester. You won’t likely split a day between three or four different jobs when you graduate, after all.”

“Well, I hope I won’t,” I said. “I’ve been reading up on the job market and it seems like some people do.”

“That would be an example of hard work that isn’t rewarding in its own right,” he said. “But it’s not based on your class performance that I’ve given you this counsel. You must please forgive me if I’m ‘out of line’ now, Ms. Mackenzie, but it’s been my experience that those who have endured suffering sometimes assign value to it, as a means of coping. Doing so can help put your past struggles into perspective, but it needn’t resign you to future ones.”

“I… thank you,” I said. I didn’t know if he’d recognized something in me or if he’d just heard some version of my story or was just making a shot in the dark about a half-demon student. “Believe me, I don’t identify with suffering… maybe I’ve resigned myself to it on some occasions, but I’ve never been in danger of looking back on what I’ve been through with any kind of pride, much less letting that pride mislead me about my future.”

“Really?” he said. It wasn’t quite incredulous, but he did sound genuinely surprised.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Ms. Mackenzie, if I had a child who had gone through the trials you must have endured growing up, I would be extremely proud of her,” he said. “Although I might not have any right to be, if she’d been left to face those trials.”

“I… I don’t know what to say to that,” I said. I might have blushed, but I think he blushed harder.

“Don’t say anything about it at all, then,” he said. “I’ll see you in class next Tuesday, but… I don’t think I will need your continued presence in the workshop. As tempting as it would be to have you by my side when I have the necessary discussion with Ms. Two, I think that would ultimately hinder my attempts to take her as she is. I believe you are right that the best thing to do is speak with her, rather than speaking through you.”

“I’m glad I convinced you,” I said. “Well, I’ve probably taken up enough of your time now…”

“Think nothing of it,” he said. “Oh, and Ms. Mackenzie?”


“If your other opportunity doesn’t work out but you’re still interested in finding meaningful work, I may be able to line something else up for you,” he said. “My contacts are rather far-flung and in some cases rather more dated than even myself, but it might be worth a try all the same.”

“Thank you,” I said, and I meant it… even if I didn’t take him up on his offer, it meant a lot that he’d made it. If nothing else, it would be something to keep in mind come graduation. Far-flung contacts would be inconvenient for a college job, but could be just what the healer ordered in the future.

As I left the room, I couldn’t help reflecting on how my conversation with him had gone versus the one with Acantha. Acantha was modern and youthful, at least in her outlook… Professor Stone was old-fashioned, if not completely hidebound. One worked in applied enchantment, the other was basically a cobbler and tinker. If I’d had to guess which one I would have related to better, it would have been Acantha.

But Stone had worked to put me at my ease when he thought I was uncomfortable, and when his remarks had been personal, they had been touching and he’d been at least as embarrassed about the sentiment as I had been. Acantha had put me off-balance from the start, and pretty much kept me there. It was quite a contrast.

Could she have been deliberately trying to upset my equilibrium? It made a kind of sense, as a bargaining tactic… but, she’d given in with only a few tacit objections. Why would she hold out for every advantage, if she didn’t mean to fight to the end? Maybe she had been prepared to, before she found out that what I wanted was pretty reasonable.

But then… she hadn’t been expecting me to bargain anyway.

She’d thought I’d was there fishing for information about the project, and once I’d made it clear that I wasn’t, she’d stopped with her hints about how I’d spent the previous night.

Covering up the fact that her plans were more definite than she’d been letting on fit perfectly with the rest of her behavior. I didn’t understand why, though.

Even if she was just keeping us in the dark until our confidentiality had been assured, there would still have to come a moment when she told us what we were doing. Wouldn’t it be better to tell us up front instead of pretending otherwise?

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