An Announcement From Pope Lizbet

on November 19, 2014 in MU Blog

Hello, MU lovers! It is me, popelizbet, aka Elizabeth R. McClellan (J.D, Magisterius University). Although I’ve been scarce around the comments for a long time now, some of you may remember my previous Tales of MU guest story, “A Question of Ownership.”

Introductions/reintroductions out of the way, here’s the meat of the matter. AE asked me to update you all on what’s going on in the world outside MU.

Alexandra is dealing with a family health crisis at the moment. While this was not entirely unexpected, and she attempted to plan around it to be sure you continued to receive regular story updates, life, as they say, happens. The situation is much more time-intensive than anticipated, and creating serialized fiction of the quality you have come to expect is simply not possible for her at this time. Therefore, ToMU will be on official hiatus until next week.

However, do not despair. Part of the planning-around was some bonus content held in reserve in the event that it was needed, so expect an unexpected surprise coming up later this week from someone you haven’t seen in a while.

While I understand as well as any of you the desire to know more and/or to send AE supportive notes via e-mail or other channels, please refrain. The details are not hers to share, because unlike her own health, this is not her medical information to impart. Even if the notification sounds on her phone signal the receipt of well-wishes, a flood of e-mail or tweets or other messages right now is not helpful while she needs to focus on her family. If you have good thoughts and well-wishes to share, please comment here rather than via e-mail or other channels, so that she will be able to see your kind words, but not be overwhelmed by them, while she is preoccupied dealing with something that requires her full attention.

Your understanding and continued support of both Alexandra and Tales of MU is appreciated. See you later this week.

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13 Responses to “An Announcement From Pope Lizbet”

  1. Dzen says:

    Understood! Now, PLEASE, write more guest stories! A Question of Ownership is in my top three favourite updates ever on this site.

    Current score: 3
  2. sliversith says:

    Nobody else, really?
    Alexandra, my best wishes go with you. You are one of my favorite modern authors, and I know family sickness sucks. Take your time dealing with whatever you need to.

    Current score: 3
  3. Lyssa says:

    My heart goes out to you, Alexandra. Take all the time you need to be with your family, of course. The story can wait.

    Current score: 2
  4. moxicity says:

    All the best wishes to you, AE. I’ve been critical of some of your work and maybe that was unkind of me at times, but your stories give me the feels. And I’ve been working on being a more gracious critic.

    Much love and support from all your fans.

    Current score: 1
  5. The Over Caffinated Squad says:

    Probably best way to help out? Go donate. Take some life-pressure off Alexandra that way.

    Current score: 8
  6. Eli says:

    Hope things go well for you and your family, Alexandra. Take all the time you need. <3

    Current score: 3
  7. MaraGratia says:

    I am sorry to hear there is a difficult situation. Good wishes flying your way and in the way of your kin. Take care.

    Current score: 2
  8. Readaholic says:

    Life does have a tendency to happen, far more copiously than expected. All the best.
    I shall restrain myself from offering large amounts of bad God/Purity Mode Mary Sue fanfic and/or worse fan art, to ‘help’ fill in.
    Of course, given time, my restraint may weaken…

    Current score: 1
  9. MariannD says:

    Dear Alexa, dear, dear, Alexa. Take care of yourself and rest well. Mackenzie will continue to frolic and cavort in our imaginations. And I am imagining you, resting, whole, and well.

    Current score: 2
    • zeel says:

      “Frolic” and “cavort”? Not the words I would have chosen, nor the ones I am imagining. Those ones start with ‘F’ and ‘C’ too though.

      Current score: 1
  10. Order of Chaos says:

    Hoping for the best. Take care.

    Current score: 2
  11. dm says:

    Hopefully it all gets better.

    Current score: 2
  12. Zukira Phaera says:

    thinking of you and your family *hugs*

    Current score: 1