Audio Track: "Then Came Man"

on August 15, 2011 in MU Blog

Hello! As you should all be aware, I’m recording audio tracks of my stories to show appreciation for your contributions during the current fundraiser. Because I’m learning as I’m going I wanted to start with something shorter, but it’s hard to strike a balance between “couple of minutes” and “considerably longer”… so I decided to start with something that’s broken up to pieces anyway. This week’s selection is the creation tale sampler “In The Beginning”, which I’m going to be recording and posting one segment at a time. It doesn’t take long to record one, even if it takes me a couple of tries to get through it, but my voice is a rather untrained instrument… honestly, I don’t even spend that much time talking out loud in a given day… so shorter sprints are probably better to start with.

Anyway, here’s segment #1, “Then Came Men”:

And, as an added bonus, I recorded a little aside on pronunciation:

As I type this (8:00 PM on Monday, August 15th) the total is at $428… full fundraiser details are here, but just to remind everyone of the basic deal, I’ll record one story for every $250 this fundraiser brings in, and everyone who contributes any amount is eligible for bonus tracks.

Thank you!

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15 Responses to “Audio Track: "Then Came Man"”

  1. lola says:

    Your voice is very snakish lol

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    • Null Set says:

      Are you implying she is a Parselmouth?

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  2. angellus00 says:

    For some reason this wont play for me 🙁

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  3. Kevin Brown says:

    Well I never really was one for audio books but I really liked the aside on pronunciation.

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  4. brandon says:

    i have to love a dragon origian also ook

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  5. Koan says:

    One thing that I find interesting is that it doesn’t say the Star Drake made the five crystal eggs, just brought them with him. All of existence is chaos, and the only inhabitants are Chaos’ minions and the star drake. So my question is where did they come from? Also, are there locations you could point to on a map where the four eggs actually hatched? (they’d make great tourist attractions/holy pilgrimage destinations) And who made the demons, or chaos? It is great to hear the different creation tales spoken aloud, thank you for sharing the MUniverse with all of us.

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  6. RCBates says:

    Well.. I’m tempted to listen to it, but, generally speaking, I read because I enjoy reading… so still toying with pressing play.

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    • RCBates says:

      and, I’m another who was mildly entertained by the aside on pronunciation.. the actual bit of the origin story just hit me too much like I was reading the Bible… something I could never get into unless I couldn’t do anything else and there was nothing else for me to read.. or reread for the who knows what time, heh.

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  7. Billy Bob says:

    I’m sure many people will like the audio, but I’m not very interested in it. Is this same material available in written form? Maybe when you post an audio you could also post the written text for those of us who can’t enjoy the audio?

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    • Bramble says:

      It’s the first story on that page. 🙂

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    • Daez says:

      I noticed that the story is posted elsewhere, but could you perhaps include a link to the text version when updating the audio version? Maybe I’m just lazy, or half-blind when hunting for things, but I never would have found the posted version without the link provided by Bramble, lol.

      I definitely enjoyed getting to hear the sound of your voice, but I too struggle with listening to stories, for several various reasons, and so pretty much don’t remember a thing that was said except the Amen at the end, and the pronunciation of the Kh letter.

      Anywhoozle, I do think it’s pretty awesome that you are taking the time to do this, and while I wont actually retain any of the audio stories, I will enjoy listening to the future ones, as well as reading them. 😉

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      • Daezed says:

        Can’t listen to these on the phone, for whatever reason. Makes me even more hopeful for a link to text versions on future posts. also… Wow, has it really only been less than 6 months? Oof, seems like time has gone by much faster… weird.

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  8. Triof says:

    I’m the same – I listened to the audio, but I find it very hard to concentrate on audio alone, unless it’s a story I already know very well. I usually have to listen to an audio tape several times for it to actually sink in.

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  9. Barnowl says:

    Very cool – thank you. Man as peacemaker? hmmmm…..

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