Dorian came home today.

on September 30, 2014 in MU Blog

Or at least his remains did. I’m doing okay… honestly, better than I have been… but it took me out of the house in the afternoon and out my creative head space. So, once again–though likely for the last time in this difficult period–I’m going to ask for your patience and support as I take a day off from the update schedule to gather myself.

I had thought about pushing things back a day, but I think it’ll be cleaner and easier to just skip the day and keep going with the rest of the week. It usually works out better to just keep going than to try to catch up.

The one thing I have learned most of all from this is that it’s hard verging on futile to predict the course of grief, but still, I feel confident in saying this will be the last such disruption. We’ve been making plans for the future, and with this final duty performed I feel something that is probably very close to closure.

<3 AE

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4 Responses to “Dorian came home today.”

  1. Zukira Phaera says:


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  2. Grant says:

    Lost our cat earlier in the year. It was sudden and we were not at all prepared for it, although I don’t think one can prepare for the onset of grief. The most important thing is to find the path from “missing terribly” to “fondly remembering”. I still am not at the destination myself, but I can see the end of the journey.

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  3. Angnor says:

    Do what needs doing for you, in whatever time works best.

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  4. TheTurnipKing says:

    All I’ll say is, I was fit for nothing after our cat died.

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