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on October 31, 2014 in MU Blog

Hey, folks! It just occurred to me that not everyone who reads the story knows where to follow my non-MU hijinks online, and also some people don’t read my blogs/social media/et cetera because they just aren’t interested in anything but my creative endeavors, and that’s okay.

But so you don’t miss out on the fun, I have a couple of Halloween treats for you.

First, long-time MU reader Elizabeth R. McClellan (remember popelizbet, old timey LJ readers?) is now a fantastic speculative poet who specializes in giving voice to voiceless characters, including Victor Frankenstein’s aborted bride creation (“Anything So Utterly Destroyed“) and other memorable figures, when she’s not unearthing Lovecraftian horrors in historic legal cases (“Memphis Street Railway Co. v. Stratton: 1915“… did I mention she’s also lawyer?)

Well, her body of work makes for excellent Halloween reading all on its own, but some months back when I was working on my confidence recording my voice, I decided to surprise her with a recording of her Portal-inspired poem, “Down Cycles“.

You know me, I’m not big on sitting on things, but she convinced me to save it up for a Halloween surprise. So, surprise!

You can check out all her excellent work at

The other surprise is a full-length short horror story by me. This is my previously published story “I Do Not Fight Monsters”. It was formerly available at The Edge of Propinquity, but as that zine has folded it had vanished from the net. In order to rectify that, I posted it at my personal blog. It’s about a woman who doesn’t fight monsters.

If you want to keep up with my work without all the cross-chatter, the best place to do that is my brand-new author website, Blue Author Productions.

Anyway, happy Halloween!

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