State of the Me

on May 25, 2011 in MU Blog

(Crossposted from my personal blog.)

So, I tweeted a couple of times about being sick… I have what I really hope is a 24 hour stomach bug or something similar. It hit me last night while I was out and about, kept me up most of the night, and has kept me close to a bathroom for most of the day. What I’m simply going to call the worst symptom thereof seems to have abated, though I’m trying to keep my fate-temptation to a moderate level there. I still feel shaky, which can probably be put down to lack of sleep plus mild dehydration.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be getting on a plane for WisCon. My prediction based on how things are going today is that I will better and fit to travel. The alternate prognosis, of course, is that I will be worse and not fit for traveling, which would really really suck for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that I’m supposed to be that I would be leaving the rest of my party hanging in more ways than one. So any good thoughts and well-wishes are appreciated.

In either case, the next two days aren’t going to be work days. I had what I thought to be a moderately ambitious workload planned for this week, but because I approached it piecemeal I have a lot of stuff that’s begun but nothing that’s done, and I need to get my packing and con prep done tonight in a way that I’m not going to strain/exhaust myself.

I’m tempted to try to salvage a finished chapter out of the 2,000 words I have written, but the results would be so much less… I have plans to rewrite the 1,000 word infodump about television into a conversation that is also going to be potentially revelatory about other topics and I’d rather do that than post it in infodump form. Note: I’m not talking about getting rid of the information… it’s not “plot relevant” but it’s the sort of thing that people tell me repeatedly that they want to know more about. Just less dumping and more weaving. This chapter is an important one, as it’s a big part of what I feel Twyla’s fans are owed… I’m referring here both to the fundraiser “answer incentives” and to the support she received when the question was raised of who readers wanted to see more of/learn more about in the second volume.

So, anyway… as I said on Twitter, I’m sort of canceling this week. May’s newsletter will go out sometime next week. The first installment of Kin & Distant Relations will come out at the start of June. You’ll still get the 13 episodes that were promised when it won the fundraiser, but like the Twyla chapter I want to make sure it’s as good as it ought to be instead of something I banged out.

If you’re going to be at WisCon, I really, really hope I see you in a day or so. If not, I hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day/early summerish weekend. Either way I’ll see you back next Wednesday.

P.S.: You all bought 30 copies of the The Gift of the Bad Guy Kindle edition. That means I’ll be enlarging the whiteboard map to 4 times its current area, and for those who missed my addition to the initial post on that subject I do have an artist on board for making a nicer version when that’s done.

(As a sidenote, I really need to get a tattoo on the inside of my eyelids that says “One thing at a time.” The best laid plans o’ mice and men are spoiled by the other best-laid plans of those same mice and men.)

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7 Responses to “State of the Me”

  1. saru-sama says:

    Hope you feel better soon

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  2. Sindyr says:

    Hubby and I hope you feel better soon! Hope you get to have a great time at WisCon, too. 🙂

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  3. The Iron Muffin says:

    Alexandra, you take as much time as you need to in order to be well. I think I speak for the entire readership of ToMU when I say that we want you to be healthy and happy. <3

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  4. Chips says:

    Might be easier and more effective to have that motto stenciled on your computer monitor frame! 😉

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  5. Shaun O'Braun says:

    You know, doesn’t have a “next” button up on top. I just today learned of the building name thing, when I noticed the link down at the bottom when I went to post a comment saying that I hoped you were ok.

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  6. How was WisCon? I saw The Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood + John O’Neill went and had some amazing adventures! Those ladies know how to bring the noise.

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  7. Kalistri says:

    Hey, hope you had/have a good time at WisCon (whatever that is) and/or get better soon (really hope you don’t need that last part after this much time though).

    I’ve just recently started catching up on ToMU again… quite happy with what I’m seeing so far. Like everyone else seems to be, I’m in favour of you taking your time to get well, so take care of yourself :).

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