Tales of MU is undergoing renovations.

on December 24, 2013 in MU Blog

Hey! Sorry for the lack of communication on this page, but I’ve been locked out of it for most of the past 24 hours. Otherwise, the site would already be back in shape and looking exactly like you would expect.

I have no idea how long this will take to rectify as there are still some issues to work out. Thank you for your patience during this process. You may notice some weirdness and it may take longer for new comments to be approved until the conversion is complete.

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4 Responses to “Tales of MU is undergoing renovations.”

  1. zeel says:

    Yay! it’s back, just in time to save me from having “family time” (shudders).

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  2. Crows says:

    Hey I think your mobile version is down?

    Or something. I read on my iPod and really like the nice and clean mobile layout but around Christmas or so I began defaulting to the regular page with no option to change back. Was this removed as part of the renovations or something?

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    • The mobile version was powered by a plug-in, which had to be reinstalled separately. It’s been installed, but still doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll be looking at why in the next few days.

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  3. Fineline says:

    Is this why More Tales of MU links to a weird page about Openfair Review? I ready wanted to reread those stories but they’ve been down for a really long time. I hope everything else is going smoothly for you!

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