Tales of MU will be back on Friday.

on March 25, 2015 in MU Blog

Hey, folks… I caught a stomach bug or something that knocked me through a loop yesterday and I’m still physically drained from not having enough food/caffeine as a result of it. There are some really specific things I want/need the next chapter to accomplish and it’s just not hanging together, so I’m going to give myself through Friday to get it right.

There might be a few Other Tales in a row after that as a breather, as I’ve got some “reloading” to do before the main story moves on.

Thank you for reading!

<3; AE

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One Response to “Tales of MU will be back on Friday.”

  1. Hollowgolem says:

    Do what you need to.

    As the main story seems to pick up gravity, I think some Other Tales might be a break for more people than just you, AE.

    Current score: 2