Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By

on October 22, 2013 in MU Blog

Hey,folks! As you all know, I recently completed a cross-country move. This week, I took my family (as in my boyfriend Jack and his wife Sarah) to meet my family (as in my parents). This has been planned out for months, ever since the moving date was fixed, and I had space in the schedule to finish and post a chapter for tomorrow.

But as some of you have noticed, I seem to have attracted a persistent hacker targeting some of my side sites. On top of this, I only brought my sturdy (note: sturdy is not the same thing as swift) netbook and the internet in our family vacation site is not that great. So the hours I had earmarked for writing today are going to, in order of priority:

1. Making up-to-date backups of the Tales of MU site and database.
2. Updating everything on the Tales of MU website. This is not as convenient to do than it is for my side sites, because the security settings are too high for automatic updates… and I don’t want to screw it up because then the site will be down anyway.
3. Cleaning up the hacked sites.

If I had more time I’d put writing at priority 3 for the same reason that Tales of MU is higher priority even though it hasn’t been hacked: it’s my livelihood. But with the need to take care of it and the sub-par computer resources, I don’t anticipate having enough time for it to make a difference. I probably won’t be able to finish cleaning up the mess before I’m back in Maryland, either.

I will be back in Maryland this weekend and next week will be a regular work week, the first in a good long stretch of them since I’m not traveling for Thanksgiving. Thank you again for reading!

<3 AE

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4 Responses to “Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By”

  1. Chris Martin says:

    I’m an IT administrator, I love reading Tales of Mu and hate to see this happening to you.

    If you like, I’d be happy to offer my assistance (free of charge) to see if I could help alleviate your problems some?

    Current score: 1
  2. Order of Chaos says:

    Bad Hacker. Leave Alexandra alone.

    Current score: 0
  3. Cadnawes says:

    Dear hackers,
    Please go back to catching rapists and getting people free phone service,
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    Current score: 0
  4. Alderin says:

    Yeah, right there with you on the stupid asshat scriptkiddie crackers and their antics, only I wasn’t smart about the backup side of things, and ended up wiping all my databases. One site survived due to extra help I had enlisted, and a couple sites survived due to being file-only content and happening to be before the error in the backup archive I relied on without testing.

    Get done what you need done. We’ll still be here. I’ll still be looking for ways to find and … do something … to these stupid asshat scriptkiddies who think that our livelihoods and hobbies are intended for them to screw up.

    Current score: 0