Where Things Stand

on September 8, 2013 in MU Blog

Hey, folks! So, I think most of you already know the basics of the situation here, but one thing that years of running this website has taught me is to never assume that everyone will notice anything that’s not the story. So here’s the quick backstory: I’m moving from Nebraska to Maryland at the beginning of October. I expected there to be a certain amount of unpredictability and uncertainty in the month leading up to the move, but I didn’t predict how much.

Fluctuating weather is making it uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous for me to be in the attic where all my stuff is, in various states of organization and packedness. The same attic is also my only private work space in a house that is increasingly filling up with people (the new housemate who will take my place up there when I’m gone has already moved in, and will be haunting the downstairs until his room is available).

And the plan that was locked in for the move itself is now up in the air. I have fall back plans, and it wouldn’t be an insurmountable problem if I had to use them. But at this present moment right now, I don’t know if I will or not, and that’s adding stress to a stressful situation. My housemate who will be driving me if things do go according to plan is telling me that I should count on it happening anyway, which is great advice… if it all works out. So, back up plans.

Somebody told me at the beginning of all this that when a person makes a move of this magnitude–in terms of distance, moving from the central US to the coast is the equivalent of moving several countries, for most of the globe and most of human history–it has a psychological impact on the order of the death of a close friend or relative. I’m starting to feel it. On Friday I said goodbye to my parents for the last time… not, ever, but the last time when we both live in Nebraska. I didn’t expect that to be a big deal given that the next three times I’ll see them are already planned out, and the nature of our lives is that I’ve gone a couple months between seeing them most of the last three years. That would be true even if I’d stayed in Nebraska the whole time, because they don’t.

Anyway, I was dealing with that *and* a cable outage and dead headphones on Friday when I called it quits on the day, which is why I gave up on getting anything done. Believe it or not, it was the headphones that killed my resolve. I’d sucked it up on the emotional stuff, worked around having no internet… and then found out my headphones weren’t working. Total straw-meets-camel’s back moment. There are days when I can roll with part of my work routine missing or being disrupted, but I was completely out of deal-with at the moment.

Then I got to spend all of Saturday alone in an empty house, which was a necessary break, and today I’m still enjoying the solitude of my parents’ empty house for a couple of more days. If I could drive back and forth, I’d have the solution to all my problems. I could come here to work (and to sleep when it’s too hot at night) and go back to take care of the packing in the attic on cool days. But if I could drive, then my move would be so much less complicated.

Anyway, the title of this post is “where things stand” and the answer is “on unsettled ground”. The next four weeks are going to be very, very shaky. My hope/plan has been that I’d be able to maintain mostly normal work weeks through the whole packing and moving process, but that’s going to depend on the weather and the dynamics of the house I actually live in. I’m going to aim for at least one update a week, both because it won’t actually help my psychological state to stop writing/working completely while I deal with this and because I do need to keep you folks coming back at least that often.

Thank you all for your patience and support. If the fundraiser hadn’t run over… or had failed… then I wouldn’t have the options that I do.

<3 AE

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14 Responses to “Where Things Stand”

  1. Vandarial Sin'Amal says:

    Take your time love, most of us would rather you take care of yourself than try to overdo it. Stay strong, and Maryland is a lovely place… most of the time.

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  2. AdrienneRee says:

    **hugs** No worries, my dear! Big moves are always stressful and it’s more important for you to stay sane than try to do *all* the things. I’m sending happy thoughts your way.

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  3. Order of Chaos says:

    All the best.

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  4. Kaila says:

    Sounds like you need a warm milk+cacao powder+golden syrup+nutmeg+cinnamon+those little marshmallows drink. Because normal hot chocolate is boring.

    Currently in the ‘do we/don’t we move?’ myself. It’s rough – anyone that says otherwise is naive or lying – but you’ll get through it.

    Hell, with recent political changes in Australia, I’m wondering whether to move to Europe for four years.

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  5. pedestrian says:

    The reason the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence is cause someone has been pissing on it!

    Here on the left coast, the Dome of Hot Air, that was stuck over us for the past two weeks, is finally on the move and we are just starting to get a little bit of the onshore breezes. Hopefully this will continue long enough for a true end of summer.

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  6. Julian Morrison says:

    It’s OK to not wear yourself out, story definitely takes not second but n’th place far below looking after yourself.

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  7. Zukira Phaera says:

    yes take your time, do what you need to do and be well. We love ya and know you’re doing good things for yourself, things that need doing and will benefit you well in the long run. We’ll be here. Never you fear. Moving is a hassle and those of us who’ve done it a time or twelve in our lives fully get where you’re at. <3 Plus we're very glad you're finally getting a chance to make a move that you've longed for.

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  8. Pie says:

    Being one who has up and moved across the country on more than one occasion… I wish you good luck in your move! I lived in Maryland for a few years, in a few different places – I hope you enjoy the change in scenery!

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  9. Mist42nz says:

    Take care of yourself everything else will pass eventually. 🙂

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  10. Lyssa says:

    As someone who moved from Illinois to Pennsylvania and finally to Alaska in the past 12 months, I sympathize. Moving is an incredible burden to have to deal with. Take care of yourself. As long as you’re healthy, everything else will fall into place. I’m sure we’d all prefer quality writing by a happy author who isn’t stressing out over each update.


    I hope your travels go well.

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  11. JS says:

    You’ll get there! And I’ll keep checking back as I have since 2007! Good luck!

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  12. Arancaytar says:

    Take your time, the story will be all the more awesome.

    (coincidentally in Maryland for a few days right now. It’s nice, but holy crap the weather.)

    ((though judging by the weather report I got from Nebraska, it might not make that much difference. But for this European, >90°F and ~100% humidity in September is quite a climate shock. 😛 ))

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  13. Devin says:

    Hope the move is going well. Been reading your story since 2009 and have loved it the whole time through. Glad to see the fundraiser was a success. Also, I’m really enjoying the new AU stories and the current arc with the Emily center.

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  14. jelly says:

    i like the next chapter thing, is that new or did i just never notice

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