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on October 13, 2011 in MU Blog

Hey, folks! It’s been a while since a while since I wrote anything in the on-site blog, and since I’m wide awake at one in the morning I thought I’d rectify that. There isn’t exactly anything big to make an announcement about, but I figure even those of you who don’t read my personal blog or subscribe to the newsletter deserve to be kept in the loop… especially since my last blog post referenced a tentative schedule that’s been supplanted. Might as well make a new post just to knock it off the front page.

In case you’ve noticed that posts are coming a lot more regularly but haven’t noticed any mention of the exact schedule or figured out the precise scheme, it’s a regular chapter basically every four days and a side story once a week. You can learn all the details here. That’s twelve updates a month. I started experimenting with this in mid-September so we haven’t yet made it through a whole calendar month of it, but I’ve been hitting the major goals pretty squarely even with life’s little ups and downs.

One “down” I really can’t control for is my voice. I’ve got some regional/seasonal allergies going on that’s giving me the post-nasal drip and a correspondingly raspy voice. I’ll take care of the two voice posts I owe you (soon to be three, I hope) once that’s cleared up. It’s been improving the past two days, so hopefully sometime next week.

In other scheduling news, I have ironed out the newsletter schedule from a vague “sometime each month” that’s easy to put off or miss to committed deadlines of the 15th and 30th of each month. Doing it twice a month is actually easier than once a month, because I can make its contents more timely, particularly as relates to Tales of MU.

If you’re following along at home, this means that on Friday the 14th you can expect an Other Tale, on Saturday the 15th those of you who are newsletter subscribers will be getting a newsletter, and on the 16th there will be a new chapter. The newsletter might be a -little- slimmer than normal because of the confluence of things there… if I make any adjustments in the next month or so, it will likely be to better space things out because otherwise this will happen every month.

If you’re not subscribed to the newsletter, now’s a great time to do so because I’ve just added a subscriber-only online archive of all previous issues. (Five so far.) Your access to the archive will be enabled at the same time that you get your “confirm your address” email from my list host. Also, your subscription price counts towards making those fundraising boxes go away.

And that’s about it for the current status quo. There’s more stuff I’m working on… plans for the next few months and so… but I’d like to keep this post focused on what is definite and now rather than what is planned. Feel free to stalk my blog to get a better picture of where things might be going.

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  1. Crissa says:

    Sympathies on the allergies – the season change from dry to wet is a bit abrupt here and I always end up with a cold and sore throat like that. Ugh! Be well!

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  2. Month says:

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