290: Food And Friends

on September 26, 2008 in Book 11

In Which Mackenzie Gets Sauced

My preliminary opinion based on a few initial experiments was that having a mirror with the ethernet in it ruled.

At first I tried sitting at my desk, but it wasn’t really comfortable holding the compact up so high, so I turned the chair sideways and held it down by my lap. It didn’t take me long to realize that the beauty of a mirror was that it could go anywhere… I had only gone for the desk in the first place because I was used to gazing with a ball. After turning out the room lights, I crawled into bed, pulled the curtains closed behind me, and made a nest with the covers.

Warm, dark, and with the ethernet in the palm of my hand… heaven.

I caught up on my Mecknight tapestries and then found some new ones, then decided to recall the draft of my new fic. When was the last time I’d looked at that? I’d had so many big ideas, it would be a shame if it just fizzled out right after I started… I was a little bit afraid that the groundwork I’d done wouldn’t turn out to be as good as I remembered. I actually closed my eyes and held my breath as the document started to form, saying a little prayer to no one in particular that it wouldn’t turn out to be terrible upon reflection.

I opened my eyes.

It was even better than I remembered.

I wasn’t always the best writer in the world, but when I was good… damn, I was good.

They don’t know the real me.

If this story didn’t change the way the fandom thought about Annie Ratchet… then that would prove there were some really stupid people in the fandom.

Curled up in the dark, it was actually easier to compose out of my head than sitting at a table in a brightly lit ballroom. I think the cave-like environment actually helped me capture something as I described Annie’s life below ground. On the show, they always talked about how her size made her good at fitting into tight spaces like when she worked underneath the assault wagons. Maybe she liked enclosed spaces. Maybe she was a claustrophile? She’d almost have to be, growing up in the hangar.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t want more out of life.

Just because a girl was comfortable with four walls and a low ceiling, that didn’t mean she couldn’t yearn for the sun on her skin.

Good? This story was going to be great.

After a few pages of introspective narration to establish the mood, it was time for some action. I wanted her to leave the hangar angry… a fight with her father? Or maybe with Sky Knight? Sky would be satisfying, but I didn’t want this to be about the dynamic between her and him… so I wrote her arguing with Buzz Saber, and Sky butting in to tell her to calm down at the climax of it. Yeah. That would be good. In the show, she kept being sidelined by the others, especially Buzz and Sky, who were protective of her. She had to have some resentment of that, and this would be a good way to tap that.

It was actually kind of exciting to be writing in the privacy of my own little lair. Not just exciting, but… exciting.

I’d never seen the appeal of shoehorning a bunch of improbable sexual antics into a story just to win approval from dirty-minded fan boys, but I was writing this first and foremost for myself. I was a grown-up. This story was, in essence, about Annie growing up. It was exhilarating to think about her standing up for herself, standing up to the men who’d controlled her life… and there was some pretty erotic imagery in her throwing her legs over a bike and racing out into the night.

Who knew where the story might go from there? Who she might encounter? What she might do, once she took control of her life for herself?

I wasn’t sure yet if I wanted to interject my original characters into a story that was supposed to redefine a canon character, but it hit me that Machina had actually been given shorter thrift by the show’s writers than Annie had. Maybe it was time for a meeting of minds? Enemies could become friends, under the right circumstances… friends, or more.

I started to envision the scenario. Machina, eager to impress Overmaster, ambushes Annie while she’s distracted and lost in thought. Without the boys around to distract or shelter her, without Overmaster to bark commands to Machina, the fight would be brutal, desperate… I decided that Annie should lose, so she didn’t come off as a total Sue. But the fight would just be the set-up for what followed.

It would end with Machina standing over Annie, beaten and bruised… she’d look down. Annie would look up.

It would be so hot.

A sudden rapping sound jarred me out of my story. I blinked in confusion for a few seconds before remembering where I was, then disentangled myself from my nest and stumbled out of bed towards the door.

“Amaranth?” I called as I approached the peephole.

“Guess again,” Feejee said. She was grinning like a jack o’ lantern, holding a jar of something dark and red up by her head. “You alone?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well, let me in,” she said, flashing a lot of pearly white teeth.

I thought about it… my kneejerk reaction to Feejee was still one of avoidance… but was that rational? She’d expressed interest in friendship. She wasn’t likely to injure me even by accident. Mortal terror aside, I’d enjoyed our drunken play session. I’d denied myself whatever enjoyment I might have been able to get from sleeping with Sooni. Two was at work. Dee was out of her room. Steff was busy, Ian was off somewhere, and Amaranth was working. I wasn’t fully comfortable with taking matters into my own hands… and here was a beautiful, spectacularly endowed mermaid standing at my door, and what she wanted most in the world was to be alone with me.

Okay, what she really wanted was to take a great big bite out of me… but her teeth might as well have been spectral weapons for all the real damage they could do to my semi-demonic skin. If I couldn’t get a spanking or a dicking or a pounding or a stomping, why not go for a little nibbling?

“Mack?” she prompted.

“Okay,” I said, opening the door and turning on the light.

“Thanks,” she said, stepping inside. “I couldn’t stay in my room any longer… Celia’s really creeping me out today.”

“What’s she doing?”

“I don’t know what the hell she’s been taking, but she is completely stoned right now,” Feejee said.


“Yeah, really. If she hasn’t turned back by tomorrow, I might need your help carrying her to the healing center,” Feejee said. “I tried shifting her a little and she weighs a ton. It’s some kind of granite, I think.”

“Uh, that’s probably not a good idea,” I said. “I’m a little… well… accident-prone.”

“She seems pretty sturdy,” Feejee said. “But if you’re not comfortable, I’ll get them to send a stretcher… or maybe they’ll do a house call, under the circumstances.”

“Why would somebody petrify themselves on purpose?” I asked.

“I don’t understand why she does any of that shit,” Feejee said. She glanced over at the bunk beds. “You’re alone?”

“Yeah,” I said. “You already asked that.”

“Sorry,” she said. “Just a little nervous… do you mind if I close the door? It’s so noisy out in the hall.”

There was nobody out in the hall. The floor seemed dead, aside from the gamers clustered in Shiel’s room. The rest were probably out enjoying the last of the sunlight on a pleasant fall day, I figured.

“Two’s working,” I said. “But we should put a sock on the door if we don’t want to be disturbed.”

“Isn’t that what people do for sex?” Feejee asked, making a face. “Rick puts a tie on his door when we’re… you know?”

“Do you really want Two walking in?” I asked. The consequences of assuming she’d work her full normal shift and being wrong were potentially huge enough to all but guarantee a negative outcome.

“No… I guess not,” Feejee said after a while. “I was taking a bath when she came in to shower this morning. She uses the best smelling…”


It was surprising to see Feejee, the fierce predator with cold piercing eyes hidden beneath her human mask, rock back in alarm from me.

“I didn’t… um.. sorry,” she said. “Anyway, yeah, put a sock on the door if you think you should. I just don’t want you to get the wrong idea.”

“What’s the wrong idea?” I asked.

“This isn’t about sex,” she said. “And I don’t want it to become that. I want to do this with you, but I don’t want to see you twist it into some gay thing. It isn’t… you’re food, and I’m hungry.”

“Okay, Feejee, however you want to take it, that’s fine with me,” I said. I pulled my socks off and put one on the doorknob, then closed and locked it. “You’re hungry, I’m… well, I’m horny.” Words like that still felt strange in my mouth, and I blushed to say it. Both the blush and the acknowledgment of what I was feeling sharpened my awareness of it. “If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be interested in this, so I think you’re kind of gonna have to deal with it.”

Feejee was gorgeous. After Amaranth, she was the closest to what was shaping up to be my ideal body… big, leggy, voluptuous. And with her olive skin, her green hair, and her green-tinged lips and nipples, she was as exotic in her way as Sooni was in hers.

“I’m going to take off some of my jewelry,” Feejee said quietly. “You take off any thing you don’t want me to rip.”

“I’m… I’m just going to get naked,” I said.

“Are you sure?” Feejee asked. “Because I’d actually be more comfortable if I tear…”

“I can’t afford to lose clothes and I don’t want to make Two fix them,” I said.

“Do you mind if I turn off the lights, then?” she asked. “I think it might help.”

“Will you be able to see enough?”

“Yeah, I don’t need a lot of light,” she said. “I think it might just help… I don’t normally look at naked women, you know?”

“You don’t wear clothes.”

“But you do,” she said. “Rick doesn’t get naked if he’s not in the mood. He doesn’t just hang around his room with no pants on.”

“Well, I already told you why I’m doing this,” I said. “If I let you shred my clothes, how exactly am I supposed to explain the damage?”

“Good point,” she said. “Okay, you do what you have to.”

She set the jar down on my desk and began pulling off her pearls and gold chains.

“What is that?” I asked, pulling off my shirt.


“The jar,” I said.

“Oh, it’s raspberry jalapeno sauce,” Feejee said, turning around and grinning at me. “I got it from the dwarves.”

“Raspberry jalapeno?”


“That sounds nasty,” I said.

“Well, you don’t have to taste it,” she said. “I think it’s awesome. I had some with dinner, Thursday night… Io didn’t want any sauce, even the stuff that came with it, but I just saw it as two great things coming together. Considering that they had to kill a whole person for that anyway, do you think it’d be much more expensive to just have them deliver one live? If we could find a place with water that was private enough, I mean… Io keeps saying it doesn’t matter, if we pay for it then it’s legal, but I think there’s a difference between what’s legal and what’s right, and I don’t think my conscience could stand it if I killed somebody on land.”

“Can we… can we just not talk about that?” I asked.

She smiled ruefully.

“You really are food, you know that?” she said. It was hard to tell in the darkness, but I was pretty sure her eyes had shifted. She was staring into mine, unblinking, and I felt my chest constricting. My chest constricting… and other things loosening. “It’s hard to believe you’re only half-human… you’ve got some funny ideas.”

“I think… I think we should talk about limits,” I said.


“When I’m, you know, playing around with Amaranth or the others, we use lists of things that are acceptable, and a safeword for when things are going too far…”

“But this isn’t sex,” she said, shaking her head and closing her eyes.

“I know,” I said, feeling a little firmer with the eye contact broken. “But it’s a good way of making sure that nobody loses control or takes things too far.”

“I don’t follow you,” she said. I noticed she was inching forward.

“Well, it can be important if you start doing something I don’t like, or I’m not comfortable with,” I said.

“Finish taking off your clothes,” she said, her eyes locking on mine again.

Her hand snagged the jar as she went past it. I undid the snap on my jeans in a hurry and pulled them off, then fought my way out of my bra, stumbling backwards away from her. My panties were down around my ankles when she caught up to me. My ass hit the cold tile of the floor, just beyond the area covered by the rug, and then she was on top of me, pushing me down.

She was still mostly her normal form… the form I thought of as normal. Breasts on top, scaly legs on bottom. Her eyes were the only thing that had changed. Her skin felt cool, but her breath was hot and sweet. She was on me, her cheek pressed against mine… breathing me in but not tasting… not biting.

“Feejee,” I gasped, my heart slamming against the inside of my chest. I felt a rising tide of panic inside me. I had no hidden strength, no demon flame… I was prey, and I was caught.

I was so turned on I could have screamed.

I was so turned on. I could have screamed.

It worked either way.

“I can feel your pulse,” she breathed. “I can smell… oh, Father Of Us All, I can smell your fear.”

She sat up, straddling me at the waist, smiling down at me with a mouth full of human teeth and eyes that had nothing inside them. They pierced my skull and rooted it to the floor like a pair of sharpened stakes.

“Feejee… eyes,” I said, trying to make my voice into a plea.

“They only work on you because you’re prey,” she said, holding up the jar and unscrewing the top. “Because you know what you’re here for. Deep down inside you, you know it… and you want it.”

I couldn’t get any more words out to argue. She laid the lid of the jar aside and dipped two fingers into it, then smeared the dark reddish-purple jelly on the side of my neck. It was cold, but it tingled very slightly. She stuck out her long green tongue and licked her fingers, then leaned down over me. I expected her to go for my neck, but instead she buried her nose against my ear, then licked my cheek up towards the corner of my eye.

“Sweat,” she murmured. “Tears. Salty… you’re practically in the ocean now, Mack.”

I shuddered and closed my eyes, but that just made the moisture that was welling up inside them squeeze out. I felt her scales rustling against my legs, and then cool, smooth skin was pressed up against mine. I gasped in surprise, and her teeth pinched the skin of my cheek, pulling it out. She bit down hard and I yelped, even as I felt her tongue flicking up and down over that bit of trapped flesh.

She let go quickly, and then her attention turned to my neck. She licked across the sauce-smeared patch, then sucked and nibbled delicately. The tingling intensified as she cleared most of it off, leaving only residue behind. I couldn’t see her eyes. She might have been any lover, lavishing passionate attention. I could smell her hair, which carried the smell of the sea even hundreds of miles from shore. Even when she started to bite down, it might have been Steff or Amaranth… well, probably just Steff once she really got going.

Then she pulled up a bit and I heard her teeth shift, right up next to my ear… like stones grinding over each other, like ice popping and cracking, with a slight wet sucking sound mixed in. I knew what was coming. I braced myself. I got ready for it.

I was totally unprepared.

Her mouth opened wide, a strong jaw clamped down, and needle-like teeth pushed in against my soft and pliant flesh. My neck was on fire, in a way that hurt. She shook, worrying at my unyielding skin like a dog. The sounds coming from her throat were equal parts appreciation and frustration. I came, but I barely felt it. The crashing wave of orgasm ran up against a solid wall of pain. She let go and licked at the sore and tender spots, then whipped back, sitting up and looking down at me with her cold eyes and her shark’s teeth.

I panted and whimpered, feeling the satisfying afterglow of pain and pleasure both.

“Oh, Mack, you have no idea how much I want to do this for real,” she said, then she leaned in for what might have been a kiss or a kill.

It ended up being a little of both.

I twisted my head as much as I could manage with her gaze locked on me, and she snapped her teeth on my lower lip, biting and twisting it. The pain was the sort of thing I’d imagined when Viktor had stood over me with his tools of torture, and I screamed so loud that, when I had time to think, I would be surprised that nobody had come to investigate… even considering the general apathy of the floor and the sorts of sounds people must have been used to hearing from my room.

I’d already come, but all of that was just foreplay, or maybe an appetizer. She slathered more of the hot raspberry spread over my upper arms, my breasts, and my stomach, and then she went to town. It was a one-mermaid feeding frenzy. I loved when she took one of my breasts into her mouth, or bit my nipple… but then I found myself wishing she’d let go almost as soon as she did. Her body shuddered with what could only be pleasure as I climaxed again and again.

I was drowning in sensation. I kicked and flailed in mindless fear. The back of my hand caught her in the face and I had a moment of being stunned out of my blind panic… the fear of being killed overruled by the fear of killing. The spot where I’d struck her had changed, becoming hard-ridged and green-scaled… a swath of her face from her right eye down to her nose had become alien and terrifying in the midst of her terrible beauty.

“Feisty food,” she said, and she giggled, giving her head a little toss to the side. It was disconcerting to hear Feejee talking like Feejee while she looked down at me with the face of a beast from the deeps, to say the very least. “I could chew on you forever… I wish there were two of you, so I could eat one and keep one. I hate having to make up my mind about stuff like that. Like, the coach only had room for two of the three chests I’d brought with me, so I had to pick one to give away… that was hard.”

“Feejee, I’m only not fighting back because I know you aren’t going to kill me,” I said, forcing myself to spit out the words in a breathless stream.

“Not on land,” she said, nodding. “That would be wrong.”

There was one more reason to never go swimming, ever.

She shook her head around and the scales and bony ridges smoothed out and disappeared. She squinted and the blackness faded out a bit from her eyes, making them look filmy or shadowed. “I want to do something… I mean, I’m going to do it, but I need you to understand that it’s not me being gay.

“That’s just a word,” I said. “I used to be so hung up on it…”

“Yeah, it isn’t a big deal to you because you actually are gay,” she said. “I’m not. I have you, you’re food, I’m going to do what I want, but it’s really important to me that you understand this doesn’t make me gay. Not just because I don’t want you to go around telling people that, though I don’t… but… you’re my friend, and it matters what you think about me, okay?”

“In that case, I want it on record that I don’t want to be eaten for real.”

“Oh, I probably wouldn’t… but that doesn’t matter,” she said. “Food doesn’t get a say in whether or not it gets eaten… anyway… the thing is, what I’m about to do might seem sexual, but isn’t. It’s just a matter of where the scent is strongest, where the flesh is soft and chewy… where the most blood flows.”

“Feejee… if you’re talking about what I think you are, that’s getting into what I was talking about, with the blacklist… I’m… well, I’ve been loosening up a little, but I’ve never been very comfortable with attention…”

“Shh,” she said. “Don’t make this into something dirty. I told you, it isn’t sexual… it sure isn’t to me. I never knew what all that mess was even there for until Rick showed me. Anyway, Io got a little taste and she said it was great. I want my turn.”

I started to protest again, but Feejee darkened her eyes again and I was transfixed. She started to slide down my body, but she kept her gaze boring into me until her face was just above my navel, and then she just held there, keeping me frozen. By that point, my fear and excitement were both at their peak, and my resistance was gone.

This was it… one way or another, my pussy was about to be eaten.

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