344: Corrections And Mistakes

on January 26, 2009 in Book 12

In Which Amaranth Hits The Spot

Amaranth pulled me aside on the way out of the cafeteria. My butt tensed up when she took me around the corner, looked up and down the hall, and then pulled me into an empty meeting room.

“Baby, can you tell me what you shouldn’t have done in there?” Amaranth asked, locking the door.

It only took a moment for me to look back on the conversation, and then my cheeks flushed with heat.

“I shouldn’t have yelled at Dee,” I said.


“And said she was nuts,” I said, ducking my head.

Amaranth put two fingers under my chin and gently tilted my face upward.

“That’s right,” she said, nodding. “That kind of thing is never helpful, and can be hurtful. I know you were defending a dear friend, but in the process, you lashed out at another, and as… culturally delineated… as Dee’s point of view may be, she only had Steff’s interests at heart. You have your big midday break today?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“I was planning on visiting Steff over lunch,” she said. “You could stay with her until your afternoon classes, if you’d like.”

“Um… will Viktor be there?”

“Well, baby, I don’t know his schedule,” Amaranth said. “But I think we’ve come to an understanding.”

“What, have you had a big in-depth conversation with him since he shut the door in your face?” I asked.

“That’s not quite how I would characterize what happened,” Amaranth said. “I think he was just eager to get Steff tucked into bed so she could start to rest. But we can go over there together, and you don’t have to decide if you want to stay or not until I have to go. Okay?”

I didn’t answer immediately. Going over to Viktor’s room in the company of Amaranth at a time when he might or might not be there wasn’t too much to commit to… and I wanted to see Steff and give her my love and encouragement… but I really didn’t want to have a face-to-face with Viktor before we knew how he felt about Amaranth standing up to him.

Also, on a practical level, there wasn’t anything I could do for her… if she needed rest, the last thing she needed was for me to climb into bed with her for a few hours.

“It was just a thought,” Amaranth said when I didn’t answer. “I suppose if you’re not there, I can try to throw some healing energy at her… I’m not sure what I can do when there are no wounds to heal, but it can’t hurt.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, baby,” she said. “I try to be a good owner, you know.”

“You are!” I said.

She turned back to the door and reached for the handle. My butt unclenched and I relaxed… no punishment this time, it seemed, just a little chat to make sure I understood what I’d done wrong.

“I’m glad you think so… and I’m also glad you know what you did wrong,” Amaranth said, giving the knob a little jiggle without touching the lock. “So, we’ll just do five strokes… one with the studs, since you’ve been warned about your voice so many times.” She turned back to face me, peering down over her glasses. The smile on her face was almost hungry. “Take off your pants.”


“Ten strokes,” she said. “Two studded.”

“But… here?”

“It’s not public,” she said. “Fifteen strokes, three studded. You’re really looking to go through the day with a sore behind, aren’t you?”

“No!” I said, fumbling at my belt. “Um, no, ma’am.”

“Good,” she cooed. “All the way off… take off your shoes if you need to. Panties, too.”

“It’s just… what if someone needs to come in here?” I asked while complying.

“They’ll have to knock,” Amaranth said. “And what we’re doing in here is our business. Nymphly business, so you needn’t worry about getting in trouble… it’s only for your comfort that I’m not doing this in the lobby.”

Once my lower half was completely bare, Amaranth had me stand in front of the table, but she was in no hurry for me to assume the position and brace myself. She stood behind me, her arms wrapped around so she could squeeze the front of my thighs. She ran her hands from the inside of them around my hips cup my tender ass. It wasn’t terribly warm in the conference room, but it wasn’t freezing like it had been in our dorm.

“I’m going to be riding you a little extra hard,” Amaranth said, thrusting her pelvis against me like she was fucking me. Even though there was nothing there, I felt a shudder of thrill go through me. “I hope you enjoy it a little, but even if you don’t, it’s for your own good. We might not have much… I mean, I think we should try to squeeze as much pleasure out of each other as we can.”

Her hands moved back around to cup my bare crotch and she accompanied that word, “squeeze”, by deed. I felt the wetness building inside. She squeezed harder, painfully… I positively gushed in response even as my knees buckled. She let go and her arms moved up to catch me under the shoulders. When I’d recovered a little, she moved my arms onto the table and got me bent over to an appropriate degree.

“Your responses are so predictable,” she giggled teasingly. “You almost take the fun out of being a nymph. Fifteen strokes. Three with the studs. Are you ready?”

“Yes… yes, ma’am,” I said.

“Too bad, because I’m not.”

With her hands on my hips, she crouched behind me. I could feel her warm breath on the curves of my rear. She opened her mouth and trailed the edge of her teeth over the skin of my cheek. I jumped. I knew it was just Amaranth… my safe, vegetarian Amaranth… but my mind was conjuring up images of the other busty beauty on our floor and her teeth that could shift so easily between beautiful pearly whites and jagged shark teeth. It didn’t help that my skin felt hypersensitive there, after all the attention I’d already received.

I screamed when she bit down, though it quickly turned to a gasp of pleasure as she released me and then struck again, repeating it several times. It was an assault of sensations, pain on top of pleasure of pain. Then she buried her face against me and giggled. It tickled.

“I can see why Feejee’s so fascinated with you,” she said. “I could bite your butt forever, if we didn’t have classes… did you mean what you wrote on your new lists, baby?”

“Um… yes, ma’am,” I said, hoping the segue from Feejee to the lists had been a coincidental juxtaposition. Then I realized what she’d probably actually meant, and I clenched up again.

Amaranth laughed… golden, tinkling bells. It didn’t make me relax.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she said, and she flicked her tongue between my cheeks, but near the top, just below my tailbone. “I’m not going to push you that far, not when I don’t have time to slow down and enjoy a little squirming. I just want you to think about it, because the next time we have time, we’re going to try something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.” She turned her head, pressing her cheek against my skin. “Do you know what I mean, baby?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, wondering if she could feel the heat radiating off my backside the way I could feel it from my face.

“Are you going to be ready for that?”

“I’ll try,” I said.

“That’s the best I can ask for,” she said, turning again to give me one last bite and a quick kiss, then she got to her feet. “We’ll lower it to ten strokes, for good behavior. What do you say to that, baby?”

I didn’t know what she meant, and when I didn’t immediately answer she gave me an open-palmed slap on the rear.

“What do you say when someone does something nice for you?” she prompted.

“Thank you, ma’am,” I said.

“Good,” she cooed. “You’re welcome. We’ll start with the… no, we’ll end with the studs, but I’ll give you something special to start you off with.”

Taking off five strokes was all the leniency she was inclined to give me. She adjusted my posture so my legs were spread more, and brought the paddle up in an underhand swing for the first stroke. It wasn’t unusual for my pussy to catch a bit of hell along with my ass, but this time it caught the brunt.

Suffering and enjoyment, pain and pleasure had been mixed up inextricably in my head since Amaranth had first undertaken to educate me about such things, but this was… it was indescribable. I didn’t know what I was feeling. It was too much to process. The world went bright and black and red, and the second and third strokes came across my cheeks before my vision cleared and the pain faded enough to really hurt.

The fourth paddling came, and I throbbed in response. Amaranth reversed direction and brought the strap down a fifth time. Each blow sent a twinge of pleasure through me, which only rekindled the flames of pain. It was a vicious, delicious cycle, and I knew it could only end one way. Amaranth was talking as she worked, but with the blood thundering in my ears and my head feeling like I was going to fall into a swoon, I only made out bits and pieces.

“…be thinking about this for a long time, baby…”

“…learn to control…”

“…don’t have to repeat…”

Then came the eighth whack, and I felt anticipation… among other things… growing within me. I was convinced she was going to adjust her aim again for the ninth and tenth strokes, the ones using the spiked side. There was no way I could take that. No matter how much a body responded to pain, no matter how resistant to damage it was, there had to be a limit.

Amaranth’s hand parted my legs some more and I knew that I was right. I fought the urge to clap them back together. I would take what she gave me, because she was my owner. It didn’t matter how minor my offense really had been. Even if I’d done nothing I was her toy, and if this was what she desired to do with me, then it was her right.

Then the studs fell sideways across my ass… and even if it’s not possible to come with relief and gratitude, that’s what it felt like I did. The tenth stroke set off a whole chain of explosions. I let go of the table and fell backwards, doubled over. I didn’t know how I’d held out so long… I didn’t know how I’d make it to class.

Amaranth stood over me, beaming down at me. I sensed a feeling of pride being conveyed through that smile and though I didn’t know what it was for, exactly, I basked in it.

“I really shouldn’t have to keep correcting you on raising your voice,” she said. “But you took your punishment like a real toy, and I have a feeling you’ll remember this lesson.”

“Are you going to keep punishing me like this?” I asked, breath coming fast and ragged.

“Like that?” she asked. “Not exactly… but I’m going to keep correcting you, firmly, and as on-the-spot as I can. Every moment we have together is… is… an opportunity, and I don’t want to waste a single one of them.”

She was trying hard to keep sadness out of her voice, but I could hear the omissions and the changes of direction. Every moment we have together is precious. She thought we wouldn’t have very many of them.

Her face fell, and I knew she’d seen on my face that I’d worked it out. She turned away from me. I made myself sit up, with some effort.

“Amaranth… has Mother Khaele said…”

“I haven’t spoken to her,” Amaranth said. “I’m afraid… I mean, I don’t want to bother her.”

“So… nothing’s changed, at least,” I said, trying to force myself to be hopeful. “The last you knew, she hadn’t made up her mind.”

She nodded, still not facing me. I grabbed a chair and pulled myself up.

“So…” I said, drawing the word out because I didn’t have anything to follow it yet. I stretched it out some more. “If you think about it…”

“Baby… be quiet, okay?” Amaranth said, turning to face me with her eyes full of devastatingly large tears. “Don’t try to… just… don’t.”

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“Mother Khaele is my goddess and my mother,” she said. “Can you imagine… well, actually, you probably can. Think how you’d feel if your mother appeared before you and told you that she didn’t think you should be with the one person you love the most… most special way.”

I didn’t have anything to say to that, but I knew what she meant. If my mother did appear before me, it would be the most amazing, most joyous thing that could happen… and then if she turned around and told me I couldn’t be with Amaranth…

My mother was dead, and had been dead so long that there wasn’t even a remote possibility that she could come back. But even considering the matter hypothetically, I could touch the barest edge of what Amaranth was going through. Would I give up even a fleeting contact with my mother to be spared that kind of judgment?

Of course, if my mother did suddenly return, I couldn’t imagine that hooking up with a nymph would be the thing she’d be most disappointed about. She’d died before I’d really been that aware about sex, so I had no idea how she might have felt about lesbianism but she’d always been kind of a free spirit, that I could remember.

“I’m… I’m sorry, baby,” Amaranth said. “I want these days to be happy. Don’t let my stupid worries…”

“They aren’t stupid,” I said, tottering towards her. Standing up straight was painful, but bending forward made my body want to collapse and double over again. I’d never been happier not to have testicles. I couldn’t imagine more pain down there.

Amaranth came forward and caught me.

“You’ll be fine in a few minutes,” she said. “Walking might help.”

“It’s okay,” I said, and I kissed her. “It’s all okay. Even if… if we get separated, you’ve given me so much, done so much for me already.”

“It’s sweet of you to say so,” Amaranth said. “But sometimes… sometimes I wonder. I’ve made… I mean, everybody makes mistakes, and of course that has to include me.”

“We’re college freshmen,” I said. “Out in the world for the first time… and you more so than anyone else.”

Amaranth sighed.

“So maybe I really shouldn’t be with you,” she said.

“No!” I said. “I just meant, mistakes are expected… and forgivable.”

“I’ve got to get going,” she said, blushing faintly. “I’ll help you get dressed and walk you out, if you want.”

“Yeah, I think that might be necessary,” I said.

“We’ll save that stroke for yelling at friends,” Amaranth said as she helped me back towards the table, where my pants and shoes were. “But I want you to know that you will get it. We’ll see if that doesn’t have any effect on your behavior. Got that, baby?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, and sore as I was, saying those two words filled me with such a sense of pride and purpose and pleasure that I could have been agreeing to anything and it would have felt good. Maybe that was part of the problem… or maybe it was a sign of true love.

I didn’t know.

But I was a freshman, too. I’d take it as love, and if I was mistaken… that would be forgivable.

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  1. Arkeus says:

    Ah, good old Amy hypocrisy.

    Current score: 4
    • Arakano says:

      And Mack is too submissive and in love to point it out… Amaranth was just as nosey as Mack, AND yelled at Dee…

      Current score: 9
  2. Maesenko says:

    …So it’s not just me noticing Amy is getting worse with nearly each passing chapter?

    ‘I’d never been happier not to have testicles. I couldn’t imagine more pain down there.’

    Just wanted to say that this broke the flow and tone in my head in that kind of “…suddenly, jokes!” way. Not bad, actually something I really enjoy (and do) most of the time.

    Current score: 4
  3. Cadnawes says:

    I’m usually pretty easy going on these characters. I don’t mind reading about flawed people. We all have our quirks, and ultimately, no offense meant to anybody whose age still starts with a 1, these are barely adults.

    But I do expect better of a dominant than Amaranth has shown this morning. Something as important as the lists should not be dealt with while Mackenzie was in such immediate physical discomfort. Using Mackenzie’s impolite behavior as a distraction for her own is NOT OK, I don’t care how enjooyable they found the results. At least she’s not as bad as Viktor, clobbering other people’s subs. This works outside the scene as well. If you’re in charge of others, you have to be worthy of the responsibility.

    But I think Mama Kh doesn’t really have a problem with our narrator, I think she’s rightfully concerned that Amaranth might not be grown enough for such a relationship. But in the long run even tho her behavior makes me twitch, its clearly doing more good than harm.

    Current score: 10
  4. Taleshunter says:

    One of the things that makes or breakes BDSM writings for me, is the use of safewords. So when we are this far in, and it has only come up when it was figured, it annoys the hell out off me. Mack doesn’t seem like one who would loose her interrest just because Amy reminded her she had a safeword, and to me, I think that little reminder would help me feel a lot better about Amy’s mistakes and wrong-doings.
    Sadly I don’t think they even remember she has one.

    Current score: 1