437: Three, Fore

on March 23, 2010 in Book 15

In Which Nothing Naughty Happens

The door to my room opened while I was fumbling my keys out of my coat pocket. It was Amaranth, grinning an almost entirely too-knowing grin. Her eyes flashed over to Steff and back to me. She stepped back, holding the door open. A red and blue striped necktie hung between her breasts, for some reason.

“Two took off,” she said. “She made a lot of new friends yesterday.”

“Is she…” I started to say.

“She’ll be fine, her friend Hazel’s with her,” Amaranth said. “I didn’t exactly shoo her out the door, but I didn’t hold her back… I had a feeling you’d have a use for the room.”

“You mean that we would, Ames,” Steff said.

“Well, obviously,” Amaranth said.

“‘We’ includes ‘you’,” Steff clarified, and Amaranth’s grin widened.

“I thought it might,” she said. “Come on in, then.”

“You feeling naughty tonight, hon?” Steff asked her as we slipped past her into the room, Amaranth grabbing my butt as I passed.

“There isn’t anything naughty about what we’re going to do,” Amaranth said. “Though if it makes it more fun to think so…”

Steff interrupted her by pointing at the tie.

“Oh,” Amaranth said, her cheeks turning dark red. “I… it’s more of an accessory than a garment, don’t you think? I didn’t get it for me… I mean, it’s not actually for wearing, but I was curious to see how well I could… that is…”

“You wanted a dedicated sign to hide on the door,” I said.

“Yes,” Amaranth said, loosening the tie. Other than the appeal of taboo-breaking, I didn’t fully get her fascination with clothing… but I had to admit that there was something about watching her taking something off, even if it was something that didn’t really cover much to begin with. “Hang this on the doorknob and close the door, will you, baby?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, feeling the tingly excitement spreading out through my body as I complied. Yes, ma’am. It felt so good to say… so good to acknowledge my place in our relationship, my… my herness.

“That’s better,” Amaranth said as, with a little bit of jiggling and forcing, I got the door locked. “Now everything’s nice and cozy.”

“I’m thinking there are entirely too many clothes on here,” Steff said.

“Really?” Amaranth said softly. “I think there’s just the right amount, for now.”

She touched my arm with the tips of her fingers and thumb, like she was going to grab it, but without pressure. She looked at me with a look of absolute serenity… not anything so exuberant as joy or even just happiness, but a sort of calm and peacefulness that reminded me as much of Two as anything could have at that moment without making me seriously uncomfortable.

This was what she did, I thought. The comparison to Two seemed even more apt as I realized that. This was who she was. Her purpose, her function.

She moved her hand and I moved with her, letting myself be drawn along towards Steff. I would have expected for her to put my hand on Steff’s chest or her crotch… either of the bulgier parts of her anatomy… but she instead guided my hand to her stomach, which now had only the slightest bit of convexity. She stepped back, leaving me there just touching Steff, who went very still at the contact. I wondered for a second if I’d done something wrong, then realized that I wasn’t doing anything. Steff wasn’t reacting, she was waiting.

For what? Amaranth has stepped into a role of guidance, as she had done with Ian and me… but now she’d stepped back, leaving me not knowing what to do. I suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious… there I was, with my girlfriend, my owner, watching me while my hand was on the midriff of my best friend. The lights were still on. Amaranth was the only one of us who was naked, but I felt very exposed before her gaze.

I spent a few more moments feeling like that, and then I decided to just fuck it all, no pun intended. Maybe I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, but I’d been lusting after Steff all afternoon and now here she was in my room, with only the thin dress between my fingers and her flesh.

Surely… surely I could think of something to do.

Even with the exciting newness of her breasts so close at hand, I found that what I really wanted to do was go lower… my fingertips brushed downward over the silky fabric, towards the tented portion below. I wrapped my hand around her hard shaft. Steff sucked in her breath. I gave a small tug, but cut it short when I realized I was just pulling… that couldn’t be too pleasant. I loosened my grip and tried sliding the fabric in my hand back and forth a little. Steff let out a little gasp. Almost as I reflex I turned my hand, twisting the bunched-up material around it. Steff moaned and swayed at her knees. The touch gave me an electrifying jolt… her reaction, even more so. I wanted more of it.

I tightened my grip a little… very carefully… and twisted more, this time wrenching her cock a bit to the side. She gasped in pain, but her face was a mask of ecstasy. I wanted to touch it, and so I did. My other hand brushed her cheek. My thumb trembled across her lip. She flicked her tongue out and licked the tip of it, and with that I was on her in a flash. I pressed myself up against her, my hand slipping from her face down to her breast, so soft and strangely still… it moved with her breath, but the motion could hardly be called “heaving”… so wonderfully familiar and yet so new.

My lips pressed against Steff’s with a little uncertainty… here was where my reliance on instinct was failing me. It didn’t matter, though, because Steff needed one opening to take control. She kissed me back, hard and fierce, then sank her teeth into my lip and pushed me backwards. We landed heavily on the floor, my head bouncing against hard tile barely cushioned by the rug. I was dazed and disoriented, but of course I was also unharmed. Steff, with a look that was hungry and cruel and oh so hot, shoved my head back down for another impact before coming on again with her teeth.

She was like a mouth with a cock. I felt her teeth closing on my ear, on my lip, on my neck… again and again on my neck, harder than anyone who didn’t breathe water had ever bitten me, hard enough to break vulnerable flesh and draw mortal blood. With my flesh, she didn’t have to show any restraint, and she didn’t.

I could feel her erection burning under the skirt of her dress like a red-hot poker. I wanted its heat, I wanted it inside me. As I writhed in pain from her bites, I also wriggled against her as she thrusted at me with her hips like she would fuck right through our clothing, penetrating right through me and into the floor if she could.

She sat up, leering down at me, her eyes boring into me. Her hands cupped my cheeks. I thought for a second she was going to kiss me again, or at least bite my lip, but then her hands flew down to the sides of my neck. She squeezed inwards, almost like she was choking me… too much like it for my comfort. I felt panic rising. My heart thumped wildly in my ears. My arms flailed out to the side. I stopped them, though there didn’t seem to be anything in reach to smash.

Basement!” I cried and she froze and then withdrew her hands.

“Sorry,” she said. “I thought that would be okay.”

“You… you don’t have to apologize,” I sputtered, my breath coming hot and ragged. “I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“I guess it seemed like a harmless way of getting out some aggression,” Steff said. “On top of processing everything with Leda, I’ve got… well, the rest of everything with Leda. The investigation. Too many people fitting my pretty little neck for a noose. Not that nooses don’t have their uses, but I’d much rather it was someone else getting fit to be tied.”

Amaranth put her hand on Steff’s shoulder.

“Well, you were right about one thing,” Amaranth said. “There was no harm done, so let’s not dwell.” She looked down at me, fluttering her eyelashes behind the thick lenses of her glasses. “Are you okay to continue, Mack?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

“Good,” she said. She helped Steff to her feet, motioning at me to stay where I was. “I thought you might find something interesting to do if I left you to your own devices,” she said to me, even as she walked around behind Steff, her hands trailing around Steff’s noticeably widened hips. “Your instincts were so good our first time… since then you’ve been very passive. Submission is a very pretty color on you, but submission doesn’t always have to be passive.”

“You aren’t kidding,” Steff said. “I don’t have a passive bone in my body.”

“Well, you’re more of a brat than my toy, aren’t you?” Amaranth said. She stood on her tiptoes to rest her head on Steff’s shoulder… the boots made quite a difference in Steff’s height… and they both looked down at me. “What do you think, baby? Would you like to give Steff a spanking?”

“I… what?” I said, blushing furiously at the idea. Steff laughed, and after a second Amaranth did, too.

“I’m only teasing,” Amaranth said. “Mmm, but I think there’s been enough preliminaries… and enough clothes. Steff, honey, I’ve wanted to tear this dress off you since the moment you put it on.” So saying, she grabbed both sides of the dress at the waist and pulled. For a second I thought she’d somehow ripped it clean off of Steff, but then I realized that it was just gone. Amaranth had yanked it into whatever space she stuck things until she needed them. Her hands went back behind Steff’s back to her ass, and the very conspicuously ill-fitting panties disappeared. Steff’s dick visibly sprang outward in the moment of disappearance, now completely unrestrained. Her head was glistening at the tip.

She had a fine fuzz of pale gold hair above the shaft… I wondered how she felt about that change, but I had to admit that it looked terribly sexy to me. There was something alluring about that secret patch. It looked soft… I really wanted to know how it felt, as soon as I had the freedom to act again.

Amaranth cleared her throat, and I looked up and realized she’d cupped her hands under Steff’s breasts. Her bra looked more like a bikini top… Two had altered it as much as she could, but that had involved mostly lengthening the straps and widening the cups more than making them bigger. Steff’s breasts were firm, fleshy inmates in a minimum security prison, and with a deft flick of her hand Amaranth set them free.

They were nothing like Amaranth’s… aside from being smaller, they were much paler, colored and even textured a bit like marble, with small veins visible in the underside and around almost invisible areolas.

I really wanted to touch them, to taste them, to bury myself between them.

I’d already seen them, but just as with Amaranth stripping off her necktie, there was something about the act of disrobing… seeing them barely covered and then not covered, uncovered…

“I think we broke her,” Amaranth said. She brushed Steff’s hair aside and kissed her on the side of the neck.

“Not yet we haven’t,” Steff said.

“How do you want her?” Amaranth said into Steff’s neck, her voice dropping into a low, sultry register. My breath hitched in what was almost a gasp. There might have been more to submission than passivity, but lying on the floor and being discussed in third person, like I wasn’t there… or like it didn’t matter that I was… it should have been totally demeaning, completely diminishing, degrading, and dismissive… and maybe it was.

But it was also exciting.

“How do you think, Amy?” Steff asked.

She grabbed a bunch of Amaranth’s hair and pulled her off of her neck, dragging her around in front of her. Steff lifted up her now-bare breast and pulled Amaranth’s head towards it. With a pang of longing, I watched as Amaranth eagerly opened her mouth. I expected her to just slip the nipple into her mouth, but instead she sucked a whole big mouthful of breast in and started working her mouth on it.

I longed to jump up and do the same, but at the same time I knew that my place was on the floor. Without any bindings or restraints, I was still bound… wonderfully, tantalizingly, frustratingly bound… in the passive role I’d accepted for the moment.

“Oh, my sweet fuck,” Steff moaned, throwing her head back. One of her legs bent backwards at the knee and she rocked precariously on the heel of the other one, though her precarious rocking was far steadier than my walking. “Nineteen years of that’ll pay for everything that’s happened so far.”

“Um mumph,” Amaranth said, before pulling back and spitting out the breast. “I meant, position. How should we put her?”

“On the floor,” Steff said.

“Face down, or a l’orc?” Amaranth asked.

“She can start out on her hands and knees, but I don’t know if demon strength is going to be enough to keep her there when I get started,” Steff said.

“I hope it is,” Amaranth said. “Because I’ve got a little surprise for her.”

Steff let Amaranth go, and she came over and knelt by me. Under her guidance, I turned over onto my stomach, then allowed myself to be pulled up, propped up on my hands. I felt my clothing whisk away, with a twinge of memory from the botched teleportation that had robbed me of my clothes and knife. She moved my legs around a bit until she was satisfied, frequently running a fingernail around the bottom of one of my ass cheeks in a motion that seemed completely superfluous to her task, but not at all unwelcome.

“Oh, before I forget, baby?” Amaranth said, oh-so-casually as she continued to play with my rear.

“Yes, ma’am?” I replied.

“I wanted to tell you that I’ve been doing a little research,” she said. “With so much information going around about the mental healing program right now… it turns out that if you did want to take advantage, the university is technically legally required to get you a qualified mental healer. I doubt they’d try to give you the runaround when your arbitration case is pending.”

“I don’t think any mental healers could handle me,” I said.

“Well, that’s what I was researching,” Amaranth said. “Untrained minds would be damaged by yours, but those who’ve had training in dealing with infernal minds…”

“How exactly does someone get that kind of training?” I asked.

“Probably by working with half-demons and quarter-demons,” she said. Her fingertip pressed on the opening of my ass like she was pushing a doorbell. “And don’t interrupt me, baby.”

“Sorry, ma’am,” I said, my spine going very straight at the touch.

“Anyway, there aren’t many of them… my first weave scry only turned up three of them who are advertising as infernal mind healers. None of them are based around Prax, but it looks like they travel widely when there’s a need for their skills. You probably couldn’t afford them on your own, but again, the school’s required to provide you with qualified healing.”

“I think making them pay to bring in someone like that just for me might seem like I’m being petty and vindictive,” I said.

“Nonsense,” Amaranth said. “It’s nothing more than getting the service you’re entitled to.”

“I don’t think my need for mental healing is quite enough to justify the expense,” I said. “Maybe I’ll go over and see what the staff healers can do for me without touching my mind.”

“You don’t have to be their accountant, Mack,” Amaranth said. “I won’t push this, though. I just wanted to make sure you knew about the option. Anyway, it’s possible that there are more healers out there who are demonblood-qualified but don’t list that up front, so as to not chase away larger pools of clients… there’s an itinerant healer who’s come through Paradise Valley a few times who I sort of know. I’m thinking of sending her an a-mail to find out if she knows anyone.”

The longer she took messing around with my position and playing with my rear end, the more nervous I got, and the conversation didn’t help me relax any. At the same time, it was getting me weirdly hot… even the conversation. Amaranth’s finger poking between my legs, sliding around on the outside of my lower parts, as she talked to me calmly about an unrelated topic… it was hard to explain what that did to me. It couldn’t be said that she was ignoring me, but she wasn’t exactly acknowledging what she was doing… it was like she was treating me as a person and as a possession at the same time.

My arms started to shake a bit beneath the small weight of my upper body. I tensed up. My ass tightened. Steff had fucked me before, but she was bigger now… bigger, hornier, and full of unexpressed anger. She couldn’t actually break me… she couldn’t even break my skin without mystical aid. But she could sure as hell hurt me.

I could feel the heat between my legs. I was wet, dripping even… to a degree that would have made me uncomfortable if it didn’t make me feel giddy to think about. But was I actually ready for this? And what was the surprise that Amaranth had spoken of? I had very mixed feelings about the idea of a surprise in the middle of sex.

“What do you think?” Amaranth asked Steff.

“I think it’s among the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen,” Steff said. “Willing and frightened… that’s quite a combination. Do you want to get in front of her?”

“Actually… no,” Amaranth said. “I’ll find my place after you start.”

“Okay, Mack,” Steff said. “Ready or not, here… I… come.”

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  1. Kit says:

    Very nice. Genital descriptions are a bit more… perfunctory … than usual, which I guess is related to Mack being objectified.

    “I suddenly felt incredibly self-conscience”= self-conscious. You need more sleep.

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  2. Miss Lynx says:

    “A red and blue striped necktie hung between her neck, for some reason.” Er… between her neck? I think you probably meant to type something different there…

    “Amaranth cleared her throat, and I looked up and realized she’d cupped her hands under Steff’s. It looked more like a bikini top…” This confused me a whole lot until I realized that possibly the word “bra” was supposed to be in there somewhere.

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  3. Bramble says:

    Ahaha. Mack, you just don’t know when not to argue, do you?

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    I always wonder about Amaranth’s clothing taboo, when combined with people who have clothing fetishes. If she were with someone whose top fetish was, for example, being with someone in a French Maid’s dress, would she really have to say, “I’m sorry, my goddess has given a divine mandate saying that my fulfilling your sexual fantasy would be just about the only obscene thing I could ever do”? Costumes and strip-teases are both pretty common fantasies.

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      Ooo…I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe there will be another interview round at some point?

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      I’ve kind of wondered about this myself. If nothing sexual can be “wrong”, then how can sexual outfits be taboo? “I’m sorry, but my goddess, who approves of almost all things sexual, thinks you are a sick, sick freak.”?

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  6. Lizzie says:

    I dunno about the rest of you, but I’m rooting for the buttsex.

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    Wouldn’t it be great if the subtext somehow WAS the epic denouement?

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    Comments on comments….
    I’d never noticed in my entire life that subtext is an anagram of buttsex. The marvelous things we learn at MU.

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  9. Lunaroki says:

    By the end of this chapter I get the general impression that Mack has somehow gotten naked but I can’t for the life of me recall anywhere in that chapter where it is stated that any of Mack’s clothes have come off.

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    • Oh, whoops. Amaranth was supposed to have removed her clothing in the process of positioning her. I’ll fix that.

      I was (and am) in fairly intense pain as I wrote this.

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    Amaranth, Steff and
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    Oh, the new teaser format from these last two is just great! Thanks much foe such entertaining writing!


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  14. Um, I should clarify that #3 above does not mean I disapprove of talking during sex, just that MU characters tend to bring up the unsexiest topics at the most inopportune times.

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  15. Duke Nidalap says:

    Just posting this correction since no one else seems to have done so. Sorry if it’s a double.
    – “You wanted a dedicated sign to hide on the door,” I said.
    I’m guessing you meant “hang on the door”.
    Best Wishes.

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  16. David says:

    @ What happened to Mack’s clothing?: Amaranth whisked them away to her little hidey-hole pocket dimension thingy. Mack described it as feeling a twinge of the memory of when that teleportation spell robbed her of her clothes and her knife.
    P.S. After that anagram comment, I’m gonna be using a lot more ‘subtext’… or just having obscene amounts of raunchy buttsex, I haven’t decided yet

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    • At the point at which that was asked, that part wasn’t in the story… I wrote this while I had massive amounts of untreated tooth pain and so when it first went up there were a load of errors like that, many of which I caught before they were commented on.

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