441: Slaying The God

on May 2, 2010 in Book 16

In Which Pain Is Mocked

It made a sick kind of sense, and that was likely to be Callahan’s favorite kind of sense to make, if it wasn’t the only one she was actually capable of. The class had moved indoors to accommodate me and my sensitivity to the increasingly cold weather… putting it in a sanctified space would be like jumping out of the frying pan that just slows you down a little and into the actually fatal fire. The name “Kessherrakh” was kind of ambiguous… it didn’t sound like a human name, so the Kh on the end could have been a relic of translation

“You look troubled, Seeker in Tears,” Callahan said, her voice filled with a kind of bliss that probably came from the fact that she was looking at someone who was troubled. “You should not be. There is no reason to be afraid of anything before the service begins.”

“When you say service… are you talking about an actual religious service?” I asked. “With a god and prayers and everything?”

“Yes, Seeker in Tears,” she replied.

“Are you crazy?” I asked… a rhetorical question, as Callahan pretty obviously was. “I can’t go into a temple service.”

My hand curled around the shaft of my borrowed quarterstaff as if I could use it to ward off divinity. Without its defensive protections, I couldn’t hope to ward off anything else.

“Ah, do not fret, young Seeker In Tears,” Callahan said, giving me an entirely too serene smile. “The God of Pain is a fair and just god. Unlike other deities, his rites only bring pain to those who deserve it. And those who tick off the high priestess, or who she just doesn’t like. Actually, that’s how he’s exactly the same as other deities, come to think of it.”

“Is this a real god you’re talking about, or not?” I asked.

“That’s a question for philosophers and theologians, don’t you think?” she asked.

“My kind doesn’t get along well with gods,” I said.

“Tell me about it,” Callahan said.

“I just want to know how much I should regret fighting to get classes moved inside,” I said.

“I set no limit on your ability to regret things, oh Seeker,” Callahan said. “Who says what a real god is? If you can feel the God of Pain enter your heart, then you’ll probably find out one way or another really soon.”

“This is a no, then?” I asked.

“Damn it, you are seriously harshing my metaphor,” she said. “No, there is no sanctity in the classroom and you won’t encounter any divine energy in this class, though you will get the next best thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Aren’t you paying attention? Pain,” she said. “Pure, unadulterated pain. Enough divine energy would destroy you outright, but if you can’t stand up to a little pain then even a little tiny bit is going to be enough. This is going to be an important lesson for everyone, but you in particular. You told me last Thursday that you were going to start giving it your all, that you were willing to learn not just how to fight but how to overcome your limitations… well, you’re going to be learning that today.”

“And here I thought you were moving the class indoors so I didn’t have to learn how to overcome my limitations at the same time I’m learning how to fight,” I said.

“Learning how to fight is mostly learning to overcome those,” she said. “I mean, not knowing how to fight is a pretty damn big limitation in my book. Anyway, I’m not giving you the whole speech out here and repeating it later. Get your ass in there and have a seat.”

The word “seat” gave me hope. If there were chairs or stools in the classroom then maybe the focus would shift from entirely physical to something a little more theoretical in nature. Sure, I’d promised to do my best to actually learn how to fight and I would keep that promise. If I could keep it in theory, that was all the better.

Of course that would make it unlikely that I knocked anyone on their ass, as the man from my dreams wanted me to… but if I could keep my deal with Callahan without getting tangled up in any deal with him, that would really be for the best.

Maybe it was really crazy to imagine Callahan would simultaneously remove both field and battle from her class… but then, she had shown up dressed as some kind of nun talking about the God of Pain. Was it too much to hope for that she’d gone crazy in our favor?

Of course it was… Kessherrakh Salle was very obviously intended for sparring, not studying. There were no desks or chairs. The room was nearly the length of hallway, with three sets of double doors set along the wall. The hardwood floor had a subtle cushioning effect that was only noticeable on a hard impact, as I detected after cunningly catching my foot on the threshold of the door and my staff on the jamb in order to detect cushioning spells in the vicinity. There were weapon racks against the side walls, mostly filled with swords of varying lengths, but with a few that seemed to have everything under the sun and a few weapons from other places as well.

The occasional flicker revealed these to be mockeries. The elaborately carved boxes and chests against the back wall had to be mockboxes.

I couldn’t help noticing that the room, though rich in imaginary implements of destruction, was a little short on students.

“Why am I the only one here?” I called out, fearing a trap.

“Obviously not because you wanted to impress me with your hustle, Seeker In Tears,” Callahan called out. “You almost had me, too… class doesn’t start for another eight minutes.”

I had really wanted to get out of the cold, but there were people who actually liked Callahan and her class, and they weren’t all so nonchalant about attendance as Steff was. It seemed like she should have had some hangers-on hanging on, or something… some of the gladiators, at least. But then, since class had relocated to the building they were most likely to hang out in to begin with, maybe they didn’t feel the need to hurry into the actual classroom.

Her assistant was nowhere in sight, though, either.

“Where’s Dobbs?” I asked.

“He refuses to participate in the God of Pain exercises,” Callahan said. “He thinks they’re blasphemous.”

“Aren’t they?” I asked.

You are asking me?”

“You said you were a Khersian,” I said.

“I love Lord Khersis,” she said, leaning into the doorway. “Classic warlord. Best one who ever lived, maybe. It’s the other guy I can’t stand.”

“What other guy?”

“Dei,” she said.

“They’re one and the same,” I said.

“You say one puh-tah-toh, I say two poe-tay-toh,” she said.

“Nobody actually says ‘puh-tah-toh’,” I said.

In the brown robe, with her mohawk… standing down… and covered with a cowl, it was almost possible to forget that it was Callahan. Divorced from her warrior woman image, she looked so young, young enough to be a student… a student visiting a college she might want to apply to when senior year came around.

“Do you want to make a bet about how long it’ll take me to make you say it, Seeker In Tears?”

“Puh-tah-toh,” I said quickly. “You win. And what’s this Seeker In Tears thing? Are you going to call everybody that today?” .

“No,” she said. “Just you.”

I started to ask why, but then I thought about the way she was most likely to answer that question. True gods had dominion over names… I wasn’t quite clear on what exactly that meant, but they were supposed to be able to give a thing a name and have reality reshape itself around it. Her “God of Pain” might not have been real, but I was sure she had enough power to make the essential thrust of that nickname come true all the same.

“What’s with all the questions today, anyway?” she asked. “I mean, you’re mouthy all the time, but it’s usually not questions.”

“I guess it comes from showing up ready to learn,” I said. “Or not having a clue what’s going on.”

“Very good, Seeker In Tears,” she said. “The first knowledge is knowing that you know nothing. Of course, the second is knowing better than to tell everyone else that so they can ram it down your throat, or at least make fun of you a little. I’d give you an insulting nickname, but I’m not sure it would top Seeker In Tears.”

I heard the shuffle of feet out in the hall and then Callahan stepped aside to let some other students into the room, with a lot of “Enter!” and “Welcome!” and bowing that she’d probably make somebody pay for later. Nobody seemed to know what to make of Callahan’s new attitude or attire. She greeted some of the other students by “name”, all following the same pattern: Seeker In The Dirt, Seeker In Capacitated, Seeker In Men’s Room, Seeker In Knotholes… that name, to my surprise, was bequeathed onto a guy I’d seen around at dances and stuff but had never realized was in the same class as me. The room was big, but smaller than a field.

I had no idea exactly what his name was supposed to signify, but as far as I was concerned, he deserved it.

“Welcome, Seekers, to the Temple of Pain,” Callahan said when almost everyone was in the room. Steff hadn’t shown up. I didn’t know whether to be relieved or worried. “Today we come together in worship of the God of Pain. The God of Pain differs from other so-called gods in two respects. Firstly, he cannot be killed or destroyed. Secondly, the entire focus of his worship is trying to accomplish exactly that. He is a very important god. He sends us messages to let us know when we’ve done something profoundly stupid, or when our teeth need healing, or when someone is trying to kill us badly. The God of Pain has no power over death, except the power you give him.

“The mockboxes in here are a little more sophisticated than the ones we’ve been playing with out on Hauldhagen Field. They can be scaled in more specific ways. For instance, they can be set to have the full pain of a real injury, lasting pain, but with no other debilitating or incapacitating effects. By an astonishing coincidence, that’s how they’re right now.

“In actual combat with real weapons, there are some wounds that are fatal, to anyone of standard anatomical configuration under normal circumstances. You lose your head, you’re dead. You lose your heart, you’re dead. You lose enough blood, you’re dead. Can’t breathe, you’re dead. That’s basically it.

“Aside from that? There are wounds that could be lethal, a lot of wounds that might be lethal… but the only difference between them and wounds that aren’t lethal is whether the person who takes them lays down and dies or not.

“And then there are the wounds that aren’t lethal, just plain aren’t deep enough or deadly enough to kill someone… but are enough to take them out of the fight, where it’s an easy bet that someone will come along and do something fatal to them. And again, there are some things you can do to people that will knock them down, but there are many, many more things you can do that might knock them down, if they so happen to fall down. Viewing this from the other perspective, you realize that there are a large number of things that can happen to you that may ultimately kill your ass, but only if you let them.

“If somebody chops off your head, you’re dead… but if someone stabs you, cuts you a bunch of times, beats on you, kicks you… well, I’ll put it this way: sometimes you win by knocking your opponent out of the fight, but more often you win by knocking the fight out of your opponent. Today, Seekers, we walk the twofold path of pain. Armed with weapons that do no harm, you will try to win by hurting, and you will try not to lose before you do. Without any ‘wounds’ to take you out of combat definitively, your matches won’t stop until you do. There may be some of you still slugging it out at the end of the class period, like pairs of immortal titans locked in eternal combat, for an hour and a half. There will be some of you who go down from the same hits that would take you down with normal mocked weapons, because it’s the pain that’s taking you down… but you, too, will be locked in eternal combat because you’re going to get back up and keep fighting anyway because nothing’s stopping you from getting up but you, you and your pain… and today is the day that you slay your pain.”

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