442: Painful Pairings

on May 9, 2010 in Book 16

In Which Mackenzie Notices Things

Callahan started pairing us up immediately after her little speech. She was mixing and matching between the two sections… not, from what I could tell, always putting someone from the beginner group with someone more advanced, but not taking care to make sure the two groups remained separated.

That’s not to say she wasn’t putting any thought in it… if I’d seen only the results I might have thought she was doing it at random, but there were too many little moments of hesitation, too many canny looks that flashed through the serene facade she was projecting. Even when she didn’t visibly stop to think before putting two people together, there was something very deliberate about her actions.

In the process, I got to hear the “sacred” names she gave for most of the class again… and it struck me with more than a little bit of surprise that mine was far from the worst. Seeker In Tears… that was the same Crybaby/Emo Kid stuff she gave me all the time. As much as being accused of being too emotional sucked… there was no way to respond to it without seeming to prove the accusation right… I had to admit it was better than, say, Seeker After Anything Hard And Upright To Jump On or Seeker After Own Hindquarters With Scroll Of Mapping And Orb Of Continual Light.

“When you have your partner, get your weapons mocked if you haven’t already and then get to it. The God of Pain doesn’t stand on ceremony, Seekers,” she announced in the midst of the sorting. “Anyone who isn’t actively seeking to help their partner attain communion with the god will be given a primer on the basic catechism from the high priestess. Seeker In Excelsis,” she said, clapping a hand on Gloria’s shoulder as the Argenti girl seemed to be heading for the door. “I seem to recall Seeker In Tears delivering you into oh-so-tender embrace of the God of Pain… if that isn’t the basis for a life-long friendship, I have no idea what is. Really, I don’t.”

Gloria turned to look at me. I wondered if that look of pure contempt had always been on her face when she looked at me, and if so, how I’d never seen it before. Her sculpted face was lovely, but her lips puckered like she’d tasted something terrible and her nose wrinkled like she’d smelt it first and then tasted it anyway. Neither of those were as bad as her eyes, though, which were especially obvious since she kept her eyes on me even as turned her face slightly and spoke to Callahan.

She hated me. It was more than could be explained by dislike of demons, or by pure religious belief… or maybe not. I wouldn’t want to be the one put in charge of setting a limit on how much hatred could come from faith.

“Coach Callahan, I believe that this… lesson… is blasphemous, and forcing me to participate is a violation of my religious beliefs,” she said.

“Oh, well, I can’t force you to participate, then,” Callahan said. “I’ll just put down in my little book that attacking a demonblood and slaying a false god went against your religious tenets.”

“You will not goad me into participating,” Gloria said.

“Okay, Seeker… if you don’t want to learn how to deal with pain in this context, you can do it inside the context of your own religion,” Callahan said. “You can write a paper instead.”

“Can I write a paper instead of fighting?” I asked.

“Do you have any religious beliefs?” she asked.


“Then no, you can’t,” she said.

“So if I didn’t believe in fighting for religious reasons, I could get out of it but if I believe just as devoutly for secular reasons I can’t?” I asked.

“If you don’t believe in fighting, you should have looked for a moral exemption before the semester started instead of signing up for a fighting class and then asking to be excused,” Callahan said. “Whether or not they’d grant you one without religious backing, I don’t know… personally, I’d call it a religious belief since it outlines as clear a path to the afterlife as anything I’ve ever heard.” She turned back towards Gloria. “Get a copy of Instruments for the Instigation of the Faith. Pick a torture technique that’s detailed therein. Mock the implements or materials that were used for it, and write me a three page paper about what it feels like. Be… evocative.”

“What does that have to do with fighting?” Gloria asked.

“Discipline, willpower, overcoming pain,” Callahan said. “What don’t those things have to do with fighting? Your grade will be based in large part on whether or not you’re able to see it through properly. You can ask someone in the imperial justice program to help you get the materials. Get a concelebrant to help you use them if you have to. I’ll know from your description whether you were messing around or not.”

“How?” Gloria asked.

“Because I know what a lot of them feel like,” Callahan said. “Enough to fill in the blanks on the ones I haven’t. If you get the most recent edition, some of them actually incorporate specific feedback from me.”

Instruments hasn’t been published for five hundred years,” Gloria said.

“Not even four hundred,” Callahan said. “The most recent public edition came out in 171 P.E.

Even with what I knew or suspected about Callahan’s ancestry, her claim to having submitted notes on a text that was nearly four centuries old was a litlte surprising. I didn’t know if she was telling the truth or not… unlike Gloria, that claim wasn’t the part of this scenario that was giving me pause. The fact that there were people who knew off the top of their heads when the Universal Temple had last published a manual on torture felt like a pretty compelling illustration of what Professor Bohd had been talking about with regards to evil, as I was fairly sure that neither Gloria nor Callahan had infernal blood.

Well, I was more sure about Gloria than Callahan.

For that matter, the fact that the largest and oldest Khersian denomination had ever used a manual on torture seemed like a pretty big giveaway that the infernal domains didn’t have a monopoly on evil. Neither immortal divinity nor mortal piety was proof against evil… but then, why did infernal have to equate with evil?

Maybe it didn’t, per se, but demons had been predatory creatures of destruction before being banished to the infernal realms.

“You think you can weaken my faith,” Gloria said. “But you will not.”

“You’re absolutely correct on both points,” Callahan said. “The point of this exercise isn’t for me to shake up your worldview. That would be fun, but I don’t have the time or energy for it. It’s to make you confront something, put you into conflict. Otherwise I might as well just tell you to go slam a window shut on your hand.”

“I will not see my faith perverted for the sake of your lesson,” Gloria said.

“Khersis forbid that people learn something from religion,” Callahan said. “I’m being fair here, and I’m following the letter of the relevant university policy… two things I really loathe doing. I’m sucking it up, so you can, too. Pen or sword… write or fight. Pick one.”

Gloria drew her sword.

“Fine,” she said. “I will do the one that may help me to one day serve the greater good.”

With that pronouncement, she turned and headed for the mockboxes. She stopped a few feet before them and knelt down, with her sword held out in front of her.

“That girl’s going to kill you one day, if she can help it,” Callahan said quietly, turning and leaning in towards me.

“And you’re making sure she’s getting plenty of practice,” I said. “Thanks.”

“She doesn’t need any,” Callahan said. “Not to kill you.”

“I’ve beaten her before,” I said.

“And I can promise you, she learned as much from that as you did,” Callahan said. “If you and her were equal fighters, she’d still kill your ass dead with holiness.”

“What am I supposed to do about that?”

“Even the most faithful rarely get to have the kind of power that can obliterate you on the spot,” Callahan said. “If she does, there’s not much point in worrying about it. What she’s more likely to do is put you in a world of pain. So even if she’s swinging an illusionary weapon and not tossing faith at you, this exercise will help. Better would be if you had someone you could mostly trust not to kill you who could channel divine energy at you for funsies sometime. That, and remembering that you’ve got energy to throw around, too.”

“I can’t exactly toss a flame bolt at her head in melee class,” I said.

“Could you actually do it outside of melee class?” Callahan said. “The fact that she’ll never see you practicing it or learn how to defend against it in a safe-ish environment is part of your edge. If you don’t know how to throw fire, I’d think about learning. There’s an elemental teacher who’d probably help you…”

“I think I’m in her class,” I said.

“Good,” Callahan said. “A lot more people than her are going to try to kill you, and some of them will be smarter than her. No more than one of them will be me, though, and that’s about as good as you can possibly hope for in this life.”

I didn’t miss the threat in there… though I only just caught another sentiment that seemed to be threaded sort of loosely throughout the conversation.

“You’re being nice to me,” I said, equally parts statement and question.

Now you notice it,” she said.

“You just started it,” I said.

“Oh,” Callahan said. “Oh, good. For a moment there I thought you were getting all observant or insightful on me or something. Look, Seeker In Tears… you said you were ready to really start trying, and maybe I see something in your face that says things have changed or maybe I’m just in a good mood because I’m about to watch people’s brains breaking from pain, but I’m taking you at your word until you show me I shouldn’t. Again, I mean.”

She swatted my shoulder with enough force to knock me sideways and started calling out her pairings again.

“Seeker In Cheap Aftershave, you’re with Seeker In Perpetuity. Seeker With An ‘S’ and Seeker In Repose, you’re together. Seeker In Perpetuity…”

I wondered what she meant by “things have changed”… yes, I had made the pledge on the previous Thursday, and a lot had happened over the weekend, including what was probably the closest thing to a religious experience I was going to have in my adult lifetime and what I hoped was the closest thing to ever being an accused murderer that would happen to me.

Had any of these experiences transformed me in some way? Had I learned something from them? Was I growing up, somehow? I hadn’t noticed anything like that… but would I have?

Walking around the edge of the room to avoid straying into any of the one-on-one combats that were already springing up, I took my borrowed staff to the back of the room to mock it up. I gave Gloria a wide berth. I had to… she was praying. Not just bowing her head and mumbling a few words, there was genuine meaning and genuine power behind her silent words.

I could feel it prickling against my skin when I took a step in her general direction. Well, as long as she was finished with it before we started sparring it wouldn’t be a problem… her sword was already blessed, and the mockbox’s illusionary copy would simulate its blessed enhancements with arcane magic.

If she tried to bless the phantasmal weapon, then there might be issues, but I wasn’t really sure how that would work, or if it would. An illusion of sanctity was utterly ineffectual, but what about a sanctified illusion?

I felt it when she stopped praying, even though I had thought I was standing outside the exposure radius. It was like the relief of an almost imperceptible unpleasant sensation. She came up and put her white-hilted broad sword in a tall upright cabinet right after I got my staff out of it.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “This exercise goes against my instincts and my beliefs. I’ve never wanted to inflict pain upon you.”

“I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone,” I said.

“Not when you attacked the skirmishers?”

“They attacked me,” I said. “And… okay, yes, I felt the urge to hurt them. But it wasn’t anything I’d choose to feel. When I’m myself, when I’m in control… when I’m not half-starved… I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“So as long as you are allowed to prey on humanity, you have no desire to inflict pain,” Gloria said.

“Are you trying to insult me, or to convince yourself that it’s okay to hurt me?” I asked.

“I need no further conviction,” she said.

“Yeah, you’ve had me convicted since the day we met,” I said.

“Remember, Seekers,” Callahan called. “Anyone not treading the path towards the God of Pain may be blessed with a shove in the right direction!”

“Are you ready?” Gloria asked, pulling her sword out of the mockbox.

“No,” I said. “But I think that’s why I’m here.”

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    “Seeker After Own Hindquarters With Scroll Of Mapping And Orb Of Continual Light”
    Blood and shale, is there ANOTHER Keri La Belle?

    I love the nicknames Callahan’s given out- especially the slightly tautological “Seeker with an S”. I wonder what mine would be? Probably “Seeker of the Floor”, given how poorly I would likely do in that class, or something racist and vaguely sexual about subterranean elves given the year-round wardrobe precautions I take in light of my negative physical reaction to sunlight.

    Current score: 1