251: Rough Night

on July 11, 2008 in Book 9

In Which Mr. Mason Goes To Town

There were big doorways leading directly out of the pit, though they were closed off with gates except for one that had signs which had obviously been added for the dance advertising the existence of restrooms. Ian ignored that and took me over to the stairs instead.

He looked around the lower tier a bit, dragging me around before we headed up again. I felt like a dog on a leash, and I didn’t mind that one bit. He didn’t know where we were going, but the important thing was that he was leading us there.

He started to pull me in the direction of some of the bathrooms on the upper floor, but changed his mind when he saw how busy they were. He started heading for the main doors when he spotted something and off we headed to the side. There were smaller doors leading out of the arena into the rest of the fitness center.

There were a few groups of people hanging out and talking in the comparative quiet of the hallway… guys leaning against walls as they chatted with girls, and people sitting on the floor. Ian pulled me towards the t-shaped intersection at the farther end of it. He hesitated briefly at the end of it. The left hand branch had an arrow directing people to the pool.

“Please, not that way,” I said, when he started to lead me that way. He gave me a look, then pulled me in the other direction.

As soon as we were around the corner, Ian let go of my wrist and grabbed my hair instead. Before I’d even registered what he’d done, he yanked my head to the side. My cry of pain turned into a bit of a growl as he started to drag me forward. We passed weight rooms and an armoury, and then went down a darker hallway into a section that apparently wasn’t open twenty-four hours.

We ducked into a small restroom with just a single stall, one sink, and one urinal. He flipped on the lights, then let go of my hair. With an angry snarl, he kicked the stall door, sending it banging into the side wall.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Just pissed off,” he said. “Even if you were kind of blocking the stairs, how the hell does somebody just push past you like you’re not even there?”

“I don’t know,” I said. I really didn’t know what else to say. Yeah, the guy had been an impatient, careless jerk… but it was over and done with.

“And if I see that preppy twerp again, I’m going to kick his ass. Where does he get off, calling you…”

“You called me a Harlot once,” I reminded him. I wasn’t feeling that charitable towards Jamie, but I didn’t think Ian was being all that fair.

“When I first met you,” he said. “I know better now.”

“Yeah, and this was when he first met me,” I said.

“He meant it as an insult. I didn’t.”

“So, he’s smart enough to know that it is,” I said. “Anyway, did you bring me here to talk about other guys?”

His face turned red and his nostrils flared. His hands twitched at his sides and then closed into tight fists, making the muscles in his wiry arms stand out. He closed his eyes and took a breath.

“Shut up and come here,” he said as his eyes opened.

I hadn’t actually been talking when he said it, but I obeyed the other part. The slap echoed sharply in the small space. I felt the warmth in my cheek, and a second later I felt the pain. I breathed it in, feeling the tingling sensation spreading through the side of my face… and being answered by a tingle down below.

Ian didn’t seem like he was playing, though.

“I’m so pissed right now, Mackenzie,” he said quietly. “When you grabbed my shirt, when you stopped me from fighting that… guy… I was so angry… do you remember, at the dwarf party? I slammed you into the wall… face first. I don’t know if you remember.”

“Yes,” I breathed. “Yes, I do.”

“I… I jerked off to that later,” he said. “Thinking about it, I mean… remembering it. Is that horrible?”

I shook my head.

“I shouldn’t want what I want right now,” he said. “I don’t want to hit angry.”

“You’re angry,” I said. “I’m here. You’re not going to harm me.”

“Are you sure?”

I thought about it. I didn’t know exactly what he had in mind, but I could easily have believed he meant to beat the shit out of me. I imagined him backhanding me right across the mouth, punching me in the throat. I pictured him running me into the wall, throwing me to the floor, stomping on my face…

I could see all of that… the potential for it, anyway… in his face. It made for a strangely compelling image. Knowing with a fierce certainty that he wouldn’t do anything to actually injure me… that he wouldn’t pull out magic or signs of faith… let me lose myself in the intensity of the fantasy.

If even Sooni, ridiculous and insane as she was, could bring me to the point of orgasm with an act of brutality, then how much more amazing would it be with somebody who I loved… who cared about me… who I’d given myself to?

I swallowed and nodded. He closed his eyes, and then slowly, he shook his head.

“Really, it’s okay,” I said.

“Shut up,” he said.

“I want it,” I said.

Shut up,” he repeated. “Just get down on your knees.”

I obeyed without thought, sinking down to the dirty floor. He unbuttoned his jeans and his dick pretty much sprang out without help. I wanted to reach out and touch him, with my hands or mouth, but he hadn’t told me to do anything yet and it wasn’t my place to act.

I looked up at him instead. His face was strangely impassive… he was looking down at me like I wasn’t even there. I felt conflicted… like this should have been an incredible turn on, but it wasn’t. From another person, it might have been, but not from Ian… this wasn’t normal for him. Something was wrong.

“I can’t do this,” he said finally, shaking his head and stepping back. “I’m still too pissed.”

“You’re too pissed to get a blowjob?” I asked.

“I’m not going to enjoy it,” he said. “All I can think of is that smug, pointy-eared moron and his boyfriend.”

“What do his ears have to do with anything?” I asked.

“Oh, get off my case,” Ian said. “I don’t mean anything against elves… just him.”

“This is supposed to be our date, you know,” I said.

Was he going to focus on a couple of slights all night long? It seemed stupid to me that he’d let his anger just eat at him when he’d had the opportunity to blow it off and he’d passed on it. He’d got me all hot and bothered in the first place by leading me around the arena, and then we’d got so worked up on the dance floor… and then there had been a nice bit of roughness on the way here… and now he wasn’t interested.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that,” he said.

“Like what?”

“Like a puppy dog who just got kicked and it doesn’t understand why,” he said.

“You could kick me, if you wanted,” I said. “If it would make you feel better.”

He sighed.

“Just get to your feet,” he said.

I thought he was giving up on our tryst, but before I was even completely upright, the back of his hand hit my cheekbone. He slapped me a couple more times… but without a lot of conviction, and I thought that maybe he wasn’t completely into it, but then something broke and he really went to town.

I don’t think I could catalogue everything that happened exactly, in the order that it happened. There was slapping and there was slamming and there was kicking. He wasn’t using any restraint or control, but instead just hammered into me. I gave myself over to him and lost myself in the sensation, let myself be carried away on a river of pain and bliss. When it was finished, we were both panting and sweating, though he was standing over me and I was on the floor.

My head was swimming. My vision was cloudy, though clearing fast. My panties were soaked… I’d came at least three times during the onslaught. As disgusting as it was to feel that kind of nastiness trapped against my skin, the feeling of euphoria was enough to drive that away.

“You… you okay?” he asked. I noticed his arms were shaking, though his dick… which was still hanging out of his jeans… was hard as ever, and almost red.

I nodded.

“Again, please,” I said. The slight growl in my voice surprised and scared me. Ian didn’t pay any attention, to the request or the vocalization.

“A couple of times, I thought you were going to turn on me,” he said. “You looked like an animal.”

“I did?” I hadn’t been conscious of anything like that.

“Yeah,” he said. “When you did it, I just… well, I brought you under control. Can you get up?”

I tried, but it was a struggle. I was sore all over, and some of my joints were actually numb, but it felt kind of good… there was relief in the pain, like an itch right after it had been scratched, or like the feeling I’ve heard that you’re supposed get after a really good work-out. More than that, I enjoyed the lingering pain in the same way I’d enjoyed having Amaranth’s label on my forehead for a day. It was a kind of mark, even if nobody could see it.

“I’m sorry,” Ian said, as he helped me the rest of the way to my feet. “I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Classes, elemental invocation… and the band. We practice and practice and practice, and I don’t know if we’re really going to get it together.”

“It sounded like you thought it was going well,” I said.

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t going to say we suck,” he said.

“I’m sure you sound better than you think you do,” I said. “I thought you played really well when you were just, uh, you know… jamming.”

“Yeah,” he said. He turned away and tried to tuck his dick back into his pants, but I don’t think it was having any of it. “Shit.”

When I realized that he wasn’t going to fuck my mouth, I felt a bit of the animal stirring within me… I’d wanted him so badly all evening, and after what he’d done, I wanted him even more now.

“Let me suck it,” I said. “Please.”

He turned back around, looking at me incredulously.

“After all that?”

“Why not? It was incredible,” I said. “Steff would be so jealous.”

“She would be?” he asked, his surprise growing.

I nodded.

“She’s wanted to do that sort of thing to me forever,” I said. “You got to do it first.”

I noticed his dick throbbed at this bit of news. The rest of him seemed to relax. He put a hand on top of my head and pushed me down. I sank to my knees again. He pulled his pants and underwear down completely, revealing his dick and balls in their full glory.

I had probably never been in the running for feminist of the year, but I figured begging to suck the dick of the guy I’d just let beat seventeen kinds of shit out of me on a men’s room floor probably sealed my status as a traitor to my own sex. I didn’t care. Ian obviously felt so much better after getting his frustration out, and I felt just plain incredible. It was like I’d got a full-body spanking.

I let Ian instruct me in what he wanted, though I knew it pretty well by now. Under his orders, I kissed his balls, then licked them, and then took the sack into my mouth and gently sucked. When he decided I’d done enough of that, I moved onto the shaft.

Whether it was because he was trying to unwind or just looking for something more, he wanted more foreplay than usual this time. I kissed the head of his dick and then up and down the underside of the shaft several times before he allowed me to take even the tip into my mouth and suck gently, flicking my tongue over the salty sweetness oozing from his slit.

I could almost sense him progressively relaxing as I eagerly lavished affection upon him. His breathing changed. His posture did, too. His legs had been ramrod straight, and he gradually shifted into a more natural position.

He stopped giving me so many instructions and let me do my own thing as I took him into my mouth, sucking as lovingly as I could. He’d let out most of his rage and frustration on me, and the rest of it melted away. It was the gentlest blowjob I’d ever given him, and he actually sort of sighed as he came.

“Thank you,” he said when we’d finished

I didn’t say anything. Maybe it would have been polite to say “you’re welcome,” but it also felt like I should have been thanking him. I loved the meaty taste of his dick, the heady musk in his skin and hair. I loved when he came in my mouth. I loved that I was allowed to taste him, to please him.

It occurred to me, as we were leaving the bathroom, that he’d found solace in my body the way I found it in Amaranth’s. Well, not quite the same way… but to a similar extent. That made me smile.

“You’re happy,” Ian noted on the more leisurely stroll back towards the dance. We held hands, but we were walking together now instead of leading and being led.

“I am,” I said. “I love you, and I love being here for you.”

“I just want you to know, I don’t like being a guy who hits girls,” he said.

“You aren’t,” I said. “You’re a guy who has a good time with his girlfriend. You can do it more often, too, if you want… instead of waiting until you’re so frustrated that you’re flying off the handle and you have to go all out, just… vent a little on me. We’ll both enjoy it.”

“I just… I don’t want to take it for granted,” he said. “Ever.”

“I don’t really think that’s likely,” I said. “It’s not in you.”

“It’s in me to hit you,” he said.

“But that’s not all that’s in you,” I said. “You’re your father’s son, but you aren’t him.”

I’d never been able to mention Ian’s father without provoking a backlash, but this time it seemed to be okay.

“Yeah,” he said, a smile slowly spreading across his face. “I guess I’m really not.”

I tried to hurry through the occupied corridor because the wetness was showing a bit in my crotch, but Ian stopped to read a notice board right outside the arena. He grabbed a sheet off of it.

“Oh, you can’t be serious,” I said when I realized it was for gladiator try-outs.

“I need an outlet, Mackenzie,” he said. “I like a little bit of, uh, play, but I don’t want to go through that again.”

“Okay, I know you’ve got problems with the idea, and honestly, I probably wouldn’t trust you so much if you didn’t… but… isn’t that still better than being a jock?”

“Oh, grow up,” he said scathingly, and he yanked me by the arm back into the dance.

Once we were inside the arena again, it was too dark for anybody to notice the state of my pants… I hoped. We spent the rest of the night enjoying the dance. Ian bought me drinks and snacks, and though I spotted Jamie and Jason… the elf in particular was hard to miss… a few times, they didn’t notice us and Ian never seemed to notice them.

It’d had a rough start, and an even rougher climax, but as we headed back to the coat check at the end of the night, I thought to myself that it had been a really nice time.

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10 Responses to “251: Rough Night”

  1. MackSffrs says:

    While theirs is not a healthy dynamic, it is a mutually beneficial one. Either of their natures alone would provoke incredibly horrible actions, such that together they feed off of each other symbiotically, doing a sort of community service.

    Honestly Ian is seeming to be leaning more towards the type, if this current situation has no outside influences, of that of a genetic alpha male, the kind of over testosterone-d men who, when they get their first several tastes, usually see their paths end with their face on some organization’s posters.

    Now if those posters belong to an international corporate giant his eyes showing the way forward, or that of the local domestic violence recovery organization with the appended words “most wanted,” well that really depends…

    Let us not forget Mack. Her half-demon nature seems to, almost desperately, call out for violence, an insatiable psychotic blood thirst, that, at this point, doesn’t care who violence is visited on, even its host, as long as it happens.

    Current score: 4
    • Arkeus says:

      The problem with that reasoning is that Ian getting used to being able to act on his impulse means that if Mack leaves him one way or another (or if he leaves Mack) he would probably end up killing someone really really quickly.

      As for Mack, it still justifies her belief she is Evil, which no one ever comments on in any thorough manner.

      Current score: 3
      • Arakano says:

        Well, of course it does – notice how even the OP here condemns her for her desires! How can she help doing it herself?

        I’d really appreciate it if people could stop describing everyone who’s into BDSM-stuff as some kind of psychopaths, kthxbye…

        Current score: 8
        • Athena says:

          With you on that one, Arakano.

          Yes, they’re still both working out exactly what it i they’re after, and doing. Yes, if Ian went all-out with no control on a regular chick he’d probably kill them… but Mack *isn’t* a regular chick. As long as he uses the opportunity to fumble his way into a more controlled form of release, it doesn’t *matter* if he gets used to indulging those urges, it just means if ever he and Mack split that he will need a like-minded partner in future. Which, y’know, gasp, would be what BDSM folks need to do and manage to do all the time.

          Hurt and harm are not the same thing, and I really can’t think offhand of a dynamic that is genuinely mutually beneficial that is *not* healthy… the thing that make a dynamic unhealthy, by definition, make it ultimately non-beneficial for at least one party.

          Mack’s pain tolerance and hardiness may outstrip mine here, but I’ve come out of some of the more… enthusiastic sessions with my husband with some truly spectacular marks that would make many happily assume I’m an abused wife… and frankly, S&M is pretty minor for us, we’ve got more emphasis on D/s. Does this make my dynamic unhealthy and mean I shouldn’t have married him? No. No it does not, because we’re two consenting adults and we both enjoy and desire what we do.

          Current score: 1
          • Daezed says:

            Not necessarily ”safe, sane, consensual” sex, but more like what we refer to as RACK – ”risk-aware consensual kink.”

            They are engaging in risky, potentially dangerous behavior, but doing so fully aware of and consenting to those risks. They are perhaps what one might refer to as neophytes, novices in the BDSM world, but at least they are trying to operate within what boundaries work for them, and are learning together what, where, and how stretchy those boundaries are.

            I’ve certainly seen vanillas dive in less-informed and far more ignorantly, in the past, and in some cases more disasterously, than how Mack and Ian are managing right now.

            Current score: 3
          • Jechtael says:

            The problem between Mackenzie and Ian isn’t with action, it’s with reason. Ian’s doing the right thing, in my opinion, finding an outlet to vent aside from beating up his mate. Not because beating up one’s mate is inherently wrong (see RACK above), but because if he gets used to it, he’ll still be in the habit once he and Mackenzie break up (assuming they ever do) or Mackenzie DOESN’T want “play” when he needs to vent, or when he NEEDS to think things over instead of just glossing over it with “I’ll pummel it out later; until then, I can just try to suppress it”.

            Anyway, I got away from my point, which was: He doesn’t want to hit females in anger, which I see as appropriate, or at all, which depends on the person. If he’s trying out this whole “I’mma hit Mack” thing, he should start by associating it with “this iz what my mate wants” instead of “this is how to vent my frustration”. The gladiatorial tryouts can help him vent while keeping his “hit people ’cause I’m an angry bardbarian” impulses separate from his “hit Mackenzie ’cause she likes it” impulses, AND can teach him that hitting females should have little distinction from hitting males of a comparable size (assuming the arena is unisex).

            On the subject of Mackenzie and Ian not being together forever, I wonder how half-demons age. All the half-demons that have been mentioned offhand so far have died in fights in what could be assumed was their youth or prime, right? Not from old age?

            Current score: 4
            • Athena says:

              Well no, hitting in anger isn’t amazing… but the only reason it made it to genuine anger is because he wasn’t using the available outlet already. And again, *it doesn’t matter if he gets into the habit of indulging*, as long as he uses the opportunity to work out what the hell he’s doing… which he is. BDSM is stress/frustration relief for a lot of people, on both ends of the play, so even doing it to work through his emotions is, again, *not a bad thing*. Hell, even though he was angry this time, he *still* restrained his emotions. He didn’t just start whaling on her, he did it because she asked him to.

              Getting used to being able to have BDSM play does not turn someone into a monster. If they care about their partners, if they care about consent, then they’re going to keep doing that. Mack’s not teaching him to ignore consent, she’s teaching him to do what he needs and what she wants, within the boundaries of consent. He will take that with him into any future relationships.

              Again, as I commented on the first read-through, this doesn’t mean he’s going to go murder some normal chick if he and Mack break up. It means he’s going to have to find someone who also enjoys BDSM and wants similar play. Not the same, no – letting loose that much with a regular woman *would* be dangerous, but that’s easily avoidable as long as he doesn’t let it build up so much in future.

              It is a simple matter of compatibility, and finding someone who he is compatible with. It’s not like there aren’t people like that out there. Plenty of them are even human, in this world and that one… not that there’s any real pressing reason his next relationship needs to be with a human.

              Current score: 0
    • Anon says:

      Just to put things straight, Ian is not ‘a guy who hits his girlfriend’ and Mack is not ‘a girl who tolerates her boyfriend beating her’. Ian is ‘a guy who hits his girlfriend when he is absolutely certain that he is physically incapable of harming her, he knows she will enjoy it, and she has been begging him for it for an extended period’. If you can’t differentiate between those situations you’ve got some problems of your own and you should stay far away from anything related to BDSM.

      Is this healthy as his sole outlet? No. If they break up, or something happens to Mackenzie, he’s got no way to vent and if he tries to recreate the one thing he knows works well then he’s likely to hurt somebody and destroy himself. Thus, the gladiator thing.

      But as long as they’re together, and as long as this is an option instead of something they need, and as long as it’s safe and consensual on both sides, the only unhealthy thing about it is how he keeps things bottled up and then goes out of control on release instead of doing things with some moderation. And given how sensible and adaptable he’s proven so far and how far he’s come from his starting position, he’ll probably figure that out soon.

      Which is a good thing because Mack would see no problem whatsoever with him becoming utterly dependent on beating the shit out of her or with him losing control completely while he did so. And Amaranth’s advice would be worse than useless, Steff would somehow find a way to escalate matters, Dee would be entirely too polite to get involved, and I don’t think that Two is quite up to fixing that on her own.

      Current score: 2
  2. lunchbox says:

    “I had probably never been in the running for feminist of the year, but I figured begging to suck the dick of the guy I’d just let beat seventeen kinds of shit out of me on a men’s room floor probably sealed my status as a traitor to my own sex.”

    I sure hope not! Just because I like my partner to get rough doesn’t mean I’m a traitor. Feminism is about choice, Mack! You silly gal.

    Current score: 7
    • Athena says:

      Yep. Can’t really blame her for thinking that, though; lots of people, even feminists, do.

      Even if it *is* missing the point.

      (Shiel would totally be one of them, what with her getting disgusted with Oru a few bonus stories back. Feminism doesn’t mean throwing traditional femininity out, it means making it *not compulsory*, which is very different from *not an option* – making it not an option is the opposite of actual feminism, and just stuffs us all into yet another limited and limiting box. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, people)

      Current score: 1