129: Foxy Lady

on January 3, 2008 in 05: The Weekend Shift

In Which Mackenzie Puts A Foot In Her Mouth

Sooni didn’t take long to show up, though she left her ridiculous outfit behind.

Whatever her personality was like, every inch of her was just as perfect as she pretended to be. It was astonishing to see how pert and perky her breasts were without a bra.

They were only slightly bigger than mine, but they were much better formed… and all natural, obviously. Who would have bothered having their breasts altered or glammed if they weren’t going to make them bigger? The nipples and areolas were a dark, rich caramel color.

She reached behind her head and began to pull wooden pins out of her hair, which fell down around her like a cape. She threw the pins aside and then stepped out of her bamboo platform shoes, wiggling her tiny little toes in an oddly alluring fashion.

The nails were painted a deep crimson, like blood.

She spoke to me in that sing-song baby talk language of hers which I didn’t understand. It hardly mattered, since for some reason I couldn’t actually hear any of the words. I got the gist of what she was saying, though: I was ugly and stupid and filthy and low, and I wasn’t fit to lick her feet.

She told me to get down on my knees, and I did… hunkering down on the filthy, dust and blood covered floor of Gabe’s room.

She told me to crawl and I did, feeling revulsion for myself welling up within me. Sooni was the most awful person I knew. How could I debase myself like this in front of her?

She answered the question as though I had voiced it out loud… I was already debased… defiled… depraved. I was the foulest creature on the face of the world and it did not matter how low she sunk, I would always be beneath her.

Beneath her.

I stopped with my head inches from her, shivering in the sudden awareness of my own nudity. She put her foot forward and waved it in front of my face.

“Beg,” she said–in Pax now. I was looking at her foot, but from her tone of voice I could almost imagine seeing her face, that polite mask just barely hiding the predatory, snarling smile.

I begged. I pleaded. I pressed myself down as far on the floor as I could go and whimpered and simpered for the right to touch that lovely, perfectly shaped foot.

When I had begun to run out of earnest, desperate entreaties and could sink no lower, Sooni relented, proffering her foot to me, with the big toe pointed at my face.

“Kiss,” she said, and after a moment’s hesitation, I did, very lightly, very gingerly touching my lips to the very end of her toe.

She made an angry, yipping sort of bark and kicked me. The sharp point of her toenail stabbed me in the forehead. The pain was exquisite.

“Idiot! Beast!” she yelled, punctuating each word with another kick. “Girlkisser! Demon! Do it again. Do it right.”

Without hesitation, I pursed my lips and kissed the tip of her toe, just where the nail ended. I looked up at her, expecting either a word of praise or another rebuke, but I received neither.

“Now, suck,” she said instead.

I tried to get my lips around the big toe, but she kicked me again. It felt like… like something slipping up inside me. It was wonderful. I hated to make her angry but I hoped she would do it again.

“Start from the outside!” she said.

I almost reached for her foot, but she hadn’t given me permission to touch her with my hands. Instead, I repositioned myself, and then–with the greatest of reverence–I took her tiny little pinky toe into my mouth.

I didn’t mean to touch her with my tongue, but I couldn’t help it. Sooni’s skin, her beautiful, delicate bronze skin tasted… it tasted… well, I didn’t know exactly what it tasted like but I knew it tasted good. I didn’t think there would be much room for me to bob up and down, but somehow I managed to do that, riding her little toe like it was a delicate little cock.

I felt each stroke within me. The budding pleasure was indescribable. I let out a little moan.

“You should not enjoy this, slut,” she said, and I closed my eyes and blushed with shame. Tears squeezed out of the corners of my eyes, because I knew she was right… and I knew I couldn’t stop.

“Next toe!” she barked.

Following Sooni’s directions, I moved on to each of her little toes in turn, the pleasure continuing to rise up within me until finally I had my mouth around the big one again.

Finally, after a series of delicious explosions that I could only call orgasmic, and which Sooni accompanied with sultry, silky moans of her own, she jerked her toe out of my mouth and began to kick wildly.

I fell back, rolling over on to my back and holding up one hand defensively, and she began stomping on my breasts, my neck, my face, snarling and yipping like a real fox, calling me “beast” and “slut.”

I said something that might have been “stop”… or “more.”

Finally, she did stop… her foot inches above me. The bottom of it looked soft and smooth, like it had never actually come into contact with the ground. Certainly it was far cleaner than it should have been, considering the state of the floor. Though of course I understood it was the very lowest part of her body, and was likely among the filthiest, even if it was only a very distant third.

It was also far more intimate a place than I could possibly expect–possibly hope–to be allowed to touch.

“You may lick,” Sooni said, defying my wildest expectations… but then she kicked me when I eagerly stuck out my tongue. “I did not finish. You may lick if you say you are a lesbian.”

I froze. What she was asking was impossible… insane. Fatal, even. Besides of which, it would be a big fat lie. I wasn’t a lesbian.

Hadn’t I once propositioned a room full of men, sometime?

Didn’t I have a boyfriend?

Wait, did I?

When I said nothing, Sooni lowered her foot. She was now standing over me, straddling me like I was a line on the ground. I looked up at her, past her almost immaculate-looking pussy and her perfect breasts, and I silently implored her. I wanted to lick her foot so badly… but there was no way I could do what she was asking me to. It was too hard.

“Say it,” Sooni said. Her face softened, and she added, in a far more tender tone than I had thought possible, “I will kill you when you are done, and no one will ever know how dirty you were.”

Oh, well… that made it mostly okay, didn’t it?

“I… I’m…” I started, but the words got stuck in my throat. Things were getting all fuzzy and heavy. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move.

I knew the kick was coming, knew that I must be punished and rebuked for my stubbornness in the face of Sooni’s incredible generosity, but instead, she lifted her leg and prodded me in the shoulder. Her face went oddly blank and she did it again.

“Wake up, Mack!” somebody said, threatening to pull me away from Sooni and her gorgeous, gloriously exposed skin. I pulled back, shrinking from the voice. I wanted Sooni. I wanted her foot, her hatred, and her perfect skin. I wanted the release she promised. “It’s going to be dark soon. We aren’t supposed to be in a boys’ dorm after dark.”

The words “supposed to” were jarring, and Sooni vanished in an instant, though nothing immediately took her place. I knew she was still near, though, because I could still feel her foot prodding me. I groaned, or maybe moaned, and tried desperately to call Sooni back.

“Also, you aren’t supposed to touch your woman parts unless you are wiping or applying a sanitary product,” Two added, in the sternest, most serious and most horrifically matter-of-fact voice I’d ever heard her use.

My eyes flew open and fought for focus.

I wasn’t lying on the floor in Gabe’s room, I was lying on Ian’s bed. Two was leaning over me, prodding me in the shoulder. Just as she’d implied, my hand was… it was… oh, fuck.

I gave a little strangled gasping scream; my voice was apparently still gripped by sleep. I tried to sit up and get out of bed, but mostly just rolled over. It seemed my arms and legs hadn’t got the message about our new and improved state of consciousness, either.

Ian was there, too. Well, obviously, he’d brought Two. He was staring at me in a way I’d never seen him do, except when I’d either been about to begin or just finished going down on him. His dick looked painfully constrained by his jeans. He didn’t think I’d been masturbating or something, did he?

My own jeans seemed to have become unbuttoned and were down around my calves. My underwear was strangely missing in action. I had no idea how that was even possible until I woke up a bit more and found that I’d torn them apart. When I pulled my pants back up, I discovered the snap was broken on them.

“Oh, shit,” I said.

“If we find the pieces, I can fix it,” Two said. “Oh, and do you know where my other button went?”

“Button?” I repeated blankly. My mind still seemed clouded with dream-fog. Ian’s desk lamp was on, but although it was brighter than it had been before, I didn’t seem to be able to see quite as well by it.

“From the top you borrowed,” she said. “One of the buttons came off completely. If I can’t find it, I will have to replace both of them so they match. I do not would like to do that if I do not have to.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I… I didn’t notice it was missing until after.” I stared at her, willing my eyes to focus. “Two, what are you doing here?”

“I brought her,” Ian said. “I couldn’t find any of your other friends so I went back to the burger stand. She made me wait until her shift was over before she’d talk to me.”

“I’m not supposed to chat while I’m working,” Two said. “And you told me it wasn’t an emergency.”

“Well, it wasn’t, any more,” Ian said. “But I still think it was kind of important.”

“I’m not supposed to chat,” Two repeated. “You should not try to stand,” she added, gently pushing me back on the bed as I tried to hop down. From the way the world lurched, I decided she was right. “Ian said you drank blood with beer in it.”

“Ian!” I said, horrified. It was bad enough that a bunch of guys I hoped I would never see again knew my dirty dietary secret. I didn’t want my “sister” knowing.

“What?” he asked. “It seemed important.”

“It is important,” Two said. “Demons who feed from an intoxicated human take the intoxication into themselves.”

“I didn’t get that much alcohol out of a little bit of blood,” I said.

“It does not matter,” Two said. “It is the state of intoxication that you are consuming. Alcohol is especially bad because it combines with the euphoria from feeding.”

“What else did you tell her?” I asked Ian.

“Just what happened in Gabe’s room, and that you got hungry and tried to eat someone earlier,” he said. “I didn’t go into the messy details.”

Cold comfort… I didn’t want Two thinking of me as… well, me. She’d apparently done some serious research about demonic feeding habits, but that was something she shouldn’t ever have needed to think about, in the normal course of events.

“I don’t understand why Amaranth didn’t help you feed sooner,” Two said.

“It’s not her responsibility,” I said.

“It is,” Two insisted. “She’s your owner. She should take care of things like that. That’s what owners are for.”

“She doesn’t even know,” I said. “I never told her what I feed on, or how often, and I don’t think she wanted to pry.”

“This is why people should have owner’s manuals made before they give themselves to each other,” Two said.

I laughed.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “That wasn’t funny.”

“It was, a little,” Ian said, though he hadn’t done more than crack a smile.

“It’s okay,” Two said. “I didn’t say it to be funny but I don’t mind if you think it is.”

“People shouldn’t laugh at you,” I said. “Anyway, Two, you can’t tell Amaranth–or anybody–about all this, okay? I’ll tell her what she needs to know, but the stuff about blood… it’s got to be a secret.”

“Why?” Ian asked. “There’s a lot of worse things you can need, and I think you’d have an easier time getting…”

Virgin blood, Ian,” I said. “Pure blood. Innocent blood. I destroy innocence to feed.”

“I do not think so,” Two said. “A virgin is still a virgin after you’ve fed.”

“Two, you have to promise, okay?” I said. Then, because it was important, I made it perfectly clear. “This is an order. Promise me you will not tell anybody.”

Two’s face shuddered and her face twitched. It seemed like it had been a while since I’d seen her go through this sort of internal conflict, but she shook it off pretty quickly.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not able to do that,” she said, her eyes shining with moisture.

“Why not?” I asked, wondering what order she had that prevented this and how I could circumvent it.

She stepped back a bit and stood up a bit straighter, even compared to her normal prim posture. I watched her face for the normal signs of formulating, contemplating, and computing, but her eyes were still and focused on me. Rather than thinking things through, she seemed to be gathering herself for something.

I wondered if she was going to do something magic, but then she spoke.

“Because I love you and do not would… do not… I do not w-want you to hurt yourself,” she said. Her face went through an odd sort of split: the lower half was beaming, her mouth spreading in a wide, triumphant smile, but her eyes were teary and fearful. “I want you to take care of yourself like you try to take care of me.”

I stared at her. When I’d first met her, she’d been so overwhelmed by her ingrained desire to do what she was told that any mention of the “w-word” would set her off. Since then, a couple of “wants” had slipped into her speech before, but never with so much emphasis, and never twice in a row like that.

In fact, the first time it happened, she’d been more or less repeating something I had just said. Here, she was unequivocally voicing her own desire, without the cumbersome “would like” or any other semantic tricks.

As with most of her personal breakthroughs, she was doing it for the worst, absolutely stupidest reasons imaginable… and she was doing it out of love for me.

I jumped off the bed to throw my arms around her… remembering too late my leaden limbs and loose pants. I tripped and ended up almost tackling her, my arms encircling her legs and my face… well…

My reactions were still slow, and I was a bit stunned from the fall. By the time my mind caught up to what had happened, a very flustered Two was saying, “I like hugs, but I am not comfortable with this one.”

I let myself slump to the floor, then looked up to see Ian, with a very bemused look on his face. My eyes fell, coming to rest on his crotch, with his visibly rock hard dick. He snapped out of it when he realized where I was looking.

“I wasn’t… it was like that from before!” he blurted.

I laughed.

“It’s okay,” I said. “I saw.”

“You have an odd sense of humor,” Two said, and then… after several seconds of holding it in, I began to laugh and couldn’t stop until I was crying.

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