141: Make Believe

on January 22, 2008 in 05: The Weekend Shift

In Which Sooni Is The Main Girl

When Mecknights started, I tried my best to focus on the show. Because it was my favorite show, because I didn’t want to see Sooni blow up again, and maybe on some level because part of me wanted to prove to her that I wasn’t a “disloyal fan.” I did like the Mecknights. I had the first edition enaction figures.

Even Sky Knight, who was hard to find because he’d become popular unexpectedly, and who I didn’t even really like that much.

A lot of people had bought the re-issue, or the special edition with the extended levitating spell. I didn’t really care that my Sky couldn’t fly for long. He usually got killed off pretty quickly when I was playing, anyway.

“Who is that?” Sooni asked when Annie appeared in the scene.

“That’s Annie Ratchet,” I said. “She’s the team’s mechanic and the commander’s daughter. Well, adopted daughter.”

“Who is the main girl?” Sooni asked.

“She is,” I said.

“But she is the tomboy,” Sooni said. “There has to be another girl who is more popular.”

“She’s the only girl in the show,” I said. “I mean, there’s Machina, but she’s evil. Oh, and Nurse Liz the Science Healer, but she only shows up like every three episodes or so, if somebody gets really hurt.”

“Is she pretty?” Sooni asked.

“She’s supposed to be,” I said. “Piston and Flash Bolt fight over her some times.”

“Then she is the main girl,” Sooni said.

“She doesn’t even have an enaction figure,” I said.

“She’s pretty and the boys fight over her,” Sooni said. “She is the main girl. They will probably have an episode where she teaches Annie how to dress so that she can get a boy to ask her out.”

“Annie’s dating Sky Knight, who’s practically been the main character since the second season,” I said. “I don’t think they’ve ever shown Liz on a date.”

“The pretty girl doesn’t have a boyfriend and the dirty, ugly girl with messy hair does?” Sooni asked. “I do not believe you. You are lying.”

I bit back a variety of retorts, and an offer to see if Ian or Steff knew any guys who might be interested in being set up with her. Despite her habit of constantly calling me a lesbian like it was the Worst Insult Ever, it obviously bugged Sooni that I had a boyfriend and she didn’t.

Her whole “you think you’re better than me?” rant had proven as much, and there was so much subtext in her last comment that it might as well have carried a footnote.

But, she wasn’t interested in help from me, or from anybody else who wasn’t doing her bidding. I watched in silence.

The episode was… well, it probably wouldn’t be that interesting to anybody who’s not a fan. I did smile when the cocky jerk Sky Knight got knocked out of the sky during the big fight scene. It was nice seeing him get taken down a peg. He’d originally been a minor character that only popped up once every episode or so to do a scouting run or something, but the idiot fan boys had thought a flying character was just so cool and so by the second season he was front and center.

His promotion had pissed me off quite a bit, since the whole point of the show was supposed to be knights on motorcycles, not knights with jet packs. Also, the writers had immediately paired him off with Annie, when they were so obviously not right for each other. I once wrote a series of pretty decent fan fictions which set her up with… well, you know, that’s not really important. The point is that he was a lousy character, and the more prominent he became, the less important Annie seemed except as his appendage.

I groaned inwardly at the overblown reaction of Annie at seeing her boyfriend take a tumble, but the injuries Sky got in the fall necessitated a trip to the healing bay at the end of the episode.

“Yes. See? She’s the main girl,” Sooni said, nodding in satisfaction when Nurse Liz came on. “Look at her hair.”

“She’s not even in the opening credits,” I said.

“She will be,” Sooni said confidently. “If this show is going to last, they will have to get their characters straightened out.”

“This is the seventh season,” I said.

“Don’t people know how to do anything in this stupid empire?” Sooni asked.

“Technically, we’re an imperial republic,” I said.

“Well, when we play Mecknights you can be Annie and I will be Science Healer Nurse Liz,” Sooni said.

“Did you know that sometimes when you slip into Yokano the words almost sound like Pax?” I said.

“And when we play Science Princess you can be Scraps,” Sooni said. She wrinkled her nose, her whole face contorting in disgust. “She wears pants and her family is poor. But Science Princess does not judge her.”

“Um, Sooni?” I asked when the credits rolled, wanting to make sure I had her attention. She’d been ignoring about every other thing I said.


“I just want to check something real quick,” I said. “You… um… you hate me, right?”

“Of course she hates you!” Maliko said, but Sooni just smiled, the wide, painted-on smile she gave when she was trying to be charming.

“Silly,” she said. “You are not worth hating. You are nothing. You are beneath my notice.”

“I’m beneath your notice… but you want me to play pretend with you,” I said.

“It is a public service I am doing,” she said, putting on a superior attitude. “Like how S.P. let Scraps into the science club and tries to teach her how a lady behaves.”

“Sooni, you don’t even know how people behave,” I said. “We’re college students… that means it’s time to start growing up. Grown-ups don’t drag people out of their beds to watch a kiddy show. They don’t play Science Princess and Mecknights.”

“Well, what do you know about growing up?” Sooni asked. “A grown woman does not kiss girls.”

“At least I’m kissing somebody,” I said.

I regretted it before I finished saying it, before I saw her reaction. It was the cheapest of cheap shots. It was so obvious it upset Sooni that I, in my own bizarre way, was more socially successful than she was. Her ability to ignore and deny it was impressive, but I’d just thrown it in her face.

Sooni got to her feet in a whirl. Her fists closed and opened convulsively. Her black eyes narrowed and she bared her impressive canine teeth in a snarl. Her hand reached inside her robe and I tensed, expecting her to pull out her slim poniard and try to stab me. Then, she relaxed, and plastered on her smile again.

“I was going to let you drop out of the election so that you are not too humiliated on Friday,” she said. “But you can forget about that… and… you can forget about swimming with me because… you are not invited.”

There was an implicit “Ha!” in the look on her face after she said that, as if she’d finally found something to top “lesbian.” She turned in place and marched away as if a triumphant victory tune were playing.

“Which one of you was talking in my show?” she asked as she stomped towards the door, her nekos falling in line behind her.

“Suzi,” Maliko said, as if she’d been waiting for a cue.

“Yes?” Suzi replied, probably sealing her fate as the scapegoat for Sooni’s rage.

I didn’t really care.

Well, I did a little. Suzi had helped drag Kai into their room the day they’d beat her, but she hardly seemed as bad as Maliko. As far as I was concerned, what she’d done to Two bordered on attempted murder.

Nobody deserved to be thrashed for interrupting a stupid TV show, but if I could have known Maliko was getting the beating of her lifetime, I would have been perfectly happy.

Well, I actually wouldn’t have been completely happy to know that anybody was getting a savage beating.

But she still deserved it.

It was interesting to consider the contrasts in Sooni’s behavior, though. She’d seemed so wickedly articulate when she gave her campaign speech, and on a few other occasions when she’d basically blindsided me. I wondered if she just did better when she had time to prepare… or if she had somebody preparing material for her.

Kai, probably. None of the other nekos seemed that sharp, to say nothing of their language skills. Kai had been surprisingly well-spoken, the one time I’d heard her speak in Pax.

Of course, it might have been a matter of temper. She was easily flustered, and Pax wasn’t her first language. I wondered, briefly, if I could find a way to make her explode before the re-vote. Would anybody vote for a student senator who called people stuff like “stupid bottom-staring-person” and angrily rescinded play dates?

But that would be a cheap trick. Did I want to win that badly? Probably not. Though maybe I wanted Sooni to lose that badly…

Amaranth and Two had both left when I got back to my room. Two seemed to be an early riser. I reflected that this might have been something to ask her about before she moved in. It hadn’t really mattered this one day, but it could be annoying in the long run. Of course, she could function in the dark so it was possible she could get up and get ready for whatever she was doing without waking me up.

I crawled back into bed. Ian seemed to be sound asleep, but his body responded to my presence anyway, rolling over on top of me before I’d even properly settled. His dick was hard against the side of my leg, and for a moment I thought that meant he was awake. He murmured something that might have been “mine.”

It might have just been a sleepy, non-specific “mmm” sound… but it sent a thrill of warmth through me, anyway. Then, I was asleep. Mercifully, there were no dreams.

In retrospect, Amaranth had been wrong about me getting the best night’s sleep ever pinned beneath two people, but she’d had the right idea. There was something comforting to me about being covered and held down by people I… well, I couldn’t say if it was because I cared about them or because I was attracted to them in a submissive way.

Any way you sliced it, though, Ian’s hot body pressing up against mine just seemed to be the most natural thing in the world.

He woke up before I did, a few hours later. I woke up to a hand beneath my bra and a mouth on my neck. He was hard again, or still. I didn’t really know. How long would a guy stay up if nothing happened? Did they just stay primed forever?

I made what I hoped was a sexy moaning sound to let Ian know I was awake, though the truth was I wasn’t quite feeling it yet. I mean, I was just waking up. He brought me up to speed pretty quickly, though, and when I started moaning for real he started to pull on my shorts.

“Ring,” I said.

“Oh, shit… right,” Ian said, letting go of my waistband. “I don’t have one on me. Do you?”

“Check the dresser,” I said. He got off me and out of bed. “Top drawer.”

“Am I looking for a box or what?” he asked.

“No, just a single Steff gave me,” I said. “It’d be in the corner.”

“I don’t see one,” he said.

I didn’t have enough socks and underwear to fill the drawer, so I didn’t bother asking him to check again.

“Shit,” I said. “That must be the one Amaranth gave us.”

“Well, we can do other things,” Ian said, turning towards me with a smile.

“I like other things,” I said, returning the smile. It was true. For a dirty lesbian, I was getting to be pretty good at the whole dick sucking thing.

“Okay, but can I just put the tip in, first?” Ian asked.

“The tip?” I said. “You mean, the part the baby making stuff comes out of?”

“That’s a no, then?”

“Does anybody ever say yes to that?” I asked.

“Well, yeah,” Ian said. “I mean, supposedly. I mean, I’ve never had to ask.”

The tips of his ears turned pink. So cute.

“Enough talking,” he said, recovering quickly. “Why don’t you come here and get down on the floor?”

It wasn’t quite breakfast in bed, but it was nice.

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  1. pedestrian says:

    When work schedules or other obligations permit, having the time for a morning fuck was always the best for me. Though I am not so sure Alberta wasn’t just humoring me with her participation. Of course after making her happy the night before, she rarely objected in the morning. And only for a good reason. But then this is my perspective.

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    • Zukira Phaera says:

      A morning blowjob was always my favorite way to wake my man up. Just the way I was wired. Though I’ve never been with a man who complained about my way of saying good morning.

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    • Athena says:

      Heh. I love my darling, but *he* gets universally woken up with *jab jab (elbow to ribs) “Cooooooffeeeeeeee” 😛 I am just so not a morning person. I don’t think he minds too much though, since he gets me any other time unless I’ve got good reason to be saying no. Not just “I’m not in the mood”, which can be fixed.

      “I’ll puke on you if you try” is generally considered a good reason though, and unfortunately frequent during pregnancy.

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  2. capybroa says:

    Khersis, Ian, when are you going to get around to eating out the poor girl? She more than deserves it at this point.

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  3. MentalBlank says:

    Sooni is definitely a borderline sociopath.

    And as for Capy’s comment; Ian’s father seems to be a bit of a misogynist. He’s probably somewhat ingrained to think of his own pleasure and forsake hers. Hopefully Amy will suggest that very thing, though I can’t see Mack being terribly receptive to the idea at first.
    She should warm up to the idea quickly, though. My wife certainly did.

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  4. nobody says:

    Look up chuunibyo, it fits almost too well.

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