155: Leaps Of Logic

on February 11, 2008 in 06: A Period of Conflict

In Which Mackenzie Is Focused In Class

Since I had nothing else really going on for Monday afternoon, I showed up way early for my logic class.

Big mistake.

I liked the subject. I loved immersing myself in the process of figuring out how spells could be layered, how commands and wishes should be worded, how the inherent properties of objects and elements would most likely affect each other. I enjoyed the level of mental flexibility that was required to realize that no matter how solidly you thought you had something worked out on paper, one link could go “poof” at any time and leave you looking for an alternative route to the same goal.

But because I liked the subject so much, I’d momentarily forgotten that I shared it with Sooni and Maliko. Sooni was chatting amiably with a couple human girls when I came in, while Maliko hovered on the edges of their conversation. Sooni seemed to be showing off the tortoiseshell combs in her hair.

As soon as she spotted me, though, she held up a hand to cut off the cooing and then flounced over towards me. Her smile was extra-fox-like, even considering she was a fox girl.

“I met a boy at the pool yesterday,” she said when I failed to acknowledge her approach.

“That’s nice,” I said, staring fixedly at my homework. There was nothing left for me to check on them. I’d gone over them so many times that I couldn’t even really see them any more. I just didn’t want to express anything like interest.

“I let him rub bronzing oil on my shoulders,” Sooni said. “He said he might invite me to a party.”

I made a kind of “Mmm hmm?” noise, wondering if she was about to ask me if I wanted to come along. Sooni seemed to be almost obsessed with me at times, even though I loathed her and by most indications the feeling was mutual.

“So you are not the only person who can have a boyfriend, after all,” she said.

I said nothing, but she continued to stand there just inside my field of vision. I thought I could hear her humming to herself in satisfaction.

I raised my head very slowly and gave her a scathing look. Her big plastic smile actually drooped a tiny bit.

“I never said I was the only one who could get a boyfriend,” I said. “And what’s more, right now I don’t know if I even have one. That doesn’t make me any worse or you any better.”

Her smile regained its former glory and then some. It was actually sincere.

“Well, look who’s jealous now,” she said, and turned on her heel, her tail swishing behind her, and incidentally flipping the back of her too-short skirt up to briefly expose the back of her lacy panties.

Too late, I thought of saying “Still you!” or something like that.

Why was she so fixated on me, anyway?

Regardless, it was interesting to learn that her deep bronze color wasn’t her skin’s natural tone. I’d actually thought it was almost attractive, but she had to use alchemical preparations to maintain it. What a superficial fake she was.

Was I surprised? No.

Of course, not only would the oil take less time than actual tanning, but it would let her maintain a consistent shade all over. Considering how much she seemed to like baring her skin, that would be important to her.

I mean, her tiny bathing suit left almost nothing to the imagination, and certainly those ridiculously short skirts she wore gave everybody around her a frequent glimpse of her underwear.

Who rubbed the oil on her more intimate areas, then? I couldn’t imagine she’d lower herself to let some boy she met in the fitness center do it. She probably didn’t trust anybody to do that but herself, all alone in her room.

Could she do her ass by herself, though?

I tried to picture her contorted in a variety of positions, rubbing oil on her rear. It seemed like it would be hard for her to do it by herself, without a full-length mirror. It might have been possible, but a helper probably would have made it easier.

The front was simplicity itself, though. I could imagine her doing that by herself very easily. Naked, maybe with a blanket beneath her, with her legs spread wide and a jar of oil of tanning. She’d rub it in slowly, giving it time to soak in and take effect. Her skin was so deeply tinted that she probably required multiple applications and a lengthy exposure time.

I realized that even though I’d never seen her in the flesh, so to speak, that I was picturing her hairless. No hair, not even stubble.

Well, how could there be? There was something that was just too smooth about her legs for me to believe that silkiness could be interrupted anywhere from the tips of her toes, up her legs, and then on all the way up to her neck. I tried to picture her with even a tidy little triangular patch of hair like Amaranth’s, and failed. She had to wax.

Her nekos were furry all over, but she only had fur on her bushy tail and her ears. I’d never really thought about that, but it seemed like there could be no other way. Her skin was just so beautifully smooth that it almost seemed to be an inherent property of it.

You could probably kiss a path from her toes to her navel and never feel anything but velvet-soft skin against your lips. I could probably put my mouth anywhere on her lithe frame and not get hair in it.

Not that the hair had been terribly unpleasant, when I’d gone down on Ian and…


It seemed like I couldn’t get my mind off him. I wished I could make him understand that. Would he need as much time to evaluate our relationship if he knew how easily my thoughts turned to thoughts of him? Maybe if he knew how often my mind just sort of slipped on the subject of him at random, he’d understand how important he was to me. The next time I saw him–which would be the next day’s elemental lab, if not sooner–I’d mention that to him.

Thinking about Sooni made me realize that I hadn’t paid attention to Kai’s hands the last few times I’d seen her. Had they been bandaged? Probably not, if they were going swimming. I supposed that meant either whatever had happened to the cat girl’s hands had finally healed on its own, or Sooni had allowed her to be treated.

That was good, at least. The thought of somebody made to go around bandaged in this day and age, with cheap and widespread healing so readily available, was positively revolting. I was learning to enjoy my submissive stance but I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be so completely under somebody’s thumb that you had to let them wound or maim you without mystical recourse.

I understood Kai had her own reasons for sticking with Sooni. Her prospects were apparently slightly brighter as the cherished property of a spoiled rich brat than they would have been otherwise, but I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be ground under Sooni’s heel all the time.

Actually, that was kind of a compelling image all by itself.

It was a relief when I realized the class had already started and there were new problems going up on the board for me to focus on. The last thing I needed was to be stuck with nothing but the image of Sooni standing over me, her big clunky sandal pressed against my cheek… or even her bare foot. That would hurt less, but would be more humiliating.

I imagined her using her foot to turn my face up, then pushing the ball of her heel down against my lips while she told me how dirty and ugly I was. She loved doing that. It was a shame she usually lost her poise when she was angry. If she kept her calm, she could probably come up with something truly poetic.

She could underscore her points by lifting up her foot and bringing it down somewhere soft and sensitive, like my breasts. There was no way she’d touch anything more intimate with the bare skin of even her foot… she knew I was filthy, in a way that even Steff–who liked to talk about that–didn’t understand.

Maybe if she had a smaller shoe that hugged the contours of her foot, though. I could see her grinding that between my legs. How would that feel? How much could it hurt? I’m clumsy enough to have managed to nail myself between the legs running into things… I tried to imagine that, sustained. Increasing, slowly and steadily.

That was exactly the sort of cruel, fucked-up thing somebody like Sooni would do. If everybody else could see how downright evil she was even to the people she called her friends, the election would already be over. Literally. There wouldn’t be any run-off coming up on Friday. I’d be the student senator for the fifth floor girls, and that would be the end of that. Other than an appreciation for shows that aired back-to-back, there would be nothing that tied us together, nothing to bind me to her.

Of course, I would have to be bound for her to be walking all over me, grinding her foot against me, putting all her weight into that one single point. There was no way I could submit to that. I’d have to have my wrists and ankles tied to stakes or loops or something, with magic rope that I couldn’t break or burn.

There’d have to be some kind of protective effect on the whole area so I couldn’t use magic, too, but then, Sooni was studying enchantment. It wasn’t so farfetched to think that she could devise something like that. She was so domineering, and I knew she punished her nekos with physical violence. It was even possible she already had some of the necessary stuff for that kind of set-up.

All that was assuming she could even lower herself to touch me, though. She was probably so twisted, so enamored of the idea of being above me that she’d get some kind of charge out of me just tied up spread-eagled on the floor, literally beneath her, but could she literally lower herself to my level even for the sake of tormenting me?

It was easy to picture her standing above me, straddling me without touching, but it took a lot of effort to see her lowering herself, bringing herself down tantalizingly close to my waiting mouth.

I was so glad when class finally ended. I hurriedly copied down the rest of the homework problems and the examples that I’d somehow missed, and got out of there as fast as I could.

It was absolutely infuriating that Sooni could leave me distracted for the entire class, with a single comment about her stupid almost-boyfriend. Didn’t she get that I just didn’t care about her personal life? Couldn’t she understand that?

With some effort, I pushed all thoughts of her from my mind. I had to get to the history building for my next class, Early Republican History. According to the capsule description, it covered the hundred year period starting from just before Magisterion’s Revolution up to the War of Ascendancy. We’d covered that in high school, but only at a glance and with most of the focus on the wars and the big obligatory patriotic moments.

The course catalogue promised a more in-depth focus with special attention to how broader events had impacted the lives of everyday people.

I wondered if the elven history professor Ariadne had been present in the Imperial Republic for its founding. As far as I knew, she didn’t teach any human history classes, but if she had been around for these events, her first-hand experiences could be invaluable as a teacher. That was assuming she had any students she actually was interested in teaching something to.

I had liked her elven history classes, her vendetta against me notwithstanding, but it would be so interesting to hear somebody speak about events they’d actually seen or taken part in.

The route to my new classroom took me right past the room that served the elven history course, but the door was closed and the lights were out. That didn’t stop my pulse from raising a little bit as I hurried past it. I didn’t like confrontations. I didn’t seek them out. I cringed in anticipation of being arrested by a cutting remark from Ariadne’s voice or a withering frosty stare.

Or worse… she’d acted almost deranged before she dismissed class. If she hated me that much, who knew what she might do?

When I felt a thin hand fall on my shoulder, I yelped. I spun around, to see… nothing. Nobody. There were other students in the hall, and some of them were staring at me, but nobody was close enough to have touched me. My cheeks burned. I still didn’t like being stared at, especially when the cause was my own stupidity. I’d been imagining things.

I turned to hurry away to class, and bumped into a thin elven frame.

Steff laughed as I screamed. She caught me by the arms as I started to stumble backwards.

Of course, she was relatively sturdy compared to the professor, and not so tall, but I had been thinking of Ariadne and her unyielding hatred, and then there had been the business with my imagination…

Or had it been my imagination? Steff was only half-elven, but she could move swiftly and silently enough to foil my relatively human senses.

“You… snuck… me,” I gasped. My breath was coming hard and fast.

“Yeah,” she whispered, drawing the word out. “Did I scare you?”

“You startled me,” I said

“I scared you,” she said, smiling at the thought.

“Okay, you scared me,” I agreed. I could argue with my heart, which was convinced we were in mortal peril, or I could argue with her. I started to pull back and turn away. “I can’t talk, though, I’ve got to get to class.”

“Me, too,” Steff said, tightening her grip on my arms. “I’m not giving up one of my classes with you. Why’d you think I asked you what you were taking before I filled out my own?”

“I thought you were just curious,” I said.

She pulled me in close, and then pulled me in closer.

“Curious about what it’d be like to bend you over and have at you, you filthy slut,” she whispered, her voice going through me like a long, thin knife, like Sooni’s poniard.

I shivered as Steff turned me around and ground her crotch against my ass. She was totally hard beneath her skirt, and utterly un-self-conscious about it. That was an improvement over the last time I’d seen her aroused, I supposed. I mean, it had to be better for her to be back to her old self, instead of getting upset and talking about hating her dick.

It just seemed… fast.

“Viktor…” I said, trying to cram as much warning into the name as possible, since I knew that was the only word I could manage.

“Viktor didn’t say no touching,” she said, digging against the cleft of my buttocks like she’d fuck me right through our clothes. We were in public. People could see. Did I care? It wasn’t sex. I wasn’t naked. I was fine. I just couldn’t breathe. “He said no sex, not no play… anyway, I know you want to wait.”

“Yes,” I said, nodding. My eyes were tearing up and I didn’t know why. I wanted… I wanted… what did I want? I didn’t want anything in particular, actually, so much as I simply wanted. It was like feeling desire itself, with every fiber of my being.

Was that what Steff felt? Was that what I saw in her eyes… the ever-present hunger?

I almost told her to forget my black list, forget my reservations, forget waiting and forget Viktor… just get inside me now, any way you want to, before I change my mind.

“So, we’ll wait,” she said, releasing me abruptly. “But I’m going to make out with you after class.”

I nodded, feeling grateful for being released and for… well, everything else. If past experience was any indication, Steff’s “making out” would include her grinding against me until she came, but I didn’t mind. She’d know better than I did what things her master had meant to put off-limits. Anyway, while Viktor had said that if he gave me permission to date Steff then I’d be responsible for her lapses, that hadn’t happened yet. That aside, I was feeling… well I was unbelievably horny, for some reason… more so than even Steff could normally account for.

Maybe the scare had done something to me, but it was almost like I’d been thinking of sex all afternoon or something.

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