Bonus Story: Diary of a Golem Girl

on September 15, 2007 in Other Tales

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Today’s bonus story is the first of what I think will be a recurring segment: Two’s diary, a chronicle of her take on the events of the story. This first one covers her first weekend at school, and thus coincides with book one. It’s not overly long… but then, Two doesn’t have that much to say… at first.


Dear Diary:

I have been told to keep a diary every day that I am away from the group home, and to address it like that.
I have been told to record significant events and thoughts in the diary.
I am unable to record any significant thoughts because I have none.

This was my first day at Magisterius University.
Miss Ruth from the home helped me check in.
I have been given instructions to obey relevant campus security rules; I have already been instructed to do so in writing.
I have been told that I am to attend a floor meeting after nightfall.
Miss Ruth helped me carry my bags and suitcase upstairs.
I have been told not to reflect to her or the group home for orders because that is backsliding.
Miss Ruth left.

Some men wanted to do sex things on me in the hallway, but the resident advisor stopped them.
I am told to stand up for myself the next time it happens and not to do sex things with anyone.
The resident adviser’s name is Kiersta.

I sat in my room for a while.
My roommate is named Delia Daella d’Wyr.
I thought she was a dark elf but I was mistaken.
I have been told that she is simply an elf, and that elves without dark skin are faint elves.
I have been told to call Delia Daella “Dee” if I think of her as a friend.
Delia Daella left after a while.

I sat in my room some more.
Delia Daella came and told me it was time for the meeting. I sit next to her.
I was required to say my name, my major, and something interesting about myself.
There is nothing interesting about me, so I was unable to do this.
Nobody says anything about my failure to comply.
A sign by the table instructs me to keep the lounge area clean.
I do this when the meeting ends.
When there’s nothing left to clean, I don’t have anything to do.

I go to bed.
I am supposed to go to sleep but am unable to do so.
I get up and look for more signs.
I am unable to find one that tells me what to do.
I go back to the lounge and read the cleaning sign again.
I clean the lounge again.
I am not supposed to sleep outside my room but I fall asleep at the table.

I wake up and go back to bed.
Nobody says anything about my failure to comply.


Dear Diary:

I am asked if I’m coming downstairs for doughnuts and a meeting with the dean.
I inform Delia Daella that I have no instructions to do so.
I am told that we were told to do so the night before.
I had thought we were told about the doughnuts and the meeting without being given any instructions, but I was mistaken.

A woman named Puddy yells about doing sex on other women.
She does not yell at me, but after the meeting she talks to me.
I am told to nominate a woman called Mack for the student senate and to vote for her and to not accept any contrary orders.
I had thought the woman’s name was Mackenzie but I was mistaken.
I think she is more scared than I am.
I wait for more orders but Puddy leaves.

I am not supposed to hang around people in order to get orders.
I don’t follow.

The downstairs lounge has a sign like the upstairs one.
I pick up some of the mess left from the meeting until Gwendolyn the senior resident advisor tells me to leave.

I sit in my room.
Puddy tells me to come to lunch with her.
Mack comes, too.
I am repeatedly asked if I am okay.
I am unable to find fault with my condition.
Puddy yells sex things at more women.
Mack and a nymph named Amaranth blush a lot at each other.
I had thought that men and women only liked to do sex things on each other but I was mistaken.
I am told to show a nice man my mace.
Mack is fined money for not having her knife accessible.

I am told to take a gold coin and the fine ticket to the bursar’s office then come back and find Puddy and the others inside the dining hall.
I am told to sit.
I am asked if I am hungry and inform Amaranth that I am.
I am told to get food.
I am told to stop.
I am confused.
I am told that if food is legally available to me and I have no reason to believe it’s unsafe, to take as much food as I need and then eat it.
I go to the salad bar and get some food.

The others get upset while I am getting my food.
I think it has something to do with me.
Mack leaves while I am walking back.
The others leave.
I have been instructed to eat.
I eat very slowly.
I don’t know what to do next.

A man comes by and clears off the trays the others left.
He dumps the food they didn’t eat in a big garbage can on a trolley.
I am told to leave.

I sit in my room.
I think about the garbage can.

Puddy finds me and tells me to make sure I come to dinner with her.

I am told to select a balanced meal when a variety of foods are available, and to avoid eating the same food two meals in a row when possible, and to keep track of foods I like best and eat those more often.

It is scary to have to think about liking things but good to know what to do.

I have never tried to like food before.
I have never thought about liking before.

Mack doesn’t like Puddy but she thinks she needs her and she thinks that is the same as liking her.

I am told to always eat dessert.


Dear Diary:

I wait but nobody tells me to go to breakfast in the dining hall.
I follow my standing instructions.
I buy oatmeal and a banana and yogurt from the corner store in the lobby.
Yogurt is my dessert.

I clean the lounge again.
I am told by Kiersta that I don’t have to do this.
I am told to stop cleaning.
I read the sign again when she’s gone.

Amaranth tells me to come to lunch.
She is nice.
Mack is very quiet at lunch but she seems happy.

I have been told to get exercise and fresh air.
I take a walk.
I am told to stop and get down on my knees.
I am told to put my mouth on a man’s penis but am unable to do so.
He puts it in my mouth and pushes against my face and ejaculates.
I am told that I am like a dead fish.

I wish I was a dead fish.

I do not think I like exercise and fresh air.

I go back to my room.

I am told to come to dinner.
Mack and Amarnath are very quiet.
I think they have been doing sex things with each other.

I have banana pudding.
I like it.
It is good.

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11 Responses to “Bonus Story: Diary of a Golem Girl”

  1. J says:

    So sad…

    Current score: 5
    • anonymous says:

      You think that’s what Two was ordered not to talk about, that one time? Would explain a lot.

      Wow. I knew Two was messed up, but…I thought that there was only one sexual abuse. This is ongoing? Gawd, and no one asks her to tell about it, so she doesn’t report it, so no one thinks its happening, so they don’t order her to!

      …How exactly do you justify giving sex toys sentient minds?

      Hell, if Two was constructed for that purpose, why wasn’t she designed to be a nymphomaniac, rather than a self-depreciating subservient?

      Current score: 5
      • Nezumi says:

        Its a bit squick-y but some people like it when they know the other person doesn’t… >.< I can see golems being a preferred method of getting that and not feeling like they hurt a "real person".

        Current score: 1
      • Zukira Phaera says:

        I never saw that her initial design was to be an animate sentient sex toy. I always figured her maker primarily wanted an assistant, and maybe could not have children or had children who let him or her down… so… Two.

        However, it seems that outside of that female golems who are of an appearance like Two are viewed as sex objects. I’m sure there are probably brothels packed full of variations on the appearance, but with designs to make them more sex interested.

        Current score: 3
  2. Julian Morrison says:

    Poor Two, I want to hug her forever and protect her from jerks.

    Current score: 6
  3. Lunchbox says:

    two was a lab assistant before being freed. I don’t think it’s specified if her creator used her for sexual means.

    Current score: 0
  4. Grimm says:

    …this…breaks my heart. I wish I could step into this world and find who is doing things to Two…and make them stop. Forever. And then give Two -all- the hugs. D:

    Current score: 4
  5. Anonymous says:

    You know, despite the sadness of this whole thing, Two has been added to my list of most well-adjusted characters in this story. That’s not saying much when the top of the list is Celia, the drug dealer who gives head for drugs.

    Current score: 3
  6. fedback says:

    …..i diez of cuteness when she read the sign again.

    Current score: 2
  7. Jesp says:

    What a great addition to the story! Thanks!!

    Current score: 0
  8. Leishycat says:

    Two is so adorable and so heartbreaking…

    Current score: 4