Bonus Story: Diary of a Golem Girl 3

on April 20, 2008 in Other Tales

This takes place the second Saturday of the school year, the weekend after the first week of class.

Saturday, Astera 19th 222

Dear Diary,

I wake up when Dee comes back into the room.
She apologizes for waking me but I think I was already half awake from when she left.
She goes to bed.
I get up and take a shower and brush my teeth then return to my room.

There is a knock on the door.
It is Amaranth.
She says she hopes she did not wake us.
Dee says that it would be hard for a knock on the door to awaken her because the dorms are frequently so noisy and I am always crying.
Dee apologizes for her rudeness.
Amaranth says that she and Mack and Steff are going into town and would like for me to come if I am free.

I am free.

Amaranth and Dee talk about my crying while I get dressed.
Amaranth says that I don’t mean anything by it but she is mistaken.

I do mean it when I cry.

Amaranth says that she likes my clothes and I am glad.
She says my pajamas are pretty.

She is correct.

Once I am dressed we go to meet Mack.
She has something written on her forehead but I cannot see what it says.
Mack is wearing a skirt that I think belongs to Steff.
It looks good on her.
We go downstairs and outside.
Amaranth leads us towards the edge of campus.
Amaranth asks Mack why she is so quiet.
Mack doesn’t seem capable of answering.
Steff, who I have been told is a girl, arrives and asks Amaranth what she did.
Amaranth shakes her head at Steff.
Steff says that she wants a Mack.

We go to the carriages.
I am told to take out my student identification card and climb into the carriage.

Once we are seated in the carriage I can see the words on Mack’s forehead.
They say “Nymph’s Toy.”
I wonder if Amaranth bought Mack.
^It appears as though

Chattel isn’t allowed to enroll in classes or reside in the dorms.
I hope Mack doesn’t have to leave.
I will be sad if Mack has to leave.
It would be unfortunate if Mack has to leave.
It would be my fault since I told her that she should do what she wanted and that she wanted to be Amaranth’s.

Steff and Amaranth talk about the moon and say things that don’t make any sense.
Mack tells them that the moon is not governed by earthly laws and Amaranth makes her not sit on her lap anymore.
Steff asks them how they made up.
Amaranth says that Mack showed her some toys and said they were very important to her and that she wanted to be Amaranth’s toy and that’s how they made up.
Amaranth hugs Mack and lets her back on her lap.
I am glad.
I am glad.

Mack and Steff and Amaranth talk about sex things.
Mack says she doesn’t want to talk about them in front of me.
I am asked if I mind them talking about pussies and stuff.
I say that I do not but I am conflicted because I mind Mack being bothered but I don’t know if that counts.
I ask and am told that it does.
I say that I do mind.

Steff starts talking about clothing.
She has a lot of ideas for things that Mack should wear which I think sound nice.
Mack says she wants her date with Ian to be a date and not a weird submissive thing.
I did not know that Mack had a date with Ian.
I wonder if she made it before she became Amaranth’s toy.

Steff and Amaranth both promise to send Mack on her date looking fabulous.
I guess Amaranth doesn’t mind her toy dating.

The carriage comes to Enwich.
My runes tingle when we pass through the gate.
I think Mack’s forehead words must have tingled, too, because she cries out at the same time.
Steff apologizes and says she wasn’t thinking.
She explains that Mack must have tripped the monster detector.
Mack and Steff get upset at each other and I almost cry but then they say they’re sorry and hug.

Steff looks like she gives nice hugs.

When we get out of the carriage Steff asks what we all want to do.

I want to do what I’m told.
But I wouldn’t mind breakfast.

Also, I have been told to eat a meal when I am hungry and food is available, and food is available and I am hungry.
I tell this to Steff and she says it is a vote for breakfast even though it isn’t.
Everybody else is in favor of breakfast even though Mack doesn’t say it.
Steff calls her a senator and Mack asks if she’s even still running.
Amaranth tells Mack that’s up to her.

I think she must be new at owning people but she will probably get better at it.

We go to a cafe.
I order something that is called “banana nut waffles”.
I have never had a banana nut but I think they must probably taste like bananas.
It turns out they are waffles made with bananas and nuts.
There are little slices of bananas and whipped cream, too.
The syrup tastes good.
I put some in my hot chocolate.
I am told that this is not what the syrup is for.
I apologize and put my hot chocolate aside.
I am told to drink it anyway.

It is good.

The others talk more about Mack running for student senate.
Steff says that she would vote for Mack if she could.
I have been told to vote for Mack, but I say that I would vote for her even if I didn’t have to, because we are talking about who we would vote for.
Amaranth says that she loves Mack no matter what she does.

I hope she is not mistaken.

I am asked who else is running.
I tell Amaranth it is only Sooni and Mack.
Mack and Amaranth have a little argument about Sooni.
I think Mack is new at being owned, but after a moment Amaranth doesn’t mind.

We leave the cafe.
Amaranth and Steff are talking to each other but every time I think I understand what they’re talking about they are talking about something else.
After a while I figure out that I was mistaken and they aren’t actually talking about anything.
It only sounds like they are.

We go to the bazaar.
There are pretty birds in cages and slaves in golden chains and toys in a big pen.
Amaranth is asked how much Mack costs and she says that Mack is not for sale.
Steff and Mack argue about the Walled Market and Amaranth tells Mack not to.
I think that she’s getting better at owning Mack but then I see that she is sad.
Mack is told to stay with me.
Steff goes to talk to Amaranth.

I am asked if I would like to hold Mack’s hand.
I would.
I am asked what I’m afraid of.
I say I’m afraid of not knowing what to do and being thrown away.
I am told that people don’t get thrown away.
I say that I was thrown away and turned into a person and I don’t know what will happen if I’m thrown away again.
I am told I wasn’t thrown away.
I think I was.
I apologize for being mistaken.
I start to cry.

After a while Mack hugs me.
I hug her back.
Amaranth and Steff arrive and they hug us, too.

I am asked how I pay for college.
I tell Mack about my scholarships and my re-education grant.
I say I tried being a maid but needed too much supervision.
I am asked if I ever thought about a job at a fast food place in the union.
I shake my head to indicate that I have not.
Mack says it’s mostly following directions.
Steff agrees and says even a golem could do it.

I am a golem.

I am told to find out how to apply and do it when we’re back on campus and I have the time.

I thank Mack.

We stop hugging and a man pardons himself for interrupting but he couldn’t help overhearing.
His name is Master Hrothvar and he wants to acquire me.
He is a slaver.
He says that nobody is free which is not true but in some ways it almost is.
I am prevented from speaking to him.
I do not know what I would say to him.
I am afraid of him and of what I might say.
He offers me a card.
Mack lets go of my hand and takes it.

I am very afraid.

Mack takes my hand again.
I am asked if I think I might like being a slave.
I know that I am supposed to say no but I have been asked and I nod my head to indicate yes.
Amaranth asks the others if they’re doing something wrong by keeping me away from slavers.
I have not been asked but I think they aren’t.
But I wish they wouldn’t keep me away. I wish they would sell me to Master Hrothvar and use the money to buy nice things for Mack because all of her clothes are dirty and ugly and she should be pretty for Amaranth like the birds in the cages.
Steff tries to explain about desiring different things with different parts of your soul.
I do not have a soul but I think I know what she means.
I ask for clarification and am told that I can want different things at the same time.

I want to do what I’m told.

But I want other things, too.

And this is allowed.

I am asked if I would like to be ordered not to sell myself to slavers or otherwise give up my status as a free being.

I would.

I am so ordered.

I thank Mack and tell her I think I would make a good slave.
Amaranth says I make a better person.
I tell her that she is nice.
I tell Mack that she is smart.
Amaranth says she is smart, too.
She is kind of right.
I am asked what Steff is.
I tell her she’s a girl.
She laughs and I think I must be mistaken but then she hugs me.
She does give nice hugs.
Everybody hugs everybody and it is nice and I wish it would happen all the time.

I hold Mack’s hand and we go to the Walled Market.

In the Walled Market, Steff takes me over to look at hair accessories with her while Amaranth and her toy Mack pick out clothes.
Steff likes little sparkly clips that look like things and they are pretty.
I like bigger things like hair bows.
She says they are pretty, too, and has me try on seven different hair bands and five bows.
Amaranth comes over.
I am told that the bands are adorable and I am also adorable.
I am asked how I got to be so adorable.
I tell Amaranth I was made this way.
The hair bands are all pretty and they make Steff and Amaranth very happy so I think that I should buy them.
I am told that I have just got to get some outfits to go with them.
Steff helps me pick them out.
I am told to try on many different pieces of clothing for Amaranth and Steff.
I don’t think three people are supposed to be in the dressing room but I am told to hush.
Steff knows a lot about clothing.

I am adorable.

When we check out Amaranth and Steff feel guilty about how much my clothing costs and pay for some of it.
They still cost more money than I should spend but I have been told that I had to get the outfits.

Also, I like them a lot.

At lunch I have a cup of soup with chicken and noodles in it and a sandwich with turkey and bacon and honey mustard and tomatoes and lettuce and a slice of cheesecake drizzled with caramel and half of Steff’s slice of cheesecake.
Amaranth and Steff say they are getting a surprise for Mack.
Mack does not seem comfortable.
I tell them that some people do not like surprises.
I know I don’t and I don’t think Mack does, either.
Amaranth says they will show it to Mack and let her make up her own mind.
I feel like Steff said again. I do not like to see Mack uncomfortable but I think Amaranth should make her do what she wants.

Steff says that since Mack has been so good Amaranth should get her a treat.
I do not think that Mack has been very good because she’s been arguing but I am not asked.
Amaranth says she will if she has money.
I think everybody has spent more money than they should have and that makes me feel better even though I don’t understand why.

Steff takes us to another store and finds a skirt she likes for Mack.
She asks the owner if she can take off Mack’s clothes and Amaranth pulls off the skirt Mack is wearing.
Steff gives Mack the other skirt and she tries it on.
It isn’t what I think of as pretty but it is very short and lets people see her legs, which is good.
The owner of the store is a dwarf named Caron and she says that Mack has a nice ass.
They pick out a top and shoes and stockings for Mack.

After that we go to another store across the bazaar.
Steff suggests that I wait outside.
Mack does not want to leave me and I do not think I would like to be left.
Mack says she is not leaving me.
She really isn’t being a very good toy but I do not mind so much.
Amaranth says that there is a candy store down the street and I can pick out something sweet and wait for them there.
I have to tell her that I am out of money for the day.
Steff says that I have been good so I can pick something out and they will buy it for me.
She promises.
I let go of Mack’s hand and go to the store.

Nobody promised to come get me but it will be hard for Steff to buy candy for me if she doesn’t.
I hope she does.

Inside the store I am asked if I would like to try a sample of peanut brittle.
I would.
It is good.
There are many different kinds of candy.
I look at chocolate covered bananas but they are not very big and Steff said I could have one thing.
There is candy by the pound I do not know if one pound of candy would count as one thing or if it would be one piece so I look at the prepackaged candy instead.
They have big bags of taffy that have many different flavors including banana so I pick that.
After a while Steff and Amaranth and Mack do come and I am glad.
Mack looks like she has been a very good toy.
We go to a comic book store and Mack picks out her treat and then we go to catch the carriage back to school.

We go to Amaranth’s room and she takes the words off Mack’s face but she doesn’t say anything about giving up Mack and I think it’s just so they can put make-up on her.
Amaranth is leading Mack and me around the bazaar by golden chains and our hands are chained together so we can’t let go and I am happy.
I wake up and realize I was dreaming and start to cry.
Steff is crying, too, and Mack is hugging her.
Then they are both hugging me.
Steff asks how many times today we have cried and hugged but Mack says that she loves us guys before I can add up the answer.
I do not know if I am one of us guys and ask for clarification.
I am told that Mack loves me.
Steff says she will have to redo Mack’s make-up and we hug each other a lot more.

I wake up later in Amaranth’s bed.
I’m alone but I feel happy.
I brush my teeth, change into my pajamas, and go to bed.

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    > I ask for clarification and am told that I can want different things at the same time.

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