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You guys once again donated $200 last week, so that means it’s bonus story time. Unfortunately I’ve been pretty busy, so I haven’t had time to write one… but here’s a story that was posted on the ethernet about five years ago. Warning: It’s a little rough compared to what I would usually post, as no corrections have been made to the original text… it is presented exactly as it is.

Mecknights: Blaze of Glory
by MechBlaze

Note: I originally wrote this fic to add another female character to the cast but later I changed her to a male because s/he seemed a natural for pairing up w/ Annie (better then Sky Knight, anyway!). I might write other stories to show this in more detail later but don’t expect any dirty parts b/c I don’t think you need sex in every story unlike SOME!!! PPL!!! I could name. Though there is some language you won’t see in the cartoon but it is included for realism.

Also note the character of Blaze Knight is (c) 217 to me though “Mecknights” is trademark and copyright 2Fun Entertainment. Plz don’t sue….. I have no money! LOL

Oh Yeah Feedback is appreciated but DON’T BE AN @$$!!!! My orb does not have a checkspell on it but I do the best I can.

It was a day like any other in the secret underground hanger of that World Famous team of heroes known the world over as the Mecknights when the Technordinator lit up with a rare Code 3 Alert in the Middle City area. Most of the team was still away helping the refugees of the Coast Blast, leaving a skeleton crew behind to man the hanger.

“It’s Overmaster making trouble again.. I just know it!” said Annie Ratchet the surogate Daughter of the man known to the world as Buzz Saber.

“Ah we can put that clown on ice but he just keeps thawin out.” said Piston, cracking wise as usual.

“This time we’ll throw him in the cooler and make sure he stays there.” said Annie enthusiastically.

“That we will but I need you Annie to stay and monitor the Technordinator in case this is just a diversion.” Buzz Saber said. ‘Nobody has Your touch with that blasted contraption like you do.”

“But dad!” cried Annie. “If I’m a Mecknight now I should be allowed on missions the same as every body else. I want to pull my weight!”

“Listen to your Father, Annie.” Sky Knight said. “The mean streets are no place for a kid. You can help plenty around the base as it is.”

“You didn’t think I was just a kid when you asked me to ride with you up the Misty Mountain.” Annie reminded him.

“That was different!” Sky Knight said.

“Quiet, Sky. Annie, you may be a Mecknight now but you’ll always be my Daughter first and for most.” Buzz said. “I love you to much to risk losing you.”

“Dad you say you care about each and every member of this team.” Annie pointed out. “But you would never stop them from being everything they can be just to keep them safe, would you?”

The grizzled commander scratched his thin and pondered thoughtfully. It had been almost fifteen years since he’d found the child in the rubble and now she was growing into a woman whether he liked it or not. Well he thought ruefully you can’t hold back time forever, no matter what you do.

“Very well.” said Buzz. “Sky Knight can man the console. Annie, Piston, your with me.”

“All right!” shouted Piston.

“Oh man.” said Sky Knight.

“No complaints.” Buzz Saber told him. “With your jet pack you can reach us the fastest if we need help. Now lets go, but remember, I’m keeping an eye on you, young lady.” he told Annie.

“But whose keeping an eye on you?” his daughter teased playfully.

Buzz Saber pretended to ignore this and simply said, “MECKNIGHT TEAM….. MOUNT UP AND ROLL OUT!”

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The trio reached Middle city in record time, there powerful bikes powered by the explosive combution of the engines to reach speeds far faster than any mere magic could attain. When they got there they saw instantly what the alert had been about….. Overmaster clad in his bulky silver armor, the product of a mad mixture of magic and technology, was busily melting the Mechanic War Memorial into scrap with light rays from his gauntlets while his partner Machina, who some said was not a human at all but a mechanical being made of metal, looked on and laughed.

“Petty vandalism seems a little petty even for you Overmaster.” said Buzz Saber as the three knights screeched to a stop. “Whats your game?”

“Destruction is my game.” the evil villain said. “Yours and every one of your wretched knights!”

“Oh please, my master”, Machina purred sultrily. “Let me destroy them for you.

“Silence my pet!” cried Overmaster. “You have never succeeded before so why should you now?”

“You might as well ask yourself the same question, Overmaster.” said Piston.

“I’m so glad you asked… Behold” cried the evil warlord, “My secret weapon!”

And with that, he threw back his head and laughed long and hard as his new prodigy came roaring up to stand beside him. The stranger was a thin wiry man in black jeans and a black leather jacket. The part that nobody could believe their eyes though was that he rode a motorcycle, an actual motorcycle!!! And his face was concealed with an all concealing helmet and visor painted to look like a flaming skull.

“Sweet science!” exclaimed Annie. “Where did that bike come from?”

“I don’t know where it came from Annie, but I know where it’s going– TO HELL!” replied Piston. “And the rider too, whoever he is.”

“Team, take him down” said Buzz calmly and full of confidence. “Even if he did find a motorcycle somehow and made it work, he’s no match for a real Mecknight in a fair fight and this time its three on three!”

“Oh did you expect me to fight fair well how foolish of you.” said Overmaster. “ATTACK LEGIONS, FORWARD!”

And with that his armor-wearing Attack Legions sprang out from there concealment among the rubble and debris, bursting from concealment and attacking.

“You blazing idiots!” laughed Piston. “NOW it’s a fair fight!”

Piston drove his motorized bike straight into the Legions, its powerful battering ram powered by pressure built up from the engine of the bike itself. He scattered the helmeted goons like they were bowling pins and his bike was the ball, and every charge was a perfect strike. He laughed even as one of the beams from an Attack Legion beamer struck his shoulder. The advanced healing science of the Mecknights could fix that injury in no time and meanwhile he lived for the thrill of the battle.

Buzz Saber mean while drew his massive chained blade from his back and revved it up making an impressive sound as the whirring chain went into action. He sent his motorcycle into motion, charging Overmaster and the mysterious new comer. The mysterious stranger put his own bike to work and drove off to the side, leaving Overmaster the soul target of Buzz who swung his saw at him with all his might. Overmaster blocked the blow with his metal gauntlet, but even still the impact knocked him back.

But just then the figure on the mysterious motorcycle came back at him, having wheeled his bike around. He had his fist raised as if to punch Buzz Saber but there was a strange tube coming out of his sleeve next to his glove. As Buzz wondered what it was for there was a hissing whoosh sound and a tongue of flame shot out from it. In a flash he realized what was happening.. the mysterious fuel which fueled the engines was highly flammable, more flammable than regular oil and this mysterious man had a weapon which funneled that fuel into a weapon! Buzz grunted a shout in surprise and threw himself to the side, toppling of his bike to avoid the deadly blast of incinerating fire.

“Dad!” cried Annie.

“Commander!” yelled Piston who for all his gruffness cared deeply about the old man.

“Don’t worry about me.” said Buzz and he stretched out a hand for his saw which he’d dropped, but the stranger cut between him and the weapon on his bike and Buzz had to withdraw his hand quickly to avoid losing it. The stranger shot another blast of flame as he passed and Buzz had to roll away to avoid it.

“Dad!” Annie yelled again but her distraction was the opening that Machina had been looking for. Just then she appeared from behind Annie and grabbed her by the hair and the throat, holding her tightly even though she struggled.

“Annie!” yelled Buzz Saber.

“Well well well.” said Overmaster as the mysterious blazing knight circled Buzz Saber and machina fought to hold the struggling figure of Annie. “Looks like things are going my way after all.”

“We’ll see about that, Over-Bastard!” shouted Piston as he turned his bike around to bare down on the armored figure of Overmaster.

“Go ahead you might even dent my armor.” Overmaster said sounding bored. “In the mean time Machina and my Blaze Knight will kill your commander and his daughter. Even if my Legions can’t bring you down I would say that two out of three aren’t bad wouldn’t you?”

“SHIT!” Piston swore. “What ever I do we’re screwed!”

“No!” Annie yelled. “Don’t hurt my dad, whoever you are! You ride a motorcycle like your a knight… show some decency like one!”

There eyes met then though Annie could not see his behind the mask of her visor. She had reached out to him and found a spark of humanity that Overmaster had not been able to crush. Behind his dark exterior there was indeed a once noble soul and he found in that moment that he could not hurt the old man who risked his life so heroicly to save others so often and more to the point he could not do anything that would cause anguish to the bright blue eyed spirit who pleaded so desparately with him not to do it. In that moment there was a silent understanding of connection forged between them and they both felt that things would never be the same.

“Toast the old man my dark knight of flames.” said Overmaster a little pompously. “We’ll make the young one watch her beloved foster father die and then we’ll kill her too… eventually.”

“Nooooo!” shouted the man known as Blaze Knight and he turned his bike around and came at Machina instead with a long narrow jet of flame proceeding him like a lance. She let go of Annie and shoved the girl in the path of the fire but so precise was his control of the jet that he was able to shut it off

“Hey, Overeater…. your insurance agent just called and said that the policy has been cancelled!” Piston said and he ran his bike at Overmaster for all that it was worth.

“Legions retreat!” shouted Overmaster as he dodged clumsily out of the way of the charging enraged knight. He activated his wheeled rocket skates and began to zoom away as fast as he could.”

“Wait for me master!” screeched Machina chasing after him.

The three knights probably could have caught up to the retreating villains as nothing they had was as fast as the amazing motorcycles of the Mecknights but they had other matters to attend to with the mysterious Blaze Knight.

“Take off your helmet stranger.” Buzz Saber told him. “I’d like to see the face of a man if I’m going to trust him.”

The man called Blaze Knight abliged him by removing his helment to reveal a figure with unruly dark hair and dark brown eyes and a face that was haunted and pensive yet somehow quite handsome, Annie thought.

“How did you come to have that motorcycle and what were you doing with the likes of Overmaster?” Buzz asked him once his helmet was off.

“Well sir thats a long story.” Blaze Knight told him. “But in a way you might say I’ve been trying to find my destiny. My quest to find other people with vehicles like mine lead to Overmaster who convinced me that his way was right. But after seeing his tactics in action I know I was mislead.”

“Yeah right.” Piston said. “This is probably Overmaster’s real plan to get this guy to win our trust and let our guard down.”

“I think we should trust him.” Annie said. “I….. feel it when I look at him.”

“I feel something when I look at you too, miss.” said Blaze Knight and Annie blushed harder than she had ever blushed before. “What’s your name?”

“Annie…. well really its Anna Marie.” she told him. “But nobody calls me that.”

“Anna Marie.” he replied. “That is so very beautiful…..”

“Son I think we have a lot of things to talk about.” Buzz Saber said. “Will you come back with us to our hanger? There are a lot of questions that are going to need answering, and perhaps we will have things to tell you as well.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that right now.” Blaze Knight told him regretfully especially as he could not take his eyes off Annie. “I have my own path to follow for now… but I promise you that our paths will cross again, and perhaps then I will be ready to talk.”

“Very well.” said Buzz. “Farewell then….. Blaze Knight.”

They watched the figure drive away, small flames visible from the tail pipe of his motorcycle.

“Do you think we’ll really see that joker again?” Piston asked.

“I know we will.” Annie said breathilessly. “I just feel it.”

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