The Sufferings Of Sooni

on August 18, 2007 in Other Tales

Suzi, Maliko, and Kai waited patiently outside Room 416. Each of the furry cat girls was dressed in a colorful silk robe. Each one had a big fluffy towel around her neck, and each held a little basket with a few different bottles of richly scented shampoo and a scrubber in it

They were waiting, of course, for Sooni to appear from the room which she ostensibly shared with Kai, but which Kai was very rarely allowed inside of. From behind the door, they could hear Sooni’s half of a conversation with her father, conducted via magic mirror in rather loud Yokano. The subject of the argument–for there was no question that’s what it was–seemed to be money.

As it wore on, the smiles the three had plastered on began to wear away at the edges. Kai scratched ineffectually at the back of her neck… ineffectually, because her hands had been encased in taped-up plastic bags to protect the bandages on her fingers. Maliko began cleaning the edges of her claw-like nails by scraping them against each other. Suzi gave a tic-like jerk of her head a few times, and then, with no end to the unseen argument in sight, she gave in and began vigorously licking the fur of her exposed forearm.

Before long, the other two had succumbed to similar urges… Maliko washing the back of her hands, and Kai actually dropping to the floor and bending one leg improbably back in order to clean it with her rough tongue.

Sooni’s shouting reached a kind of crescendo, during which it can be inferred that she pushed her normally tolerant father too far, as she very quickly adopted a far more respectful and conciliatory tone. Maliko, hearing this, nudged Suzi and the two of them stopped their obsessive fur-cleaning and turned their original smiling expressions back towards the door just as it opened, revealing Sooni.

She had a on a robe which, like those worn by the three nekoyokai, was fairly short and had a slit up the back in order to allow her bushy tail to protrude out the back. Her other most obvious fox-like characteristic, her pointed and furry ears, were mostly concealed by the beehive-like cap which covered the mountain of hair piled on top of her head. She also had on a single sandal with a thick wooden sole. The other was held in her hand. She gave Maliko and Suzi a big, plastic smile… which fell off her face when she looked down at the other neko.

Kai, engrossed in her ministrations, was not as quick on the uptake as the other two nekos had been, and was still on the floor enthusiastically licking at her thigh.

“That… is notcute!” Sooni said, throwing the clunky wooden sandal down on the top of Kai’s head. Kai made no sound of pain or complaint, but scrambled away and quickly got to her feet, rubbing her head.

Sooni forcibly composed herself, retrieved her sandal and put it on her foot. She was already taller than any of the cat girls… with the big wooden platforms strapped to her feet, she towered over them.

“Ready?” she asked, holding up her own basket of bathing essentials.

“You know, dear Sooni, we have been thinking,” Maliko began. Her tone, when she addressed the bronze-skinned fox girl, put the “purr” into “simper”. She had a slow, sultry voice… sweet enough to attract flies, sticky enough for them to die by degrees as they struggled to escape from it.

“We wait outside while you shower?” Suzi said, cutting across Maliko’s carefully rehearsed build-up. She also had a slow voice, but not the sort of one that merits flowery metaphors.

“Dolt!” Sooni said, rapping her knuckles on the top of Suzi’s head. “If you ‘wait outside’, then what’s to stop anybody from coming along and getting into the shower with me?”

“I not…” Suzi began apologetically.

“Do you want me to be leered at, to be pawed at by that fat little dwarf and her filthy friends?” Sooni demanded, her shrill anger increasing with every word while Suzi shrank away. “Does that thought excite you somehow? Does it fill you with perverse sexual lust?”

“It must be hard being sooo pretty, in a dorm full of girlkissers,” Maliko purred sycophantically, patting Sooni on her shoulder. “Poor Sooni… we are lucky to not be as pretty as you are. Of course we will come to protect you from lewd stares and gazes.”

“This whole college is full of freaks and lesbians,” Sooni said, mollified. She pronounced the word “lesbian” with all the relish a very young child applies to a newly discovered swear word. She took a dramatic breath, and adopted a haughtier tone. “It is simply monstrous that we are not permitted to live off-campus for our entire first year. This summer, we will get an apartment in the city and furnish it in a style that more befits us.”

“Khee, Sooni… how you pay for that if your father won’t give money?” Suzi asked. Behind Sooni, Maliko shook her head and made urgent cutting gestures, but Suzi did not pick up on them.

“I guess some of us will just have to get jobs then, won’t they?” Sooni shrieked, before turning and storming down the hall towards the bathroom, her clunky sandals making a satisfying sound with every stomping step.

The three cats followed their leader into the bathroom and back towards the communal showers, a small square-shaped space mostly off from the rest of the room. A waterproof curtain screened it from view, but the four individual showers within were all open and exposed to each other. Sooni stopped on the threshold. Maliko, following close behind her, had to brake hard to avoid bumping into her… especially as Suzi and Kai crashed into her own back.

“This place is so gross,” Sooni said, looking around with obvious distaste at the slightly moist stone blocks of the walls, and the slick, wet pebbled concrete floor. “I know people have sex in here. I just know it.”

She stepped inside and, once out of sight of the entrance, shucked off her silk robe and handed it to Kai. The other two nekos did the same with theirs, and the smallest of the cat girls went to hang them on the hooks outside.

Sooni went to the shower that was furthest away from the curtained opening in the wall. She turned the hot water all the way up, standing just outside the resulting deluge from the shower head. She undid the ribbon around a little sack she took from her basket, and sprinkled the faintly luminous powder within on the floor just outside the shower’s stream… where plenty of hot water pooled and swirled but where the powder would not immediately wash away. The steam seemed to double in quantity, and take on both the color and scent of violets.

Sooni closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, smiling beatifically as she seemed to forget the horror and indignity of being forced to use a public shower… worse, a public shower that she shared with lesbians. She opened her eyes. Maliko and Suzi were standing dumbly just inside the shower area. Kai hadn’t come back.

“What’s taking so long?” Sooni asked waspishly. She glared at Suzi, who stuck her head out and repeated the question.

“I… I can’t get my robe off,” Kai mewled. She sounded panicky.

“Go help her,” Sooni ordered, and Suzi scurried off. There was as a thump and a squeal of pain, and then Suzi reappeared with Kai in tow. Sooni glared at Suzi. “You didn’t hit her, did you?”

“Oh, no, Sooni!” Suzi said, wide-eyed. “I kick her.”

“Good,” Sooni said, laughing like this was the funniest thing in the world. She turned on the cold water a bit, and then stepped beneath the shower. “Let’s not take all day at this, now… you heard what that mousey bitch R.A. said about spending more than an hour in the showers, at the floor meeting last night.”

“You know,” Maliko said cautiously, “there are already four of us in here. The rule does not say we must all shower.”

Sooni gave her a furious glare.

“And what would people say about us, if there were four of us in here but only one shower running?” she asked.

Kai immediately began to fumble with the knobs for her shower, but was unable to get a decent grip on them with the bags and bandages on her hand.

“Help her!” Sooni screeched, and the other two hastened to obey so quickly that they actually ran into each other. Soon, all four showers were running, though Suzi and Maliko did not actually step inside the streams of water until a withering look from Sooni prompted them to edge inside the spray, wincing and cringing all the while.

“Hurry up and wash yourselves so that you can help me with my hair,” Sooni said. “I don’t want any of it touching the floor this time.”

“Your hair is so pretty, Sooni,” Maliko purred. “You’re so lucky to have such…”

“Oh, shut up!” Sooni barked. “Suzi, help Kai wash. I just can’t wait until we can take those stupid things off.” She brightened considerably as she added, “Then I can start giving Baby Kai-Kai baths again!”

“We can take bandages off now and put them back on when dry,” Suzi suggested, massaging floral scented shampoo into Kai’s fur with unnecessary roughness, though the smaller cat girl did not complain.

“Do you want somebody to see?” Sooni said. Suzi shook her head emphatically. “Anyway, it won’t be that much longer,” she added. “Maybe another week or so. If only Daddy would give me some more money, we could just regrow… well, it won’t be long.”

“Why won’t your father give you the money?” Maliko asked.

“He says I am not responsible,” Sooni said. “He wants me to get a job, and then he will restart my weekly allowance.” She gave a short, barking laugh. “What is the point of an allowance if I must work for a living like a common… like a common anything?”

“Poor Sooni,” Maliko simpered. “That your own parents could be so cruel…”

“When I win the election to represent this floor in the student senate, he will see that I am responsible… and of course, that I have little time to find a job,” Sooni said. “‘Oh, father!’ I will say. ‘I told them that I had no time for campus politics with my studies and other obligations, but the other girls would not hear of it. We need you, Sooni, they said… and really, there was no one else who could do the job. How could I possibly say no?'”

“Your father will have to give you back your allowance then,” Maliko said.

“I know!” Sooni said. “And it will be so easy, since the only person running is that cringing smelly little slit-licker across the hall.”

“If she even really runs,” Maliko said.

“She will,” Sooni said contemptuously. “Her girlfriend wants her to, and she has no spine to say no.”

“I heard she broke up with the fat girl and let the field kami ride her naked up and down the hall,” Maliko recounted with relish. “Everybody saw it.”

“What is ‘slit-licker’?” Suzi asked, bewildered.

“It means she likes to eat pussy,” Maliko said, which elicited a yelp of terror from Suzi.

“What’s your problem now?” Sooni asked her.

“I thought she only eated humans!” she said, a look of horror on her cat-like face.

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4 Responses to “The Sufferings Of Sooni”

  1. Daezed says:

    …. I love the nekos. Eating the pussy… Cats. *big grin*

    This is perhaps the third time I have started reading your story through… And I gave to say, I always seen to find something new every time I read it!

    Love your stuff, AE!

    Current score: 2
  2. pedestrian says:

    I agree with Daezed. Alexandra’s talent leaves me purring with contentment.

    Current score: 0
  3. spider says:

    I love this story for a lot of reasons but as a first-time reader I’m kind of concerned at the POC representation…? sorry I’ve only reached this chapter so far but the only person who is explicitly stated as being not-white is the ‘evil bitch’ who seems to be at least similar to Japanese in cultural and ethnical origin and just….I dunno I’m loving the rest of the story but this seems very off to me I’m sorry

    Current score: 1
  4. cadnawes says:

    To spider, if you haven’t got there yet, that comes up. Your concerns will be addressed.

    Current score: 1