Chapter 275: Showering With Affection

on January 20, 2015 in Volume 2 Book 8: Elven Holiday, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which Glory and Mackenzie Come Together

Glory removed my clothing first, one garment at a time. It was probably a good idea, as she handled the starweave suit so much more delicately than I would have been able to

I did wonder… if it was going to be recycled when we were done with it, would it matter if she literally tore it off of me? Obviously that would mean I couldn’t wear it again, so it would have to be saved for nearer to the end of the trip. I wondered if that would damage the thread, though, or let the starlight escape, or something.

I didn’t know how they made the stuff, so I had no idea how they unmade it, or what kind of condition it would have to be in for Glory to get her security deposit back or however that worked.

It was certainly interesting to consider Glory just cutting loose and ripping the clothes off my body, but her usual style also had things to recommend it. She could remove clothes so deftly it was almost like she made them disappear, as Amaranth sometimes did.

Her motions were efficient and too quick for my eyes to follow, but she was unhurried. Counting my shoes, socks, and the bracelet, I was wearing a grand total of ten things, but it still felt like it took her several minutes to get through them all.

It was a kind of slow striptease where the person being stripped was also the one being eased. She circled me, looking me up and down as if considering the angle of attack. Sometimes rather than moving herself, she took hold of my body and turned me in place.

My jacket was removed first, then my shoes. My pants came off, and were neatly folded on the counter before I could fully register the change in temperature around my legs. Then she peeled my socks off, one after the other. The black starweave shirt joint the pants and jacket.

I was in my underwear, and then… I wasn’t. Firm, delicate hands on my backside pushed me towards the glass-enclosed shower stall. Stall? I don’t know what else to call it, but that word kind of makes me think of a stable, or a public restroom. Cubicle? Less gross, but not any sexier.

The shower. She pushed me towards the shower. I stepped inside it and turned around, and there was Glory, gloriously naked, except for the gauzy dark indigo mask she’d left hanging across her mouth.

She unhooked it from behind her ears and let it fall to the floor like one might do with a bra, then stepped in with me.

“I think you like it hot, don’t you?” she said. She knew the answer, obviously, but more than that, something in her tone suggested that she didn’t actually need me to answer, so I didn’t.

She fiddled with the knobs and hot water, as much as steam as liquid, poured forth from the nozzle. There was no waiting, no wake-up period. It just burst out, hot and wet.

“Wash me,” Glory said, handing me a neatly folded cloth and a small bottle of pale yellow-green gel that had been set out on an inset shelf.

Wordlessly, I obeyed my queen, wetting the cloth and squirting a small amount of the liquid onto it. I began between her shoulders. I knew that this was meant to be an erotic exercise, not a simple menial chore, but I had a feeling that going straight for the boobies or whatever would be something of a rookie mistake. Glory didn’t always need to control everything in an encounter, but I’d learned that it was good to give her the opportunity to set the pace.

She did so, after a fashion… rather than waiting for me to circle around her, she turned slowly as I rubbed the pear-scented body wash into her skin, then guided my hand down her chest. I massaged her breasts with both hands, only of them having the pretext of the washcloth. Then she took that away, held it out, and let it fall. Though it dropped straight down with a wet plop, the parallel to her removal of the veil was unmistakable.

“You know, I don’t think it’s a foreplay kind of night,” she said. “I think we’ve waited long enough to get to this point, don’t you?”

“I… yeah,” I said. It was the most response I could muster, but the only response she needed before she leaned in for the kind of kiss that reminds you that elves only need to breathe when they remember to.

Most things seem bigger the closer you get to them. I think spaces where you’re going to be trying to have sex are the one exception to this… they might look huge from the outside, but once you get inside you’re very conscious of how much space two bodies take up, even if they are likely to be skin to skin. No amount of intimacy or even elven dexterity can make up for the need for room to maneuver.

It was mostly touching, our hands exploring each other’s bodies… I say explore, but we were both in well-worn territory. I knew how Glory liked to be touched, and where.

I knew the patterns I could trace from the inside of her elbow up her arm that would make shiver despite the heat. I knew the path from her neck< where her jaw met her neck down to her nipple, circling around it, that would make her gasp. I can't claim to have anything like expert fingers, but I had touched her skin with them enough times for them to feel perfectly at home. There were so many little things that would get a reaction, so many tiny motions in small spots. A lot of them would have been hard to pull off on top of clothing, but many of them wouldn't have seemed sexual except for the context. While I touched Glory's body, she covered mine in soft kisses. I think one of the measures of sexual compatibility is what happens when things get awkward, physically. If two people are good together, if they're gelling with one another, then the awkward becomes part of the encounter. You laugh when you both try to dance the same way to get out of a tight corner, you roll with it when someone is momentarily stuck in the least sexy pose ever because of the necessary flexing and stretching to get to somewhere more desirable. "I begin to see your fondness for the shower," Glory said. "It certainly does add a dimension to things." "Yeah," I said. "Are you ready to move on?" "To what?" "I don't know," I said. "Something more... more?" "What did you have in mind?" "...nothing specifically," I said. "But I thought you weren't interested in foreplay… didn't you want to move on to actual sex?" "Sex is just intimacy plus excitement," Glory said. "We have plenty of that." "That's a decent description of it," I said. "But I feel like... there's got to be more to it, for it to be real sex?" "Like what? Penetration?" "I think that makes it a little more clear-cut, but okay, I know sex doesn't have to have penetration,” I said.

“If you were in an exclusive relationship with someone, would you consider it to be cheating if you or your partner had done what we were doing with someone else?”

“…probably,” I said.

“Then it is sex,” Glory said. “It’s not the whole of sex, but it is a part of it.”

“It’s not very fulfilling on its own.”

“Indeed it’s not,” Glory said. “What it is, is tantalizing. I’m surprised I have to tell you these things, given that your teacher in the erotic arts has been a nymph.”

“Well… I think if she was here, she’d be a little disappointed in how bad a student I am.”

“I don’t think that at all.”

“Don’t you?”

“No,” Glory said. “I think you mistake Amaranth’s disappointment for you with disappointment with you.”


“I don’t know her as well as you do, but I think when you hear disappointment in her voice, she’s sorry that you are not enjoying yourself more, not sorry with your performance.”

“That’s… okay, that actually sounds about right,” I said. “Though, I know I’ve let her down with my stubbornness before.”

“I think if you asked her, she’d tell you that she’s still more concerned with what you lose to your stubbornness than anything else.”

“You might be right.”

“But let’s not talk about that,” Glory said. “Or her. Or anyone or anything else. You are here and I am here, Mackenzie Blaise. We have nowhere else to be, no one depending upon us, and nothing else to do with our time for the moment except to please each other. There is no right or wrong here, only things that work and things that don’t… the way we find the former is to let go of fear of the latter. Are you ready to proceed?”

“Yes,” I said, my throat suddenly a little dry despite the steamy environs. I had no idea how she managed to make that sound so… sultry.

“Wrap your arms around me, with your hands joining in the small of my back,” Glory said. I did so. “the spot you are touching is not a sexual organ, Mackenzie, but it is very sensitive nonetheless.”


“Seriously. If you imagine what it feels like to have someone kiss the base of your neck… picture that sensation, but so much lower, so much closer to… where the action is. Now, continue to touch me, with that thought in your head.”

It made a kind of sense… the whole spine was big long cord of bone and nerve, and if the neck could be a receptor for intimacy, why not the rest of it? Glory’s back did not have much curve to it, but there was a slight inward dip just before the slight outward bulge of her ass.

I was very aware of the proximity of my hands to her ass, and to basically everywhere that was… as she had said… where the action was. Ass, hips, thighs… pussy, even if neither of us was up for acknowledging it… all the obviously sexual parts below the waist, and here was this small spot, the hollow of her back, just above it.

I had never thought about it much, but now, I obeyed… I stroked it lightly, gently, with my fingers, and she arched her back and purred, so I rubbed it harder. I’d never been much for giving massages, but I tried to imagine what a masseuse would do. Well, she wouldn’t be naked and embracing her client, probably, at least not without at least one level of quotation marks around “masseuse”.

Glory writhed against me as I ground into her. Her hands ran down my back to grip my ass, lifting and spreading the cheeks. There was no direct, intentional contact between either one of us and the most intimate parts of the other, but there didn’t have to be. We were skin to skin, two minds becoming one flesh. The kind of glancing, incidental contact this engendered was more than enough to set us both shivering and moaning. The more excited we became, the more we bucked against each other, the more we slipped against and around each other.

My hands never left the small of her back. Hers never entered me. Still the tide of pleasure rose up within me until nothing more than her slender thigh slipping between my legs set me off and I came, gasping and sliding down her leg. She went down with me, like she was riding me to the stone tiled floor of the shower. We turned over and over, still embracing madly, still squirming with pleasure that elicited more pleasure still.

I kept going until I felt like I couldn’t stand it any more, and then I kept going anyway. Gradually, Glory slowed her motions, then even more gradually, she extricated herself from the heap we’d made I stayed where I was, enjoying the relative coolness of the wet tile in contrast to the heat of the air and water. It was like being in an elemental cocoon: stone, water, air, fire surrounding me.

I might have fallen asleep right there, as absurd as it was, but then Glory turned off the water and the heat began to fade.

“Was that sufficiently real sex, in your mind?” she asked.

“It was definitely real,” I said, “and it was definitely sex… but it was also definitely completely out of my mind.”

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