Chapter 284: Going Down Below Decks

on February 17, 2015 in Volume 2 Book 8: Elven Holiday, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which Mackenzie Receives An Uncomfortable Reminder

“Mackenzie?” Nicki said. “Did you hear me?”

“What?” I said. “Yeah, sorry…”

I realized I’d gone into my head for a bit. The idea that Glory would have set her sister up in better accommodations than she did for herself was surprising, even given the otherwise revolutionary changes in her approach to things… especially since it would have had to have been set up in advance, long before she saw how things were going with the trip and decided to just sort of run with the egalitarian thing.

She did love her sister, though, and loved to dote on her as much as it was safe to do so. This was a huge gesture, but one that happened hundreds of miles and more from Treehome and one that she hadn’t told anybody about or called attention to. Maybe it was her way of cramming as much spoiling as possible while it was possible.

Whatever the explanation for the gesture was, I thought its existence did explain some other things. She had seemed concerned… if not actually preoccupied… with the fact that our accommodations weren’t the best. She was also so singularly fixated on impressing me with every single element of the vacation outside of our cabin. Maybe on some level she was trying to make up for having stiffed me in favor of Grace and Nicki.

Though I didn’t see it that way, of course… the whole thing was a treat, as she’d said. Everything was extra. I was not getting any less than I was entitled to.

Anyway, what difference would it make if we had a slightly nicer room, or even a much nicer one? So far it was just the place where we collapsed when we were exhausted or found privacy for sex. Renting a room was basically the price we paid to have access to the rest of the ship, and the places it would stop…

That was probably it, actually, now that I thought about it. A fancier suite would be wasted on Glory, and thus wasted on me in her company. But for Grace and Nicki, a big feature of the vacation was the chance to have a room to themselves and no duties or responsibilities or other places to go. The two of them were… I don’t know if “homebodies” would be the right word, but definitely “roombodies”.

“So, what do you think I should do about it?” Nicki asked me.

“About the fact that Glory gave you an amazing room?” I said. “Thank her for it… I’d say discreetly, if she hasn’t mentioned it to you directly.” I thought about the fact that Glory had steered me back towards our room. “She’s probably a little self-conscious about it.”

“So you don’t think it was a mistake?”

“She would never have let it ride if it was,” I said. “Trust me, Nicki… in this one way at least, everybody is exactly where Glory expected them to be for this trip.”

“That’s good,” Nicki said. She tossed her head back and slumped a little lower in the water. “It’s actually a huge relief… maybe we can just relax and enjoy our room, now that I know for sure it’s our room.”

“Oh… should I let you get back to it, then?” I teased.

She responded by splashing me. I splashed her back, and then it was on. We probably would have made a bit of a wet mess of the floor either way, but starting off with a splash fight guaranteed that it happened.

There we were, doing nothing more than splashing around in the tub and laughing about it. I wasn’t surprised when it somehow turned into hugging, but there was no sense of oh, yeah, now it’s getting good because it was already so very good. We came together, hot and wet in both the innocent and naughty senses of the words. My mouth found her breasts, and it still felt like good, clean fun. Her head lolled back and she made a throaty purr that I wouldn’t have expected from her mouth, but which drove me wild.

With no agenda and no plan, I lost track of everything that happened, and the order it happened in. Between us we had four breasts, two mouths, four sets of legs with knees and thighs, and two hands, and many things happened among them. It turned into a bit of a game… where could I touch and get an encouraging response? Just about anywhere, it seemed.

The more excited she got, the more excitable she became, and the more enthusiastic I grew in turn. Nicki was so very vocal, so very responsive. I don’t know if she came during that splashy, frantically fumbling preamble. I didn’t, but I didn’t care. I was having fun.

Not that I hadn’t appreciated it for itself, but I was feeling really grateful for the shower session with Glory. Amaranth had taught me in so many words that there was not one single way to have sex,not one right way to be intimate with another person. But I still tended to think of sexuality in terms of discrete acts… you could have sex this way, or that way, or some other way, but it’s still just ways of having sex.

Glory had introduced me to the essential truth that I thought was likely at the bottom of Amaranth’s lessons: that it was possible to just revel in intimacy, in sexuality, without worrying about who was going to be giving what or taking what, or who was going to be doing which kind of job.

“Fuuuck,” Nicki said. “I am so freaking horny right now, Mackenzie, you have no idea… can I try something?”

“What?” I asked.

“I want to go down on you,” she said.

“I… that’s not something…”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she said. “I just… I need to do something, Mackenzie…I want to be close to you, so close to you. I need it.”

The temperature in the tub seemed to be growing. I was as turned on as I’d ever been. More than that… maybe it was an aftereffect of the relaxation session or maybe it had something to do with the new look or the whole impossible dream-like nature of the cruise, but I felt this odd distance from myself. Well, not my whole self, but… the things in me that weighed me down.

Nicki wanted to put her face between my legs, put her mouth on that part of me… fuck, I’d had sex before. Blushing or not, I wasn’t a virgin. Did I still believe my vagina was some filthy sin-plagued hole? Could I? I’d had a guy fuck me in the ass. I’d had a girl fuck me in the ass. Maybe I wasn’t ready to eat pussy myself… maybe I never would be. But here was Nicki, begging me, pleading with me to let her do it. Why was this one thing so abhorrent to me, after everything else I’d done?

“Okay, we can try it,” I said. I tried to spread my legs wider, then realized that probably wouldn’t help much, given how far underwater my lap was. “How should we do this?”

“Sit up on the edge,” Nicki said. “I want to be in the water when I do this.”

“That’s probably a good idea,” I said. “If I freak out, I might catch fire.”

“…do you think that’s likely?”

“I’m joking,” I said, which I mostly was. “I mean, it’s not something that’s happened before.”

The tub had a sort of counter built around it, so sitting on the edge was a lot less precarious than it probably sounded. I grabbed one of the folded towels to put underneath me because it was freaking cold after the hot water. Nicki clambered towards me on her knees. She slipped a bit and ended up catching herself with her hand on my leg. I didn’t say anything, and neither did she.

She started kissing my leg on the inside of my leg, just above the knee. Maybe kissing isn’t the word… she latched on with her lips and sucked. It was a bit like being bitten, a bit like being kissed. I had no idea my legs could be as sensitive as they were, that far from the top. Waves of pleasure shot through me as if she’d been sucking on my neck, or my breasts, even before she got near to where she was going.

“Just tell me to stop anytime if it’s too much,” she said, looking up at me. Her face was somewhere between pixie and cherub, at least in popular artistic depictions thereof. Her smile was all imp, according to the same sources.

She tilted her head and leaned in, breathing deep. I had no idea what she could smell that would make her sigh the way she did. I was briefly and uncomfortably reminded of the mermaids I had known… the only mouths I’d ever had between my legs for any appreciable period of time belonged to waterborne predators whose teeth were fortunately insufficiently magical to actually pierce my flesh, though they’d relished the attempt.

I had honestly enjoyed their attention on some levels up to a point, but anything that reminded me of those interludes was pretty much a non-starter.

“I… sorry, I can’t do this… not here,” I said, turning my head away and gently pushing Nicki’s face back away from my bits. “Sorry, it’s just a weird… thing… I have, separate from my usual sexual hang-ups. Can we move this to a chair in the living room or something?”

“How about the bed?” Nicki asked.

“What, like sitting on the edge? Or sitting up against the headboard? I think I’d rather have a chair honestly.”

“Mackenzie… you know this will work just fine laying down, right?”

“…no, I actually didn’t,” I said. “I’ve never really thought about the logistics of it.”

The necessity of drying off before climbing into bed slowed us down a bit, but because we dried each other, we didn’t necessarily lose any speed in the process. The towels provided by the cruise line were thick as quilts and soft as clouds. We laid one down on top of the blankets and then I stretched out on it, naked beneath Nicki’s gaze.

I had to admit, I got a kind of a charge from how confident she seemed now that she was on familiar territory. She used her hands on my knees to guide them into the right position, not just spread but bent in a way that I guess improved the angle. She slipped a pillow beneath my lower back. This time, instead of sucking her way up my leg, she nuzzled her way down my chest, across my stomach.

I don’t know if she was afraid of spooking me again or if she had just had her fill of the sight and scent or whatever, or if she just couldn’t stand to wait any longer, but but this time she didn’t linger before diving in… and that’s really the best description.

I had tried to read erotica with a heavy vaginal focus before, at various points where I was trying to work through my hang-ups. The descriptions of going down on a vulva always seemed so… delicate, so detailed. Alarmingly acrobatic tongues probed farthest corners, lapped up every bead of moisture in silken crevasses… I wasn’t sure how that would be possible, much less why it would be desirable.

I think sex gets written that way maybe because written erotica has to keep the reader’s mind engaged for a sufficient period of time to accomplish what the reader is there for. It doesn’t really matter if it matches up to reality or not, or if it’s even possible. The fact is that if the writer spends several pages on a detailed account of all the specific and precise things that someone does with their lips and tongue, then the reader will spend the space of several pages thinking about that. I’m sure it works better than a sentence saying Please spend five minutes imagining Lord Throbbingly’s face amidst Lady Heavington’s privates before proceeding.

Nicki did no acrobatic things with her tongue. She did not impress me at all with the nimbleness of her lips. She did not probe the farthest or deepest corners of my anything, because her face was pressed against my lap and however much she strained, the farthest and deepest corners of my anything were far and deep.

But what she did was strain very enthusiastically, as if she would totally have probed the farthest and deepest corners of my everything. What she did was move her lips and tongue, not with crossbow-like precision but with absolute wild fucking abandon, with no regard for her position or dignity or how it must have looked to anyone looking at it from an awkward angle.

Maybe I missed something by not losing this bit of oral virginity to someone with a six inch tongue wielded with dwarven efficiency and elven dexterity, I don’t know. I kind of doubted such a person could have improved much on Nicki’s performance. Her nose… oh, fuck, maybe this underscores how ridiculous sex is in general, but the thing is, her nose was lined up just perfectly to keep rubbing and flicking against something that was neither far nor particularly deep, but was there, just right there… her attention in general was far from focused on my clit, but that seemed like a good thing, as the attention it got incidentally in her frantic, fumbling feasting was almost more than I could stand.

I came so hard, again and again.

I’d always pictured orgasm as an opening of sorts… it felt that way. A dam burst, a floodgate opened. This was the first time I really understood how true that was. Each time it happened, I did open more, and Nicki dove in deeper, and the next time the wave crested, I bucked harder, came harder, opened more…

Maybe she did brush some of the farther corners, near the end.

It finally ended because I had to end it… because I couldn’t take any more. The lightest touch was like a hammer blow, and there weren’t a lot of light touches. If Grace had a similar level of dedication to the oral arts, then I could sort of see how they wound up having their marathon sessions where they lost track of all time… sort of. I didn’t understand how either one of them could withstand that kind of attention for so long.

“Was that okay?” Nicki asked, and I laughed. “Sorry… stupid question.”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh,” I said. “Yes, yes, it was okay.”

“You liked it, then?”

“…honestly, I think I’m going to have to spend some time processing this,” I said. “It might end up being a one-time thing, or a sometimes thing… or it could end up being my favorite thing, at least with you. I don’t know. This was… it was kind of a huge step, and I feel like maybe I only made it because it happened when parts of me weren’t looking, if that makes sense.”

“I guess it does?” Nicki said, wrapping her arms around my legs. “It doesn’t have to, though, you know… you don’t have to explain. If it’s just this time, I’m glad I got to do it.”

“I’m glad you did it,” I said. “We should probably clean up a little, though.”

She kissed my knee.

“Okay,” she said. “Is it okay if we just lay here for a while first?”

“It’s very okay.”

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