Chapter 314: Good Enough For Some

on June 9, 2016 in Volume 2 Book 10: Lucky Thing, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which Sex Is Superficially Stimulating

Glory wrapped her arm around me and pulled me in close to her, like she would sweep me up onto her lap the way that Amaranth did. I’m not a large person by any human measurement, but I had quite a bit more mass on my body than she did, so in practice it was more like she pulled me over on top of her, which I guess worked fine for the purposes of giddy, sexy closeness.

I mean, she didn’t quite just topple over onto the couch immediately. She pulled me in and I put my arms around her, and our legs got mixed up together like we were shuffling a very small deck of very oddly shaped cards. She tipped over, and I went down with her, and then she rolled over so that she was on top of me, mostly. The whole thing was a jumble of positions, actions, and body parts.

The particular piece of furniture on which she’d reclined and upon which we now grappled had a fuzzy texture to it, somewhere between shag carpeting and a really nice, expensive towel. It was softer than it had looked like, which was good because my back was rubbing up against it. It actually felt pretty good. I should have figured that elves, with their keen senses, would have been suitably choosy when it came to upholstering their… fuck furniture?

I giggle-snorted at the thought.

“A touch ticklish?” Glory asked.

“Not particularly,” I said.

Then Amaranth was behind her, looming over us. Her hands cupped Glory’s slight breasts and she put her mouth to the side of her head, nuzzling her cheek and gently nibbling on her ear. Glory softly moaned, but just as she was getting into it Amaranth shifted her focus. I couldn’t follow what she was doing, given that she was doing it down Glory’s back, but whatever it was, Glory certainly appreciated it. She let out a moan that was actually half modulated squeal and arched her spine in a way that made her slight breasts seem slightly less… slight.

Amaranth’s hands moved down with her, and before long… though not too quickly… she was gripping Glory by her narrow hips and apparently grinding her face into the small of Glory’s back, around the base of her spine. It was one of those things that really didn’t seem like it should be doing much, but in actual practice, it seemed like it was doing just about everything for Glory.

It was mostly thanks to Glory herself that I knew what a deft touch could do, in or about that neighborhood. Because of our mutual issues, most of our intimacy was intimacy rather than full-on sex, and fingers trailing down the back leading to sustained pressure at the base of the spine was one of her signature moves.

I guess it should have come as no surprise that this was exactly the kind of attention she herself responded to, nor that Amaranth would zero on it so quickly. Most of us mere mortals or near mortals were stuck doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. Amaranth could read the map of another person’s desire, and then deliver it.

Then Amaranth moved down lower, her hands trailing back to grip somewhere I couldn’t see, and Glory went fucking wild.

The sound that came out of her mouth started out as something like, “Oh, fuuuuck…”, but before that final harsh consonant could form, it became a stream of what I assumed was Elvish. I lost my ability to even attempt to follow, though, because her spasmodic bucking meant that her leg, which had slipped between mine, was… well, it was between mine, and she was bucking and writhing, and then I was, too.. and of course, one of her legs being between mine meant that one of my legs was between hers…

I’m not even sure how and when in all that, Steff managed to get behind and beneath me, but I felt her hard cock in the cleft of my ass, rubbing lengthwise against my sensitive skin while she found the right position and angle, and then she was working her way in.

I was given to understand that part of the magic of elven perfection was that they could slip inside an ass without needing any lube. Steff had enough of that going for her to get her foot inside the door, so to speak, but you kind of had to like it rough to enjoy what happened next.

I guess technically you can perform any sexual act without artificial lubrication if you try hard enough and believe in yourself, but you’d probably have regrets the next morning. I’d once heard Steff refer to a healing potion as “morning after lube”.

I did like things rough, and my demonic heritage made me invulnerable to non-supernatural harm… but not non-supernatural hurt. I could feel everything she did, could feel the ring-of-pinpricks sensation when she stretched me open and the drag on the opening as she pushed her way in deeper. There’d be no damage, no harm done, but I felt it as if there was.

It would be the same thing if someone tried to stab with a non-magical sword… okay, not the exact same thing, not by a long shot, because I felt the pleasure, too. I’ve always been enough of a masochist to be able to enjoy pain when it comes wrapped up in pleasure, at least once I allowed myself to feel pleasure.

But the penetration had its own pleasures. Basically any highly sensitive part of the body had erogenous potential. Amaranth was showing that with what was probably nothing more than her mouth on Glory’s asshole.

Steff’s hard cock sliding inside mine… well, it was a bit less of a sustained, intense stimulation of that one area than what Glory was getting, but it still helped… and then as it slide along inside, it was brushing up against the other side of other sensitive spots. It was kind of like taking the long way around, but it did the trick.

Was it weird that I had fewer hang-ups about anal sex than vaginal sex? Probably. If my grandmother could have imagined I’d ever wind up in a scenario like this one, she probably would have focused her shaming a lot more broadly. If I had to guess… and I’m not sure that I did, or even why I was thinking about her at that particular moment in the first place… I’d say that she’d been imagining sexual activity as a sort of tree or progression. If she could stop me from ever having what she’d seen as normal “entry-level” sex, I’d never move on to more advanced subjects.

It showed how much she knew.

I mean, I could and did handle vaginal sex. At that moment, my pussy was getting plenty of attention, albeit externally, and oh sweet fuck was it something. Amaranth seemed to be working Glory like a puppet with her tongue, grinding her against me as Steff did the same with me from below.

There was so much stimulation on both sides that it would have been hard to separate out individual orgasms from the swelling and crashing waves of pleasure, but as weirdly analytical as I can be during those times, I somehow didn’t care much.

I was a little surprised when it was Glory who first broke down and called for a halt to the proceedings.

“Enough!” she yelled. “Oh, sweet fucking gods and faeries, enough!”

Amaranth stopped what she was doing and disengaged, then lightly caught Glory when she tumbled back away from me. I was still more or less on Steff’s lap, and completely on her cock, which was still hard.

“I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing, if that’s okay,” Steff said.

“Slow,” I said, breathing heavily. In the absence of any other stimulation, I couldn’t take quite the same pounding and enjoy it. “Please, slower.”

“You got it,” Steff said, adjusting her pace. “Or, you are in the process of getting it.”

“Sure, fine,” Glory said. She literally fanned her face. “Oh, fuck. I have never… that was… what was that?”

“Oh, please,” Amaranth said. “I know you didn’t rule an elven court without anyone kissing your butt.”

“Well, no one as good as you, but I mean… the… grinding thing. That’s… I mean, you know, things have brushed up against it before, it happens, heat of the moment, and it feels good, but… that was something else.”

“Surprise,” Amaranth said. She settled herself down and pulled Glory up into her lap, half-cradling and half-embracing her. “Sex with sex organs feels good.”

“It’s just… I mean, you know, part of the reason we don’t is it’s squicky, and part of it is making sure no one winds up with kids we don’t want, particularly before we’re adults…”

“And part of it is simple entrenched misogyny,” Amaranth said.

“Which is itself cissexist,” Steff added. “Because, you know, we don’t all have the same junk stowed in our cellars.”

“…but one of the things we hear is that it just doesn’t feel as good,” Glory said. “I mean, when my sister started getting into the pussy-play thing, I thought it was just a taboo thing, you know? To hear the elves with dicks talk about it, nothing feels as good as getting off that way…”

Steff snorted.

“Take it from me, a penis is pretty weaksauce in that department,” she said. “Taking it up the ass or even just having someone flicking the trigger at the base of the ballsack fast and hard enough can give way more intense orgasms… what the penis is, compared to other sex bits, is easy. Everything’s hanging out there in the open. It’s super obvious when it’s in the ready position, and how to get it there, and what to do with it when it is.”

“I think there’s a lot of mythology around sex, in any culture,” Amaranth said. “And elves and humans alike tend to play up certain aspects, and play down others.”

“That’s a serious…” Steff said.

“Don’t say it,” Glory said.

“Error in judgment,” Steff said. “What?”

“I thought you were… never mind,” Glory said.

“No worries,” Steff said. “It’s an easy myth-take to make.”

Glory threw back her head and let out a groan… which turned into a moan as some kind of after-shock seemed to wrack her body.

“Oh, fuck,” she said. “I’m still twitching… twitching and throbbing. You know, I’ve had a clit longer than the rest of you have been alive, put together, but I didn’t know they could do that.”

“That’s the other thing about the penis-worship,” Amaranth said. “Insisting it’s special means exaggerating how unique it is, which means ignoring a lot of the properties of the clitoris, if not ignoring it entirely.”

“Oh, fuck,” Glory said. Her pale face turned a bright purple around the cheeks. “I… I kind of want to touch it? Like, with my hands?”

“No one’s stopping you,” Amaranth said.

She did, in a halting, experimental fashion, though she yelped and drew her hand back like she’d been burned.

“Shit, that’s sensitive!” she said.

Amaranth laughed gently.

“Well, you’ve got a whole lifetime to work with it,” she said. “And I have a feeling that now that we sort of… broke the seal on it… you’ll feel a little more comfortable exploring at your own pace, on your own.”

“Maybe,” Glory said. Her eyes slid over to me. “Though maybe not on my own… I’m having some thoughts that just a few minutes ago would have been unthinkable.”

“Oh, honey… if you can get Mack to put her lips between your legs, you will be my hero,” Amaranth said. “She’s normally a good student, so eager to please, but… well, we tried.”

I might have said something then, but that was the moment when Steff suddenly pulled down hard and pushed up hard at the same time, then grunted and strained while my eyes found the bright white fuzzy space that hides inside my head. I’d asked her to go slow, and she continued to oblige… it felt like she was coming forever, and then she wasn’t.

“Oh, kheez,” Steff said, slipping out of me. “I had no idea how much I needed that.”

“That’s something we can all agree on,” Glory said.

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