Due to frequent reader request, the Tales of MU series is being converted to a variety of e-book formats for offline/portable reading. There are two different styles of collection available. The first is individual books that have been enhanced with author’s commentary for each chapter. The second is an omnibus approach which simply compiles large sections of the serial into one collection.

The omnibus approach puts more of the story in your hands faster and is a cheaper way to collect the series overall. It’s perfect for a new reader who would rather tackle the series in a familiar format instead of using the website, or an old reader who wants to revisit the archive at their leisure. The enhanced e-books take a bit longer to produce because of the commentary, but provide insight that might be entertaining or informative to readers both new and old.

Tales of MU Individual Books Enhanced With Author’s Commentary

Volume 1 Book 1: Welcome Weekend $2.99 (EPUB | MOBI | HTML | PDF) (Kindle) | (Nook)
Volume 1 Book 2: Love in the Time of Magic $4.99 (EPUB | MOBI | HTML | PDF) (Kindle)

Tales of MU Omnibus Collections (NOTE: Contains No New Content)

Omnimbus I (Collects Books 1-3) $6.99 (EPUB | MOBI | HTML | PDF) (Kindle) | (Nook)
Omnibus II (Collects Books 4-6) $8.99 (EPUB | MOBI | HTML | PDF) (Kindle | Nook)
Omnibus III (Collects Books 7-9) $7.99 (EPUB | MOBI | HTML | PDF) (Kindle | Nook)
Omnibus IV (Collects Books 10-12) $8.99 (EPUB | MOBI | HTML | PDF) (Kindle)
Omnibus V (Collects Books 13-14) $6.99 (EPUB | MOBI | HTML | PDF) (Kindle)

Format Key

EPUB is compatible with most non-Kindle devices and apps.
MOBI is compatible with most Kindle devices and apps.
HTML opens in your browser rather than an e-reader.
PDF can be read in most devices/browsers and is printer-friendly.

Direct purchases include all formats that are currently available for the book for the same price. Please check which format is right for your needs before purchasing. If the book you want is not yet available in the format you need it, take heart… the conversion is a work in progress. Every book offered here will be available in every format offered here. If you need a format that isn’t listed, please drop me a line at and we’ll see what we can do.

All of my books are available DRM-free. Buying your e-books directly from me puts the money in my hands faster and allows me to keep more of the money for myself rather than being paid a royalty out of it. It may also be cheaper for certain readers outside the U.S., who would have to pay more to buy it on Amazon. Because direct sales translate to immediate money, the full value of your purchase will be added to the bank for bonus stories the next time it gets updated, so you and other MU readers get that added benefit to your purchase.

However, the difference isn’t so much that I’ll begrudge someone buying from a commercial site for the convenience it brings in things like library management. Buying commercial boosts my ranking on those sites and helps give me exposure.