Chapter 48: Out In The Open

on November 28, 2011 in Volume 2 Book 2: The Trouble With Twyla, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which There Is No Third Chance To Make A Second Impression

The compliment made me blush, and not just because it was a compliment but because it felt undeserved. Depths? I spent way too much time in my own head, but just because I had a head full of thoughts didn’t mean they were deep.

What did I say to something like that?

“Thanks,” was the word that came out of my mouth, eventually. It seemed safe… polite… and more than a little inadequate. If nothing else, I thought it might do something to help correct her impression.

“Well, I should get back,” Nicki said, jerking her head towards the crystal station where a girl with a pair of tight, bouncy pigtails and a face full of piercings was looking increasingly frustrated with her attempts to align a pair of echo crystals while a skinny guy with a shaved head looked on with a look of mild amusement.

“Sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to keep you from your friend.”

“Oh, I wasn’t planning on hanging out with Tasha the whole time,” Nicki said. “I mean, she’s working, right? But she has a big tendency to get flustered when she’s doing something she doesn’t have a lot of experience with, so I’m basically going to pop back and distract her any time she looks like she’s about to blow… if that makes sense.”

“That actually sounds like a really helpful thing to do,” I said.

“You think?” Nicki said. “She was my roommate for half of one semester last year… we didn’t really make good roommates, but she’s probably my best friend now. I can introduce you to her when she gets a break? That is, if you’re not busy with your own friends.”

“Well, we are planning on hanging out, but… it’s hanging out,” I said. “You don’t exactly have to fill out a card or make a reservation to do it.”

“Good point,” she said. “Sorry, I’m overthinking… or underthinking and overworrying. Man, how did you get to be so cool about everything?”

She dashed back towards the table where the crystal jockeys were setting things up before I had a chance to come up with a response, though that honestly wasn’t saying a whole lot. She could have dropped to the ground and inched her way back on her stomach and I still wouldn’t have been able to come up with much before she was out of conversational earshot.

Cool? It might have made a tiny bit of sense if she’d been a freshman or something, but she’d started school at the same time I had… and I knew she’d been a witness to at least one occasion that had probably been pretty embarrassing to me at the time, though I didn’t know which one because I wasn’t about to press her for more details. Whenever it had been, it had happened and I couldn’t change or hide it… did my seemingly blithe acceptance of that seem cool to her?

My freshman year hadn’t lacked for excitement, though it hadn’t all been good excitement… and I certainly hadn’t been particularly cool about handling it. Was that all it took to impress Nicki, though? It would have been easy to assume so, but she also seemed to be genuinely interested in getting to know me. That and the fact that she was good friends with someone she’d apparently had a rough start with made me think that she was probably not all superficial… even if she did have some strange ideas about depths.

I didn’t want to spend the whole evening wrapped up in my thoughts. It especially seemed like a bad idea to try to get a handle on who Nicki was and why she thought the things she did when I barely knew what she thought, so I stopped to take a look around at the preparations for the dance. The part of the school year where the weather was still summery and schedules were still light was a big time for dances, and there was never a shortage of campus groups looking to attract a little attention or demonstrate their hipness and with-itude.

This wasn’t the first outdoor dance I’d seen, but it was the biggest… in the wake of Leda’s highly publicized death, the school had taken a slightly less laissez-faire approach to campus security and had supposedly made a few alterations to the protective enchantments around the school. Officially students who went out after dark were still taking their lives into their own hands… except for times when they weren’t.

It was an open secret that they were capable of strengthening the protections during times like the beginning of a semester or around midterms or finals or during an important skirmish match, but the powers that be seemed to have reasons for keeping campus life on the hazardous side. Learning how to cope with mortal peril was considered part of a well-rounded education, after all. I doubted that any of that had changed, but the university leadership had decided to leaven the terror with more “safe” events. Hence the start of year dance had been moved from the big conference room in the union to the open space just outside it.

There was definitely something to be said for an outdoor dance. Having it out in the open air in a space where the boundaries were just lines on the ground and not actual walls allowed for more of a general party atmosphere than did a dance in a darkened salle or conference room.

The dance had not even officially started yet, and already there were people setting up their own folding chairs off to the side of the pent, tossing around beanbags, and fighting with light mock weapons… the sort of thing that people tended to do on the pent during weekends anyway. The dance organizers, other students from the activity committee… were shooing them away from the actual grass space so they could get stuff set up. Some of them were releasing floating paper lanterns to provide a lighted ceiling for the dance floor.

It was probably not actually necessary, since the pent was completely encircled… or enpentagoned… with glowing paths anyway, but it gave a nice sense of this is the dance floor, this is where the dance is happening. The CJ station was set up on the edge of the paved plaza in front of the union, and there were long tables being set up for refreshments there, as well.

“Okay,” Nicki said, coming back to rejoin me. “Crisis averted… or postponed, or deferred, or something. I’m not bugging you, am I?”

“What?” I said. “No. Why?”

“You looked so kind of content or peaceful or something by yourself,” she said. “I’m not like that… leave me alone for thirty seconds and I start looking around for something to do, or wondering why I’m alone… not in like a ‘Oh, Khersis, what the fuck is wrong with me?’ kind of a way, but… okay, kind of that way. Um, can I say ‘Khersis’ in front of you?”

“Prayers hurt me, but just saying his name isn’t prayer,” I said. “In fact, most of the time it’s technically a sin.”

“Does that do anything for you?”

“Not that I’ve ever noticed,” I said. “But no, you’re not bothering me… I’m used to being alone with my thoughts, but I don’t come to a dance to be alone. I mean, being introverted is a big part of why I don’t come to more dances…”

“You think of yourself as introverted?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I guess I must have seemed like an exhibitionist at times, but… well, it’s more like I’m the partner to an exhibitionist. And I think someone could be an introverted exhibitionist.”

“You also seem to get involved in a lot of things.”

“Kicking and screaming, usually,” I said. “Can I ask you something?”


“Why are you so interested in me?”

“Because you’re interesting?” she said. “I mean, you’re one of the cool kids.”

“I am?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I mean, at the beginning of freshman year, when you used to hang out with Puddy and the Harlowe skirmish girls…”

“That didn’t last long,” I said. “Especially the skirmishers. Though I guess I’m kind of friends with Belinda now, again.”

“It seemed like it was a whole phase,” Nicki said. “Though I don’t really have a timeline in my head, the first few weeks were so full of new stuff and the weeks after that were all so busy…”

“I know the feeling,” I said.

“But anyway, it was like… that seemed like the cool table. I decided Puddy wasn’t actually that cool after a while, but you and your friends stopped hanging out with her, so… that seemed okay.”

“Strangely, you’re not the first person to say something about the ‘cool table’ to me,” I said. “Though the guys who brought it up last year were pretty resentful of it. It seemed ridiculous to me. It wasn’t like we were excluding anyone, or staking claim to territory… there were probably a dozen different little groups in the lunchroom at any time with a favorite table. We just stood out because… we stood out. There was probably a bit of human racial entitlement, there, too.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, if a couple of humans… white human guys, in particular, just happen to sit at the same table day after day, they just happen to sit there,” I said. “We do it and it means something. We do it and it’s a statement, and more than that, an encroachment. The human guys are just fine at their table, they’re just fine with all the people who look like them taking up tables, but if we take up a table, that’s like telling them they can’t have it, and suddenly they care about it.”

“See? This is the sort of conversations I wanted to have with you.”

I blushed.

“I’m really… there are loads of people who’d be better at the whole racial politics thing,” I said. “I’m human-blooded, I look human… both my parents code visually as white humans. My father is the ancestral enemy of humanity and I get treated better than some of my friends in a lot of ways.”

“But you’re aware of it,” she said. “And I hope you don’t take it the wrong way when I say things like that. I mean, I don’t look at you as some kind of progressive wisdom dispenser.”

“Good,” I said. “And I’m not taking it anyway, because I don’t know how to take it… I am flattered that you wanted to talk to me so much. I mean, really.”

“Well, I might not have gone out of my way to meet you, but when I saw you in class it seemed like it would be okay to talk to you,” she said. “Well, I probably wouldn’t have worked up the courage for a few more weeks if Professor Stone hadn’t encouraged us to bounce ideas off each other. I was really glad for that. I mean, not just for the whole talking to you thing, but because I can’t stand trying to think creatively when I don’t have someone to talk to.”

“I’m mostly the opposite,” I said. “Though I did find it helpful. Your idea about making things swim past the mirror gave me the idea to make a TV that acts as an aquarium.”

“With real fish, or illusions?”

“Illusions,” I said. “There would probably be a few ways to make a TV that turns into an actual aquarium, but at that point it would be more like engineering a whole new type of enchantment rather than just redesigning an existing product.”

“I suppose,” Nicki said. “It’s still a pretty cool idea. I went through a bunch of different versions of my idea… at first I was thinking about ways to make public mirrors blend into their environment more, but then I realized that would make them harder to see. So I started thinking about ways to make them stand out more, but some of the ideas were starting to border on the obnoxious. So then I went back to where I’d just been thinking of ways to make the boring utilitarian mirror look more like the classy old ones, and I think I came up with something pretty cool.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Make them show a reflection of a fancy mirror,” she said. “Not just like an overlaid image around the edges like I was talking about, but an actual three dimensional reflection… so when you look at it, it looks like you’re looking at an older mirror.”

“Wouldn’t that make the area for reflecting an actual conversation really small?” I asked. I felt pretty awful as soon as I said it, because from the way she was grinning I could tell Nicki was pretty proud of her idea, but she took the criticism completely in stride.

“Possibly,” she said. “My mirror would have to be bigger, and ideally it would be set back into the wall, though it would be possible to make one that wasn’t… it just wouldn’t look as snazzy. And even then there would have to be an option to dispel the internal image and just display things directly on the… oh. Better idea! Simpler idea! Illusionary frame extending behind the area of the boring utilitarian mirror!”

“That actually would be a pretty awesome way to implement it,” I said.

“It could be personalized,” Nicki said. “I mean, you could have flames… not that you personally would have flames, necessarily, but a flaming border is a thing that could be done. Or an icy one. Or whatever. Like how the new mirrors let you put wallpaper behind you to screen out background stuff when you’re talking. Oh, sorry… this is what I meant when I said that I think better when I’m talking to someone. I’ve been going back and forth and around in circles on this stuff for two days and now I have a much better day thirty seconds after I started describing what I was doing to you.”

“Do you ever try just talking out loud to yourself, or writing things down?” I asked. “I mean, that’s basically what I’m doing when I’m thinking something through… just having a conversation with myself.”

“I think I’d be too shy to talk to myself,” Nicki said. “And I wrote all my ideas down, because I do that. It just doesn’t lead anywhere beyond having things written down.”

“Oh,” I said. “Well, I guess everyone’s going to be different… there isn’t anything wrong with the way you do things. I just thought it might be useful if you had the option of… you know…”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Nicki said. “A big part of getting my act together last year was figuring out how to work with what I have… um… to work with. You know? Can I ask another question?”


“It’s another… it’s one of the things I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Go ahead,” I said, feeling pretty confident that I was about to disappoint her.

“It’s about… how you meet girls.”.

“I don’t know,” I said. “It’s not something I set out to do… living in an all-girls dorm helps.”

“I mean girls who are queer,” she said. “As far as I can tell, you’re not in any of the campus groups. I tried them… not, like, specifically to pick up chicks, but my thought was that it would be a good way to meet people I could relax and be myself around, and I’d know if they were queer and they’d know I was… it just seemed like a good first step.”

“So what happened?” I asked.

“Well, first of all, no one takes a bisexual freshman girl seriously,” she said. “They get called ‘elvers’.”


“Because elves… well, what I’ve heard is that most young elves are gay, but adults are more likely to be straight.”

“I don’t think they see it quite in terms of straight and gay,” I said. “But yeah, I think that’s basically how it works out… surface elves have a lot of social pressure to hang out with the same sex when they’re young, but adults consider mixing to be a sign of maturity. It’s really just a very different way of looking at things, especially since ‘young’ and ‘adult’ mean different things to elves.”

“See? This is what I meant about you being up on things,” Nicki said.

“You’re not a freshman anymore,” I said, more to have something to say without responding to that.

“I guess not… you know your friend with the horns?”

“She’s not exactly my friend,” I said. “And she’s definitely… I mean, I’m pretty sure she’s not a lesbian. She seems like a pretty liberal Khersian, so I guess it’s possible, but I wouldn’t be the best choice for someone to introduce you to her. You’d probably be better off just approaching her in class, like you did me.”

“Oh, I wasn’t…” Nicki said. “I was just wondering what was up with you and her after class the other day, like if you were trying to stay out of her sight, or vice-versa, or anything…”

“Is this a non-hypothetical situation?” I asked.

“Pretty non-hypothetical.”

“How non-hypothetical?”

“About ten feet behind you and a bit to the left.”

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