Chapter 53: Feather And Shell

on December 16, 2011 in Volume 2 Book 3: Figments & Fragments, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which Some Sort Of Ridiculous Owl-Turtle Thing Doesn’t Know What It’s Talking About

The night after the dance, I had a dream where I was falling.

It wasn’t a nightmare, exactly… especially not at first. I just found myself within a vast, blank space and a moment later realized that I was falling through it. That part seemed very natural, since there was nothing there to hold me up. It wasn’t particularly scary, because there didn’t seem to be anything for me to land on. There also wasn’t anything around me to grab hold of, or anything to give me some frame of reference for the size or nature of the space… there just wasn’t anything at all, really.

Despite the profound lack of details, there was still a sort of clarity to the dream that unnerved me. I was seeing things strictly from my usual vantage point inside my own head, and while the setting of the dream was unusual, it was consistent… it wasn’t undergoing any weird shifts or jumps that I could tell. My experience with dreams was that when things got this concrete, there was probably an outside influence involved.

I’d just dealt with my own personal outside influence the night before: my father, the man who I’d never met outside of my dreams. This didn’t seem like his style, nor would it be usual for him to visit two nights in a row like this. He was a skulker. As a full-blooded demon, he couldn’t afford to attract too much attention.

The blankness of the setting reminded me of another dream episode I’d had, when the campus had been under the influence of an emissary from one of the less compatible nearby frames of reality. The effects of its presence had made sleeping minds bleed over into each other, and while it hadn’t actually invaded any dreams, there had been another presence… a sort of owl/turtle hybrid that had somehow cobbled itself together out of the unusually literal mind of a living golem. I hadn’t exactly cared for it.

“You take your sweet time coming to the point, don’t you?” it said, suddenly floating very close beside me.

The owl-turtle thing might have looked more turtle than owl, except for the fact that it was bipedal and used its front/top flipper-wings to fly. Actually, once I started thing about it, it might have been slightly more owl than turtle.

“If you were in a hurry, you didn’t have to wait for me figure it out,” I said.

“Actually, I did,” it said. “I needed that last little link to be made by you in order to come all the way over. After spending the last three months in a hole full of Dee’s people I won’t exactly say that your mind’s well-defended, but it ain’t a rusty sieve, either. I might not have been able to find my way in at all, except for two things, the first being that you were there the night I was born.”

“I had the impression you were around before that night,” I said.

The details of my previous meeting with the thing were really spotty… it had been a dream, after all, and it had happened in the midst of a pretty messed-up phase of my life. I knew it had originated in Two’s dreams, though. I had the dim impression that it had somehow crossed over into Dee’s mind, though I was pretty sure that had happened before the night of the fish-beast.

“Oh, I was around,” it said. “But much less real. What’s that rhyme about the golem who becomes a real boy?”

“Little Willy Tinker,” I said. “If you’re real, why are we in a dream?”

“Because I’m a real dream,” it said. “Maybe the first of a kind, I don’t know.”

“Are you saying that the fish-beast’s weird telepathy gave you a physical form?”

“No, no, no,” it said. “You aren’t even listening… I’m still a dream, but now I have a real form. Not physical. But real.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I can go walkabout without riding Dee’s telepathy, which was always pretty dicey. I mean, if I rode her thoughts into a mind without any psychic powere, there was no guarantee that I could ever get back out of it. And of course, I could never have used her to visit you… wouldn’t have been safe for any of us.”

“But whatever the fish-beast did lets you enter my mind without being ripped to shreds?” I said.

“Kid, what you call the fish-beast is from a place with far weirder things than a little demon hunger,” it said.

“Don’t call me ‘kid’,” I said. “You were only born a year ago.”

“I was,” it said. “But Two and Dee are both older than you are, and I have their experiences and maturity put together plus bits of lots of other folks I’ve managed to pick up. You, included.”

I felt like that should have bothered me, but it didn’t… he didn’t actually have a literal piece of my mind any more than he literally possessed Dee’s. When he left Two, he hadn’t left her a vacant shell. So he was talking about something like an echo of thoughts and memories, a copy.

If it had been a person I’d be seriously concerned about what they might do with that copy or what it might contain. But the owl-turtle thing was thoughts. And on top of that, I had a feeling that it was trying to rile me and I didn’t want to take the bait.

Still, if I wasn’t going to be upset by its declaration, I didn’t really know what to say to it.

“How nice for you,” I said. “I guess everyone should have a hobby.”

“Anyway, don’t you want to know why I picked you to come and visit?” it said. “I mean, come on… this is one of the biggest dorms on campus. Lot of sleeping minds. I could have picked any of them.”

“Maybe you’re limited by proximity,” I said. “Or maybe you can only jump to minds that you have pieces of in your little collection. Maybe you didn’t want to just slink around in the background but you don’t want word getting around that you exist so you chose to bother someone who already knows about you.”

“Maybe, maybe,” it said. “But we’ve been here a week and this is the first time I’ve dropped in that you know about, so maybe you should be thinking about the timing.”

“Are you telling me I shouldn’t trust you?” I said. “Because I already kind of don’t.”

“I’m not the first visitor you’ve had recently, am I?” it said. “I could feel him, you know… feel him coming and going. That’s the other reason I could find my way in, by the way, since you never asked.”

“That’s nice,” I said. “What are you going to do with the information?”

“Lady, I’m trying to help you!”

“The last time we met, you made fun of my level of awareness,” I said. “But I’m perfectly aware of what I dreamed about last night. I don’t know what I think about it, but whatever fresh insights you’re hoping to bring me would be coming from Dee’s mind, and I already know what she thinks.”

“The thing is… I think I could have followed him,” it said. “And I don’t think he felt me, so I don’t think he would have known he was being followed.”

“What exactly would that accomplish?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” the owl-turtle thing said. “I’m a thing that shouldn’t exist, so I’m still learning what I can do. I couldn’t pop out of his head and have a look around, because of the whole no physical body thing and there not being an actual plane of dreams for me to exist on outside of people’s heads, but I could take a look around inside his head. Chances are he knows where he is and what he’s up to.”

“You think you could do that without getting caught?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” it said again. “But I doubt he could do anything if he knew I was there. Dee has been trying to get rid of me for months, and she’s a telepath from a people who make a real study of telepathy.”

“And the man you’re talking about is a centuries-old demon,” I said. “He may or may not be older than any of the people who tried to remove you from Dee’s head, and he’ll have the home ground advantage.”

“Centuries or not, I’m pretty sure he’s never run across anything like me.”

“What are you, exactly?”

“I don’t know,” it said. “Ask me again in a thousand years and I might be a new kind of god. I don’t plan on that, in particular. I’m not aiming for it. But I could see it happening, in the natural course of things. Anyway, what do you care if your old man rubs me out? You don’t like me. Dee doesn’t like me. I’m some sort of ridiculous owl-turtle thing. No one likes me!”

“What do you care if I care? Do you need my permission to go do this?” I asked.

“I need your cooperation if I’m going to help you,” it said. “I’m not about to go risking my unprecedented existence if you’re not going to listen to whatever I find out.”

“I thought you were sure nothing he might do would get rid of you,” I said.

“Pretty sure,” it said. “But hey, even if he’s never seen the likes of me doesn’t mean that he couldn’t crush me using something he learned from other things. I mean, just because you’ve never seen a new type of bug before doesn’t mean you can’t crush it like all the other bugs.”

“So now you’re a bug?”

“Compared to him? Who knows! Maybe he’s a bug compared to me,” the owl-turtle thing said. “I don’t know, I want to find out. And I don’t mind being compared to a bug because I have no ego to speak of. If it’s true, it’s true.”

“So this is just a chance to find out how you stack up against a demon?”

“It’s a chance to find out a lot of things,” it said. “I don’t even know what all! Interesting and important things keep happening near you… maybe not always around you or to you, but you’re on the periphery of so much shit you don’t even know about. This is my way to find out.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I thought we established this: I don’t know,” the owl-turtle thing said. “But big things are coming. Trust me on that. I’ve been inhabiting the dreams of one of the most perceptive people on this campus, and she’s psychically sensitive and divinely connected, to boot. Short of an actual oracle, there isn’t a better vantage point for connecting signs and portents than that.”

“So if I said yes… would you leave right now?” I asked.

“Leave you alone?”

“Leave and follow the trail.”

“Nah, the trail’s gone cold,” it said. “Actually, that’s the other reason I’m asking you. I think for this to really work, I’d need to be inside your head when he shows up, so I can follow him when he leaves.”

“So what you’re really asking me for is permission to live inside my head,” I said.


“No,” I said.

“You would barely know I was here. When you’re awake, I mean.”

“No!” I said.

“I’m not asking you to do anything that isn’t ultimately in your best interest,” it said.

“I think I’m capable of figuring out what is and isn’t my best interest,” I said. “And even if I’m not, I’m entitled to think that I am. If you don’t get out of my head, I’ll start treating you like I treat him.”

“You mean you’ll sit and talk to me?” it said. “Kheesh. You never yet asked me to leave… said no to what I was offering, yes, but I would have left the first time you asked.”

“This is me telling you,” I said.

“And you don’t have to tell me twice,” it said. I might have said something about it stalling, but it was leaving, in a way… it was becoming less distinct. Not really less solid, just less well-defined. I supposed that was what withdrawing a presence from someone’s mind was like. He wasn’t getting farther away, just less there.

“Thank you,” I said. I made a mental note for the next time it showed up… and I was pretty sure there was going to be a next time… to ask it to leave as soon as it started irritating me. I had a feeling it might not be as accommodating as it claimed, but if that proved to be the case then at least I’d have confirmation of my suspicion.

It was hard to say why I disliked the owl-turtle thing so much. The first time we’d met, it had said something about my mother implying that it knew more about her death than I did, which was plainly ridiculous… but I hadn’t exactly been crazy about it before it pulled that one out.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t work something out,” it said as it faded from my mind. “Sorry, and surprised… I really thought you might want to know what he’s done with the pitchfork.”

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    • 'Nym-o-maniac says:

      Well, in her defense, he is kind of invading her head unannounced. She’s had some bad experiences with unwanted nighttime intruders. Plus, the some sort of ridiculous owl-turtle thing does tend to be rather… abrasive.

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      This was strongly hinted at when Mackenzie met the scarecrow in the cursed farm.
      It asked the question ‘what happened to your mother?’, eventually accepting her answer that she did could not remember.
      To me this suggests that the scarecrow knew that the answer was in her head, but eventually agreed that it was impossible for Mackenzie to find it, making her answer a true and honest one (if unsatisfying).
      It was certainly within the power of both her father and her mother to block away those memories, and I am inclined to say that it is not impossible for her grandmother to either have done so herself, or arranged for it being done on her behalf.
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    Outright denying its proposition without any attempt to weasel some information out of it is, I think, essentially like saying: “Look, these ‘big things’ you claim are going to happen, may or may not include me, my friends and everyone I’ve ever cared about meeting terrible ends–that just might be preventable if it were known by anyone other than just you, but even if that’s so, I don’t want to know or think about it. I have enough problems with my university campus life, as is.”

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