In Which Turnabout Is Fair Play

It was still too early for bed, but the fact that Ian had said he’d be coming back after he dropped off the notes kept me from going anywhere.

“I wonder what Ian wants,” I said to Amarant, since our conversation seemed to have run its course and she was just sitting on the edge of the bed now.

“…don’t you think it’s pretty obvious, baby?” she said.

“Well, okay, yes, I can think of a few things in general that my boyfriend might be coming to my room for,” I said. “But it kind of sounded like he had something on his mind.”

“I suppose you’ll find out,” she said, in a tone of voice that made me feel like I was supposed to already know. She leaned over and brushed her hand to indicate the floor in front of her. “Why don’t you take off your clothes and have a seat down here.”

“Was this his idea?” I said as I obediently stripped out of my shirt.

“Hamper!” Amaranth said before it had left my fingers. “And no, it’s mine, but I don’t imagine he’ll complain about it.”

“I might feel silly if he just wants to talk.”

“I still don’t imagine he’ll complain,” she said.

I’d just barely finished undressing and was settling myself down near Amaranth’s feet when the door opened. Amaranth stopped me from jumping up in surprise with a hand on my shoulder.

Of course we’d left the door unlocked… there were only two keys to a dorm room where more people than that were pretty much always welcome, and we’d been expecting one of them.

“Uh… this is a surprise,” Ian said, though Amaranth was correct… technically he wasn’t complaining. “Did you remember my instructions?” he asked her.

“Oh, absolutely,” she said, and I could hear the mouth-stretching grin in her face. “She hasn’t orgasmed by my hands… or other parts.”

“Good,” he said. He’d regained his composure pretty quickly and was slipping into his dom voice, though it was only at this point that he remembered to step through the door and close it behind him. “And how about you?” he asked me.

I drew a blank. Instructions? Now that Amaranth had mentioned something about it, I was remembering that the weekend before when I was giving my time to Steff… he’d told me I wasn’t allowed to get off from the time Steff was finished for the rest of the week. Evidently he’d relayed that wish to Amaranth, which only made sense.

“Uh, I haven’t done it by my own hands, either,” I said.

“And the rest?” he said in his smoothest, most dominant voice, giving me the look of someone who’s trying to raise an eyebrow and was self-conscious about whether or not it worked.

“Oh, yes… the rest,” I said. “The rest… would be… your orders to me, on the subject of…”

He let out an exasperated groan.

“Mackenzie, I asked you… I told you to play with yourself every night before you went to sleep,” he said.

“Oh, right!” I said as it came back to me. I blushed both with embarrassment at the thought of doing such a thing for him, and the realization that I hadn’t. “Yes, that is the thing that you told me to do.”


“Um… well, it was kind of a busy week,” I said, though to be honest, my memory of that conversation hadn’t really even made it past my weekend with Steff.

If I hadn’t understood the ridiculous owl-turtle thing’s explanation of how memories work, this would have been a perfect example. I had clean forgotten about the whole thing, but one reminder of each part of it had brought it back as clear as a bell to the point that it was amazing that I’d been able to forget it. The memory had never actually been gone, just… not there.

“Oh, Mackenzie,” he said. “I’ve been building this up in my head for more than a week now!”

“I’m sorry!” I said. “I should have remembered… but you could have reminded me. I mean, we could have built it up together. Like, I still might have let it slip my mind at first, but if you’d asked me how I was doing with it, well, you could have… expressed your disappointment, somehow… and then I’d be back on track, with the kind of reminder I’m not likely to forget.”

He sighed.

“That’s a good point,” he said. “I’ve been fantasizing about this… the whole point was to heighten the anticipation, you know? That’s why I left it alone the whole time. I thought it would be better. But I guess I could have taken things up another level if I’d been toying with you the whole time about it.”

“Also, I’m the one who sleeps with her most often,” Amaranth said. “If I’d known you had more instructions for her, I would have… well, actually, I don’t know, the same thing still might have happened to me. But it would have been another chance for someone to remember it.”

“Yeah. I guess it’s done now, though,” Ian said. “I’ll know for next time.”

“If it helps, she plays with herself after she falls asleep, a lot of nights,” Amaranth said.

“It… doesn’t hurt?” Ian said. “But it’s not exactly what I was going for.”

“I know what you mean… I was totally going to confiscate her underwear for a while,” Amaranth said, getting up from the bed and beginning to pace as she spoke. “And I’ve been meaning to spank her far more often. I had all these plans… so many great ideas.”

“Yeah, ideas are easy. To be honest, I think I’ve masturbated to the thought of ordering her to blow me more than I’ve actually done it,” Ian said. “It’s not that the fantasy is better than the reality, it’s that the fantasy is always there, you know? Right at h… an easy and accessible location.”

“You know, I’ve read that the more time you spend thinking about what you want to do, the less you actually have the drive to do it,” Amaranth said. “I mean, anticipation is a powerful thing and all, but if the fantasy of a thing is too satisfying, it can sap your motivation to actually go out and do it. It’s like the part of your brain that handles that kind of thing checks it off the list and says, ‘Oh, well, glad we finished that’.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think it’s just that,” Ian said. “I think if we’re honest, we’re honestly pretty bad at this. I mean, you have… instincts, which are awesome, and I’m very much in favor of the whole thing, but we’re not exactly going to win Master and… what, Mistress? Of the year anytime soon.”

“I don’t think we’re bad,” Amaranth said. “We just… could be better. And I think we can be, with a little work. We’ll try harder, talk more…”

The whole thing was getting too surreal, even by the standards of my life. It felt like they were falling into the role of busy parents wondering where they’d gone wrong when they suddenly caught their teenaged daughter with an empty potion bottle hidden under mattress.

The only part of that scenario that matched was that I was technically a teenager, but then, so were they.

I understood lamenting missed opportunities, but I felt like they were in the process of missing another one. Amaranth had made me undress and I’d been there crouched on the floor waiting for Ian, and now he was here and he was too focused on what could have been instead of taking advantage of what was.

“Uh, guys?” I said, from my position on the floor. They both looked down suddenly, like they’d forgotten that I was there. “I’m still here… still naked. Still on the floor. I get the whole ‘we can do better’ kick, I really do, but… aren’t there better things you could be doing with your time? I mean, we’ve all got class tomorrow, and it’s going to be another busy week.”

They both just looked at me for a bit, which made me really conscious of my nudity… I mean, I’d just mentioned it myself, so it wasn’t like I’d forgotten, but now with two sets of eyes on me and no one saying anything, it seemed a lot more prominent a feature of the situation.

Then they looked at each other. Ian began to smile, a smirking, knowing sort of smile. Amaranth returned it, though she had a hard time keeping her natural sweetness out of it. Now they were talking… well, they’d stopped talking, but those expressions spoke volumes, and some of those volumes included graphic illustrations and color fold-outs.

“You know…” Ian said slowly. “We really should punish her for forgetting my instructions.”

It would have been inappropriate for me to say “yes, please” out loud, but I couldn’t help nodding.

“You’re absolutely right,” Amaranth said. “I mean, yes, we both could have done things differently, and that might have made a difference… but your words were hers to remember.”

“Hers to remember, and obey,” Ian said.

“Then she’s yours to punish,” Amaranth said. It seemed like they were falling easily into another role now, and if it was one that I found less awkward than the creepy parents thing, it was kind of jarring. “But… if I may make a suggestion?”

“Of course,” Ian said. He took a step back and gestured to indicate that Amaranth had the floor.

She strode forward, and gave a twirl and a kind of flourish, placing a wooden sawhorse from her netherspace.

“Why do you…?” Ian started.

“I told you, I’ve had plans,” Amaranth said, and he blinked off his surprise. “Come here, baby.”

I obeyed with only a little visible hesitation.

“Weren’t we just talking about how this is everybody’s fault?” I said.

“Silence, slut!” Ian replied. I didn’t think he pulled it off quite as well as the more natural “shut up”, but it worked. By that I mean it did shut me up, and it did send shivers through portions of my anatomy that included my spine.

Amaranth guided me onto the sawhorse, leaning me over it and spreading my legs so that they matched the spread of the wooden ones. Then she procured short lengths of rope and lashed me by my arms and legs to it.

I could have freed myself in any number of ways, from burning through the ropes to flexing against the bonds and seeing whether the wood or the rope gave first. I could possibly have even managed to alter the rope magically to be less thick or more slippery, so I could just slip out of it.

But since I felt trapped enough that I had to remind myself of the fact that I had more than one escape option, it fulfilled its intended purpose.

We’d done experiments with bondage before. Amaranth had tied me up with things varying from scarves to vines, and Steff had shown off her proficiency with with ropes more than once since we’d negotiated that it had to stay away from my neck. This was the most extreme… it left me not just bound, but profoundly vulnerable. It was not a natural or comfortable position, not for me. Everything about it was for the convenience of my captors. Whether Ian wanted to spank me, fuck me, or do anything else with me, I was spread wide for his use.

“Hmm, now the question is, what to do with her?” he said, putting a hand on my ass and squeezing it.

I actually liked it all the more for the fact that he was talking about me rather than to me… before, when he and Amaranth had just been talking to each other, I’d begun to feel neglected, forgotten. Now I felt ignored, which was different… it was conscious, a matter of control. The posture I was bound in was not a naturally comfortable one, but the excitement that had been growing in me from the moment that Amaranth bent me over the sawhorse was more than enough to override a minor physical complaint.

“If I may make another suggestion?” Amaranth said.

“Of course,” Ian said.

“She was supposed to be spending the week preparing herself for your use,” Amaranth said. “She didn’t do that. She wasn’t supposed to orgasm before you had your way with her. It seems to me that if you were to do anything that might bring her off… and you know how little it takes to do that… then she might get the wrong message and think it’s fine for her to ignore your orders in the future.”

I even liked the sound of that… sure, a world-splitting orgasm had its points, but it wasn’t the entirety of sexual experience. Good sex… really good sex… was as much about the build-up as the release, and denying or delaying the latter could improve the former.

If Amaranth intended to make me work for a finale, I was just as determined to do so.

“What are you suggesting, then?” Ian said.

“Do nothing,” Amaranth said. “Nothing with her. Let this be her punishment, and let her spend another week… correcting her error.”

Okay, that was possibly more of a build-up than I’d had in mind… but I had to believe she wouldn’t have trussed me up if she really didn’t intend to do anything with me. Plus, there was another concern that I knew she wouldn’t overlook.

“But then I’m denying my own pleasure because of her disobedience,” Ian said.

Yep, there it was. Again, I could have kissed Ian… if I hadn’t been physically restrained. But I was pretty sure that some part of him would be placed in front of my lips before long. Even I wasn’t sensitive enough to come from giving a blowjob, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy it immensely.

“Not necessarily,” Amaranth said… yep, she was going to dance around it to heighten the tension, but it was obvious where she was heading. “You don’t have to deny yourself anything… that’s the other part of this punishment.”

Here it comes, I thought…

“She can watch… no, she must watch… as you do everything to me you would have done to her,” Amaranth said, “as I do everything for you that she’s not permitted to.”

It was only sheer shock that kept me from vocalizing my indignant confusion at this point. There might have been a sound coming out of my throat, but it wasn’t one I could easily classify or reproduce.

“That’s… that’s an interesting idea,” Ian said. “Except, I don’t think it would be much of a punishment if she gets to watch.”

“If you want to send her out of the room, I think we’ll have our work cut out for ourselves getting her clothes back on,” Amaranth said.

“No, I don’t want to send her away,” Ian said. “But let’s turn her around. I want her to listen… I think if she has to imagine what’s happening, it’ll be better.”

Submissiveness as much as self-control kept me from asking him if he was kidding, which was a good thing since I knew he wasn’t. Ian and Amaranth had had sex together with me before, but I was pretty sure this would be the first time they did it without my participation. It would definitely be the first time they’d done something like this in my presence.

“Better?” Amaranth said. “Or worse?”

“Both,” Ian said.

“Good,” she said. “After all, it wouldn’t be punishment if she enjoyed it… but it wouldn’t be fun if she didn’t.”

As it turned out, they were right.

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      Once you get over the initial shock and think about it, this is really just a minor tweak to things that all of them have already done.

      And if everyone involved enjoys it, where’s the harm? Remember, they have the added advantage that Amaranth can tell if everyone is OK with it.

      The problem is that you’re thinking with your gut reaction of jealousy, possession, and society’s ideas regarding “cheating”. However, if you don’t carry that baggage in your relationship, then there’s no problem. I admit I carry some of that baggage myself, but I won’t hold that against the people that don’t.

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          It’s kind of like the same-sex marriage debate. Whether you or I or anyone else dislikes same-sex marriage is irrelevant. All that matters is that it’s mature, rational adults making a decision that pretty much only affects themselves, and legally that should put them on equal footing with everyone else making basically the same decision. Anyone who finds same-sex marriage distasteful doesn’t have to get into a same-sex marriage, the option is just there for the people who do want to take it. (I’m not suggesting you’re against same-sex marriage, I’m just drawing a parallel here.)

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            To get into the meat-and-bones of your comment, I wasn’t originally referencing the morality of a poly affair as described in this chapter, and certainly not the legality of such. As I and others say, to each their own. The broad gist of my response was in regards to the “baggage” statement not being particularly valid. Perhaps I should have elaborated, but to be completely honest I’m not entirely sure how I would have done so in this case. I guess that I could summarize by stating that “preconceived notions” are not an entirely ignorable facet of life.

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