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I wasn’t at all looking forward to going to my last class of the day.

Unlike Local Hazards, it wasn’t just that I resented being required to take a class that I wouldn’t have picked for myself. It was true that I didn’t like the fact that we had to have at least one Weapon Proficiency class under our belt to get any degree, but I’d actually already fulfilled the graduation requirement back in my first semester.

But as part of making it through the class, I’d made a deal with the instructor, who had her own way of doing things but could be quite reasonable within that framework. For instance, she’d agreed to move her class indoors when the weather turned cold to accommodate my vulnerability to low temperatures in order to give me a chance to learn what I was doing before I had to fight at that kind of disadvantage. She’d also let me take the grade as a pass/fail to protect my GPA if I would agree to take another class of hers that she thought would suit me better.

That class was a new one she’d started this year: Fighting To Disable… or as she called it, fighting to win. The whole thing was kind of her personal take on the saying about the best defense being a good offense. The goal wasn’t specifically to use lethal force, though that was often the shortest route to it.

Of course, we didn’t usually employ real force. We had mockeries… illusionary versions of real weapons that could duplicate all their physical properties… to practice with. And when students with a sort of average level of mortality clashed together, that was usually enough.

But my demon strength presented some challenges. It meant that I could plow through ordinary opponents too quickly and easily to learn much from the experience, and it also posed a danger when I found myself in a tight spot. If I swung my phantasmal staff with all of my strength, the impact would only be an illusion… but if I were to lash out with a punch or kick, or even headbutt someone or charge into them, I could very easily kill them.

My last opponent had been Nae, a kobold. She’d chosen to up the ante by getting physical, knowing that her iron teeth couldn’t penetrate my half-demon skin but would cause plenty of pain anyway. I’d ended up flinging her right through the mockbox that had created and was sustaining our weapons.

If she’d been a human or an elf, she would have died. Even a dwarf probably would have been direly wounded. Goblinoids are made of tougher stuff, literally. She’d wanted to keep fighting, despite having a shard of wood stuck clean through her chest and signs of obvious brain damage that I was hoping would prove temporary.

But Coach Callahan had shut the fight down and sent her to the healing center, and anyway, our weapons had poofed. So had my fighting togs, which had also been provided by the box.

All in all, it hadn’t been a great day for me. Coach Callahan had told me to come back Monday and she’d figure out what to do with me… and that was the source of my dread.

I didn’t really expect to be punished… but that didn’t mean I wasn’t worried about the reception I might get, both from Callahan and Nae. Nae lived on our floor… she was actually suitemates with Hazel… but I hadn’t seen her since the incident. It seemed like she’d spent the weekend off-campus. That seemed to suggest she’d recovered okay… or at least it would if I knew for sure that she’d come back.

I made a point to show up early, since dragging my feet wouldn’t have made allowed me to avoid whatever consequences were coming. If there was anything that needed dealing with, I wanted the chance to deal with it before class began, if possible.

I was the first student one to reach the salle where the special section I was in fought our battles. Even the teaching assistant who oversaw us, Pala the diminutive storm giant, wasn’t there.

Coach Callahan was, though. She was trailing her fingers down the edge of a brand new red mockbox. IT was a bit bigger than the standard model, more of a square shape like a booth. There was another matching one in blue set up in the opposite corner.

The coach hadn’t acknowledged my entrance. I figured she was taking the time to get her thoughts lined up, since the possibility that I would have managed to approach her without her knowledge didn’t seem to be worth considering.

She wasn’t a tall woman. Her build was slim. You’d want to call her petite, but that didn’t quite fit. Between her relatively small size and her unlined face, it would be easy to mistake her for a student, albeit one who was into the barbarian punk look.

It helped to remember that she only looked human. Her ancestry was a mix of elven, dwarven, orc, and ogre. Somehow it… averaged out.

There was an old theory among humans… long-since discarded by most people… that humanity was the “original” race, the pure one, and that the other major races were descended from it, hence the somewhat outdated term “demihuman”. There were a lot of flaws in the theory, not the least of which being that it was informed entirely by what the people who came up with it considered to be “major races”, and those were mostly the ones that they had a lot of contact with.

Those who’d believed this theory had occasionally tried to prove it by attempting to breed the other races “back together”… I didn’t know her story, but Jillian Callahan resembled the more successful fruits of those experiments.

She looked human, unless you started paying attention to the length of her limbs and the ways her muscles moved beneath the skin, until you looked at the shape of her jaw and the set of her eyes.

She looked like a human who’d been put together wrong.

Or herself, put together perfectly. There was nothing awkward about how she moved, for instance. It looked wrong, but it worked fine. She was probably the best fighter in the region, and possibly one of the best of the age. She wasn’t a dilettante adventurer resting on her laurels while teaching to make ends meet, though. She was a soldier, waiting out that awkward period between major, world-shattering wars.

“I was hoping you’d show up early, Frybaby,” she said, finally turning around to face me.

She either had a fondness for nicknames or an aversion to real names. I didn’t love mine, but it was a hard-won upgrade from the previous choice of “Crybaby”.

I didn’t know what to say to her, and she wasn’t impressed by people who talked to fill the space so I waited to see what else she would say.

“Okay, first things first,” she said. “You’re still not in trouble. What you did last week was exactly right.”

“Breaking the mockbox and rupturing several of my opponent’s organs was exactly right?” I said.

“In a real fight with real stakes, there’s never a downside to rupturing your opponent’s organs,” Callahan said. She stopped like some memory had just popped into her head. “Okay… almost never. It’s not enough to keep a kobold down, but if it had been a real fight… well, you’d put her down hard enough that you could have kept her down if I hadn’t called it. The problem is, you can’t keep doing things like that, not even to her. Kobolds are tough little fuckers, but there’s such a thing as luck.”

“You put me in the special section because you didn’t think I was learning anything from swinging my staff at ordinary fighters,” I said. “But how much better is it if I still can’t cut loose without trashing the equipment or killing my opponent?”

“That’s the question. Here’s the thing that I keep coming back to: there’s always going to be limits to how much someone can learn swinging illusionary weapons around in a classroom,” she said. “The farther someone is from normal human levels of strength, speed, and injury resistance, the more the limit’s going to matter. I can keep rotating the gimmicky fighters in against you, but you’re going to keep running into situations where your real best choice is to do something lethal. And you’ll have to keep restraining yourself, which is not in your best interests… and not what this class is about.”

“You picked this class out for me,” I reminded her.

“I know that,” she said. “But there was a failure of imagination on my part… to tell you the truth, I thought it would have taken a lot longer to bring you up to the point you’re at now, and I thought by the time we got here I’d have some idea what to do with you after that.”

“So… I’ve been exceeding your expectations, then,” I said.

“In some ways,” she said. “But that’s not worth an A, before you ask… just because I didn’t expect you to clear the bar yet doesn’t mean it’s set any lower.”

“I wasn’t going to ask,” I said. I knew she rarely assigned grades before they were due… grading was a formality she indulged because she had to. “But I feel kind of weirdly good about it.”

“I love the mockbox,” she said. “I really do. Don’t get me wrong, I think when teaching the art of war, a certain amount of attrition can be a good thing. It keeps the survivors motivated, keeps them focused… but experience is the best teacher and the experiences that are the hardest to survive can be the best teachers. The problem is that it’s too limited… it always has been. So I’ve been working on taking it to the next level. I have been for a while, but it’s taken time… I can’t do the work myself, and I found it harder than I expected to explain to my enchanters exactly what I want them to do. Especially since I’m only allowed to communicate with them in writing, now. It’s just about ready.”

“What exactly does it do?” I asked.

“It mocks people,” she said. “Someone steps into the box, and an illusionary duplicate steps out. Just like the mock weapons, the duplicate looks and acts just like the real thing. I wanted something that would give the original person control over the phantasm as if they were controlling their own body, but that wasn’t working out. The best the eggheads could do was make it respond to commands, which would be fine if this class was about how to tell other people to fight for you.”

“If we aren’t actually controlling the duplicates, then how are we supposed to learn anything when they fight?” I asked. “Do we watch and take notes?”

“You don’t see it?” she said. “Good, I’m glad… that makes me feel like my brilliant stroke is really fucking brilliant. Say we did your bout with Nae again, using these boxes. You wouldn’t learn anything from your dupe fighting her… but you would learn plenty fighting her dupe.”

“Two fights,” I said, catching on. “Each with one real student and one illusionary opponent.”

“Right,” she said. “Any harm the illusion takes is illusionary, even from a punch or kick or a fucking fireball. Any harm the illusion dishes out is illusionary.”

“And you got approval for this?” I asked, surprised. There’d been a bureaucratic challenge to just the modifications she’d made to the standard mockbox.

“I showed it to the dean of the College of Delvers and he couldn’t keep his tongue in his mouth… he wants to get it cleared for use in his programs as soon as possible,” she said. “Apparently, it would save wear and tear on monsters, and there was also something about student safety. And even though I paid out the ass for these babies, I still used university resources to create them, so the patent belongs to the school… which I don’t give a rusty rat’s ass about, but it means I don’t have to waste my time defending it. It’s in everyone else’s interests to have it certified as safe.”

“But that’ll still take time,” I said.

“And testing,” she said. “Don’t forget testing. The good news is I have a bunch of volunteers who are willing to stress-test them under extreme versions of the conditions they’d be used in every day. With that kind of intensive testing going on every day, we should be able to get them cleared for general use in no time.”

“But… what exactly are we going to do in class until then?”

“For fuck’s sake… were you even listening to me?” she said. “I just told you.”

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      • tomclark says:

        OK, I could buy that, but even if she knows about her ancestry, when did her opinion of Callahn go from “obnoxious, bullying warrior-jock wannabe (those who can, do; those who can’t, teach)” to “one of the best fighters around”?

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        • Computer Mad Scientist says:

          During the timeskip, presumably.

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  34. Eris harmony says:

    As I recall, Stef clued Mack in to Jill’s ancestry. I guess it’s more obvious when clothes aren’t involved.

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