38: Sweet Dreams

on July 25, 2007 in 02: Love In The Time Of Magic

In Which Mackenzie Wakes Up

It could only have been a dream.

There was just no way that Professor Ariadne would have actually made me strip and then spanked me in front of the whole elven history class… which, anyway, should not have consisted entirely of girls, some of whom had been at my high school… and who, I knew, had gone on to exciting and fulfilling careers as accidental baby incubators for their former prom dates, rather than going on to a prestigious university like the one I’d got into.

While I could be sure that any one of these girls would have loved watching me being humiliated in public, I was equally sure they wouldn’t have been as visibly sexually excited by the sight, and they certainly shouldn’t have been… touching themselves… over it.

I knew Sooni shouldn’t have been there, and that she was supposed to have only three nekos, not a dozen of them, all watching with avid interest as my ass and face both grew redder. Besides, how could I have seen their glittering eyes avidly watching me when I was bent over the desk, facing away from the class?

Celia and Barley definitely weren’t supposed to be there, and even if that wasn’t the case, they shouldn’t have been permitted to stand on either side of me, shouting warnings I couldn’t understand before every blow landed. Also, Professor Ariadne probably should have been reciting an elven epic while she paddled my ass, not recounting the story of my childhood encounter with a lonely tree nymph for the entire class to hear. For some reason, they all found it hilarious, nodding knowingly at her description of the scene.

In an odd, fifth corner of the room that was far darker than any part of the room should have been, someone… or something lurked, waiting for Ariadne to finish so it could move in. I thought it must have been Belinda, but the shadow.. presence?… was too squat for a half-ogre. She must have been hunkered down, crouched and ready to pounce…

Yeah, it could only have been a dream. It was so obvious, from the beginning to the end, in every single detail.

Of course, I didn’t realize that until after I became aware that Amaranth was gently shaking me awake.

“Mack, honey, you can slobber on my boobs all you want later,” she said as I slowly roused to consciousness. “But right now, we both have classes to get to.”

We were still in the lunch room. I’d fallen asleep on her lap, my face against one of her breasts. I’d mostly woke up and started to peel away from her when she said the part about slobbering on her boobs, which made me reflexively bury my quickly-reddening face against her.

“Oh, that is just too fucking precious for words!” Steff said, giggling. I looked up at the sound, and saw that Puddy and Two had already left the table for classes. “Seriously, Amy, I want one.”

“I almost hated to wake you,” Amaranth said, gently turning me around. “Were you having a nice dream?”

“I was… getting in trouble in class,” I said, looking away from her.

“Oh, I thought it might have been a sex dream,” Amaranth said. “You were saying ‘harder, harder’.”

I turned a furious shade of scarlet. I hadn’t been aware of saying that, even in the dream.

“And moaning a bit,” Steff said. “It was dead sexy. You should think about moaning professionally.”

“It wasn’t a sex dream,” I said. That was true… some people might somehow find spanking sexy, but it still wasn’t sex. It might have been a little… sexually charged, but considering where I’d fallen asleep, and what I’d fallen asleep listening to? “I don’t really have a lot of sex dreams. Any, I mean. I’ve never had any.”

I struggled over the words a bit there… I had experienced a few odd dreams about Amaranth, but they’d always turned into nightmares, and anyway, it had to be hard to know if a dream about a nymph sitting on your face was actually sexual or not, because she was going to be naked regardless.


“Oh, everybody has sex dreams,” Steff said. “It’s completely natural… it can’t be healthy not to.”

“I’ve read that some people repress them so hard that by the time they wake up, they’ve convinced themselves that they were dreaming about something else,” Amaranth said. “Were you flying in your dream?”

“I wasn’t flying… it was just a class,” I said. “It was a bit weird, but definitely no sex.” I yawned. “Anyway, I’m surprised that I wasn’t too tired to dream at all.”

“Didn’t you get any sleep at all last night?” Amaranth asked me.

“No,” I admitted. “Not really. I pretty much just locked myself in my room and laid there until I thought you’d be back.”

“Oh, you poor thing!” Amaranth exclaimed. “You’re going to bed early tonight, that’s for sure.”

“I’ll try,” I said.

“You’ll try nothing,” Amaranth said sternly. “You go to bed right after dinner. Remember that you’ve got two labs tomorrow… you may have a lot of mystic power, but you’re not made out of energy.”

“And you guys are still coming to the circle tomorrow night, right?” Steff asked anxiously. “I mean, if you have to beg off, I’ll understand, under the circumstances, but it’s just that conditions are perfect…”

“We’ll be there,” Amaranth said firmly. “Mack’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight, if I have to tie her to the bed with magic ropes.”

Steff giggled.

“Will you sleep with me tonight?” somebody said in a remarkable imitation of my voice. The sound jolted me awake. “Um… I mean…”

“Oh, honey,” Amaranth said, kissing the back of my head. “I really can’t take a whole night off working for you just yet… we don’t really know of any nymphs who’ve been this far away from their foci for this long, and I feel safer having a pretty steady stream of sex until I’m sure what that’s going to do to me and my field… and as far as that kind of thing goes, the girl-girl stuff might be very nice, but it’s not nearly as efficient for fertility ritual purposes as guy-girl.”

“I didn’t mean sex,” I said, blushing madly. “I’d just…” I had been about to say “I’d feel safer”, but it sounded absurd. What could Amaranth do to protect me that I couldn’t do for myself? Would she really be safe lying next to me, if I flared up in the night?

“Well, I could just fuck some guys next to you,” Amaranth said, sounding like she was giving the matter some serious thought. “But that probably wouldn’t help you sleep. I can orgasm very quietly, but I don’t know if they’d go along with it…”

“That’s okay,” I said quickly. Of course, the idea of Amaranth having sex with “some guys” right beside me disturbed me for reasons that Amaranth probably wouldn’t really understand even if I put them into words for her. “I’ll be fine on my own.”

“No, Mack… I really want to… I mean, I told you to ask for what you wanted and so far I haven’t really… hmm,” Amaranth said. “Maybe if I get an early start, like begin right after my last class… and maybe a few in between. Steff, hon, I hate to impose, but…?”

“Oh, Amy, I’ve always got time to fuck your little brains out for a good cause,” Steff said. “My schedule’s kind of scattered, anyway… I don’t have anything next period.”

“I do, but it’s a great big lecture,” Amaranth said. “I can sneak in a little late. What do you want… face, or butt?”

“If you’ve got time, why not both?” Steff asked. “Or, you know, it’s not really my usual cup of tea, but if it’ll help we can go for the trifecta.”

“Great!” Amaranth said brightly, gently sliding me sideways off her lap, so that I had time to get my legs unfolded beneath me. I was a bit wobbly on my feet, as I was kind of busy trying very hard not to figure out who was going to be doing what, based on those descriptions. Amaranth was completely oblivious to my confusion and distress. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you later tonight, then… probably not at dinner, but a little after? I’ll want a shower before I crawl into bed with you, of course… I don’t get visibly dirty, but I still worry about giving people germs.”

I wasn’t sure I’d heard her right… had she said “germs?” As in, seeds? I wondered if that was a cereal nymph thing.

“I’ll see you in history, Mack,” Steff said, as they went off arm in arm with each other.

I felt a bit dazed. Amaranth was going to spend the night with me… because I’d asked. I didn’t really know how I felt about that. In order to do this, she was going to fuck every man… and, despite what she’d said about it being less potent, every woman, too… that she came across in the course of her afternoon. I was pretty sure I did know exactly how I felt about that.

I liked Steff. I hated being jealous of her. It was stupid to be jealous of her, when I didn’t want anything from Amaranth except closeness and comfort. I could handle, in an abstract sort of way, the fact that Amaranth had and would continue to have a huge number of male partners, but I didn’t like seeing or thinking about her having sex with another woman… “another” as in, apart from herself, not me, of course.

Anyway, hadn’t she basically said that sex with women wasn’t as productive? It was like she was using my request–if you could even call it a request–as an excuse to have sex with Steff… but then, why should that bother me? She was a nymph. Why should I care how she spent her time?

Like I said, it was stupid, but knowing it was stupid didn’t make the feeling go away.

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