Bonus Story: Swan Song (A Tragedy In Two Parts And One Act)

on January 21, 2008 in Other Tales

Okay, here’s the thing: I was just going to depict this by showing the aftermath of it all in the main story, but two things happened: one, several people expressed interest in reading what happened next… and two, you guys donated so much that we already hit the total for the next bonus story! So, here it is, a direct continuation of the previous bonus story, from the point where Dee departs.

By itself, the fountain at night was an amazing sight, with the bronze three-headed dragon sculpture set on the broad plinth in the center of it. Ghostly illusions of fire covered the streams of water that issued from the dragons’ mouths on the upwards portion of their arcs. The flickering faux firelight gradually cycled through colors to bathe the water in an eerie glow.

Having been around such illusionary artwork for half her childhood, Steff had never taken much notice of the fountain before. Now, enraptured by the sight of the tall, slender woman with the long neck and lithely powerful legs, she wondered how she’d ever missed how amazing it was.

Leda could have passed for fully human in this aspect, except for the mane of silver-white feathers which spilled down the back of her head instead of hair. Aside from those and a small down patch in her pubic region, she was completely bare.

“What is matter, elf boy?” Leda said, splaying the fingers of one hand across her privates and cupping one her breasts with the other. “You are not happy to see me?”

“Listen,” Steff said. “I’m not really a boy…”

“Your dick says you liar,” Leda said.

“Oh, that?” Steff said, laughing nervously at her very obvious and growing erection. “You can’t believe a word that little slut says… she’s crazy.”

Leda strode over to the edge of the fountain and, without warning, reached out and latched onto Steff by the crotch.

“Careful!” Steff said. “It’s been kind of a rough night!”

“It is going to be rougher,” Leda said, yanking hard and stepping back.

Steff stumbled forward, banging her knees over the low wall around the fountain as she clambered over, Leda maintaining her hold until after Steff was standing in the water, the hem of her long, flowing broom skirt floating around her calves.

“Eep!” Steff shrieked. “Fuck, that’s cold!”

“I had not noticed,” Leda said. “Take off clothes now.”

“Um, you don’t happen to have anything to drink first, do you?” Steff asked.

“There is vodka on island if you must,” Leda said, pointing to a bottle in the shadow of the dragon statue.

Steff lunged for it like it was a safety line, only to be disappointed.

“Um, this is an empty bottle,” Steff said, hefting it.

“And now,” Leda said, grabbing it away and tossing it over her shoulder, onto the pavement, “it is not even that. So it goes.”

She grabbed Steff by her weapons belt and started pulling her towards her. Steff undid the buckle and went to set it by the base of the statue, but Leda grabbed it and sent it spinning outside the fountain. She then grabbed the waistband of Steff’s skirt and yanked it down. There was nothing beneath it, except for Steff herself.

“Um, look, Leda,” Steff said, trying to step backwards at the same time and tripping on her ass.

“Call me ‘your highness’,” Leda said, drawing herself up and leaning in towards Steff, her arms spread wide.

“Leda,” Steff repeated, reaching for her sodden skirt.

“‘Your… high… ness‘,” Leda said again, her eyes flashing as she stepped on the garment and pinned it beneath her foot.

“Your highness, then,” Steff said. “Um, this whole fountain thing sounded like a really horny time when I ran it past Dee, but… um… would you like to maybe go somewhere?”

“We are somewhere,” Leda said. She spun in place like a ballerina. “My kingdom.”

“I’m just… just thinking about the logistics,” Steff said. She started to get to her feet. “I mean, maybe we could do it bending over by the base, or…”

Leda lifted a foot and kicked her in the chest, knocking her back down.

“You on bottom,” Leda said. “Me on top. Me above, you below. That is logistics.”

“Okay, the thing is, I’ve never had more than an abstract curiosity about what drowning would feel like,” Steff said. “So… water… is not really… and you need protection! In my belt…”

“You do not dare to pregnant me,” Leda said, lowering herself into the fountain, crouching down on her hands and knees. She started crawling forwards, stalking Steff through the water.

“That’s not how it works,” Steff said, scrambling backwards.

“Shh, elf boy,” Leda said. “You honk like a goose. Take off your shirt.”

“It’s really a blouse,” Steff said, though she obeyed, leaving her naked except for a stuffed bra and her boots. “And I’m really not…”

“Shh, elf boy,” Leda said again. “You will make me queen, and I will make you a man.”

“But, see, that’s not really who I am,” Steff said. She backed up against the sloping side of the “island”, the plinth in the center of the fountain. The side was rough, pebbled. It scratched at her bare back.

“You say I’m beautiful,” Leda said, climbing over her legs. “I make you hard. Where is problem?”

“I’m… I’m just not ready!” Steff said, tears beginning to fill her eyes.

“What is wrong?” Leda asked in a tone of mock sympathy. “You are little goluboy, hmm?” She gave Steff a hard shove. “You are fag?”

“Yes… no… I don’t know!” Steff wailed. “I’m not! I’m just not…”

“Shh,” Leda said, straddling her. “Be happy I make you a man.”

“This isn’t really my strongest suit,” Steff said as she positioned herself. “If we could just… oh, oh… oh…”

She lost her strength to protest as Leda slid herself onto the end of her cock, squeezing with surprisingly well-developed muscles.

Once Steff was inside her, she gripped and then twisted the two of them around so that Steff tumbled backwards into the water.

The half-elf’s head was briefly submerged, but then Steff got her arms behind her and propped herself up.

“Careful,” Steff sputtered. “Please!”

“You are nothing,” Leda said, arching her back and riding up and down. “You are scum. In Mariinsky Lake, you are killed for doing this.”

She rode up and down the length of Steff’s shaft with a fluid, almost musical motion. The look on her face was impossible to place… too distant for disdain. It was more like disinterest.

“Oh, Leda,” Steff moaned. “Leda…”

The swan woman put her hands on Steff’s chest and leaned forward, pushing her underwater. She held her down for several seconds, keeping the same up-and-down rhythm on the thrashing half-elf’s engorged member.

“You do not say my name,” Leda said when she let the gasping, wild-eyed Steff back up for air. “My name is too high for you to touch. I am your highness.”

“Yes, yes, your highness,” Steff said. She moaned as Leda twisted from side to side, her vaginal muscles hugging tightly. “Just… don’t stop. Please.”

“I stop if I want to stop,” Leda said. “No more talking. You use up all your words.”

She did not even look at Steff as she pumped up and down in a way that was both methodical and artful. Her face was turned up, towards an unseen horizon, a far-off place where people knew her worth. Her eyes became misty as she rode, and then she closed them, her face becoming almost serene. She didn’t make a sound.

“Leda… oh, fuck… I… we don’t have protection,” Steff said, feeling the encounter rising inexorably towards its natural conclusion. Leda didn’t even spare her a glance, but increased her grip and wrenched backwards, twisting Steff’s cock painfully.

Steff cried out at the sudden pain and came like a geyser. Leda looked down suddenly, the expression on her face seeming to say, “What, you’re still here?” She pushed Steff back in disgust, jumping backwards and getting to her feet.

Steff fell beneath the surface of the water again, and came up to find Leda hissing and cursing at her in a language she couldn’t understand, though she caught the words “fag” and “goluboy” in among the rest.

The feather-haired woman snatched up Steff’s skirt, twirled it into a rope, and began whipping the naked half-elf with it, hitting her about the chest and head.

Steff shrieked and tried to cover her face, but Leda only aimed lower in response. Finally Steff managed to catch hold of it and grab it out of her hands, pulling Leda off her balance in the process. Without bothering to look for her blouse or her belt, Steff fled, leaping clear of the fountain and running down the path that would take her back to Harlowe with nothing to clothe herself but her bra and the soaked skirt held in front of her.

She dashed down the steps into the sunken patio, out of sight of any late night stragglers who might have been wandering the path. Clutching her wet skirt to her, she sunk down to the ground, crying and shaking uncontrollably. Her back was a mass of scratches and bruises, and she had received several welts from the improvised towel-lashing.

Back at the fountain, Leda, too, was crying. For a long time, she didn’t move from the spot where she’d fallen so unceremoniously. When she finally did get up, it was to go to the place she’d left the bottle of vodka… and when she remembered that she’d already drunk it all, she let out a scream of anguish and outrage.

Steff, meanwhile, pulled the dripping skirt on up to her chest like it was a dress. She darted through the Harlowe lobby for the stairs that would take her to her own floor, her room, and to Viktor, who would not violate her in any way she did not welcome and who would, on very rare occasions, simply hold her as long as she needed.

Leda did not have anybody like Viktor, but back in her room, there was another bottle.

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  1. Gavin says:

    I almost fell sorry for the swan rapist.

    Current score: 0
  2. pedestrian says:

    Gotta admit that this chapter is way out of my experience and comfort zone.

    But, I think about the couple of women I know, who were willing to talk about their bad experiences. One it was an abusive boyfriend and the other was raped by her brother-in-law.

    I can intellectually comprehend what Steff is suffering.

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  3. Hoopla says:

    Nevermind what I wrote earlier, Steff, you poor unfortunate half-elf, you. 🙁

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  4. capybroa says:

    Is this only a bonus story? I feel like both these characters need closure.

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  5. capybroa says:

    Is this only a bonus story? I feel like both these characters need closure.

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  6. C says:

    Since I commented on the first half of this story I feel like I should say something here as well.
    Only I do not know what to say.

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  7. Jechtael says:

    Are all the alcoholic rapists on the top floor of Harlowe par for the rest of the campus? ’cause that’s just messed up. (Not counting Tyler and that pervert kid, Gabe or whatever, since consent-under-the-influence is a horribly common thing to take advantage of in colleges everywhere.)

    Current score: 3