Artwork: Everybody, say it together now…

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(Once again… thanks, Meeks!)

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2 Responses to “Artwork: Everybody, say it together now…”

  1. niknik says:

    Hi! I dunno when or if you’ll get this but I spent the last half hour trying to find a way to contact you about artwork.

    I remember finding a link where fan art could be seen but for some reason I can’t seem to find it (probably because my brain has turned to mush, also another reason why I can’t figure out how to contact you other than via the comment box).

    Sorry, sort of rambling but I went on a mission trying to find Amaranth’s eye color and ended up rereading everything (which I don’t mind! I love Tales of MU btw *nods*) but I can’t seem to remember what her eye color is … o.o

    Anyhow! hope you get this! Thank you!

    Current score: 0
  2. Katrina Swales says:

    Sorry to cause trouble, just wanted to comment that the Link here is missing

    Current score: 4