Chapter 241: Floor Games

on August 25, 2014 in Volume 2 Book 7: Courtly Manners, Volume 2: Sophomore Effort

In Which Mackenzie Gets Limber With Her Tongue

Ian stayed in the doorway, watching me as I walked past. I could feel his eyes on me, and I imagined the look on his face was the same as the last time I’d walked past him into his room… the morning right after my night with Glory.

“The thing that keeps getting to me,” he said, coming up behind me and grabbing my ass with both hands, “is that the elves keep fucking you here.”

“You’ve done it, too,” I said, not turning around.

“Not as well as they do, especially not without Amaranth’s help.”

“Well, ‘well’ is a relative term,” I said. “They do it with less effort, but less effort means less feeling. I like the effort. Anyway, I think you’re missing something here.”

“I feel like I’m missing a lot,” Ian said.

Overlooking… not missing out on,” I said. “Glory fucked me where Steff fucks me… but neither one of them has ever fucked me where you usually do, and neither of them are likely to. Hell, not even Amaranth really spends much time there. So, maybe instead of looking at what others have that you feel like you can’t, you should think about what you have that they don’t.”

“They don’t want it,” Ian said.

“Are you going to decide it’s a consolation prize based on what they think?” I said. “Anyway, Amaranth would like to go down on me, I’m sure… she just doesn’t because she knows I wouldn’t be into it.”

“What Amaranth wants with another person is what they want,” Ian said. “If you don’t want it, she doesn’t, either.”

“Okay, but… I want it with you,” I said. “I don’t like anyone touching me there, I don’t like touching myself there… I don’t even like thinking about it. But you, Ian? I want you there. I want you in me. I want you… I want you to fuck me.”

I’d said it like that because I had to work my way up to it, but that wasn’t to say it was an uphill struggle. It was more like… well, like limbering up before a fight. Or maybe more aptly, foreplay before the main event. A lot of things that would leave me hot and flustered and a little bit turned on just got hotter and less flustery the more turned on I was to begin with.

I realized as I said it that Glory’s test for my feelings towards Amaranth was in full swing here. Maybe it was possible that my desire for Ian, my longing to have his dick inside me, to be fucked by him… maybe that did come from some sort of societally ingrained consciousness of heterosexuality.

Maybe it did. But however it had got there, it was real and it was strong. It was what I felt. It was what I wanted.

“Say it again,” Ian said.

“I want you to fuck me,” I said, firmly. “I want you to fuck me hard.”

“Keep going.”

“I want you inside me, I want your… your dick inside me,” I said. That seemed inadequate somehow, so I pressed on. “Your hard, thick dick.”

The words sounded ridiculous, but it was sex… everything about it was ridiculous. The trick was to keep moving.

“Where?” he asked.

“…in my pussy,” I said.

“Say it right,” he said. “Where do you want to be fucked?”

“In my… cunt,” I said, the last word coming out as a delicious, shivery whisper..

“You are a cunt,” he said. “So I guess I could fuck you all over… but I’ll start right between your legs, where no one else has you.”

Weirdly enough, one of the reasons we hadn’t fucked as much this year despite being in the same dorm was that the beds in Gilcrease weren’t that good.

In the other dorms, the beds were big, blocky things. They had to be, because not only did they need to be tough enough to withstand student shenanigans, but they had to be stackable since they were modular units that could be combined into bunk beds. This meant the frame had to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of another identical frame on top, and the bed had to be high enough off the ground that it would give a bunk below it adequate head room when stacked.

The tower dorms had beds that were purpose built as bunk beds. This meant that the frames could be lighter and smaller, and the two bunks could be vertically spaced differently from each other. This made the lower bunk easier to climb in and out of, but it made it harder to bend someone over it, or lay them on the edge of it and pound away. At the same time, the mattresses were narrower.

The only option that worked with them was pretty much just straight up one person on top of the other, laying down along the length of the mattress. Any position that involved sitting up or straddling posed a not trivial risk of damage to either the head of one or more of the participants, or the frame of the bunk above.

Amaranth had pretty much instinctively recognized the weaknesses of the standard tower bunks from the moment she saw them, which was probably why she’d removed them from our room and replaced them with a full sized four poster bed, with double-stacked mattresses to give the optimal height for semi-standing sex. Most of my activity with anyone… her, Steff, or Ian… had been in our room, mine and Amaranth’s.

And maybe that was part of why most of my sex with Ian had been angry sex. He had to come into someone else’s domain to do anything. We had tried things in his room a couple of times, but it had never went quite as well.

I’d always thought of it in terms of the real bed being better rather than the bunk beds being inadequate, but considering the matter while already in a state of frustration made it easier to see the deficiencies of the bunk beds, and to recognize them as deficiencies.

This was probably why Ian just shoved me to the floor from behind, instead of dragging me to the bed.

I went down hard, sprawling. My knee hit first, and there was an explosion of pain there, and then in my elbow, and then my head. He was on top of me before my vision had cleared, pushing my face down with one hand while he grabbed the hem of my shirt. He couldn’t keep shoving my face against the tile while he undressed me, but he did his best to physically control me through the process all the same.

Even with all the manhandling, it was more mental domination than physical, of course… I was far stronger than he was.

Which isn’t to say that I was faking… dominance is dominance. How does a person with human-type muscles control a horse who weighs however much horses weigh and has far more physical power?

Actually, I wasn’t entirely clear about how that happened. I just knew that it happened.

Presumably it had more to do with training for both the rider and the ridden it did with than raw application of force. It probably didn’t have a lot in common with the phenomenon of Ian being on top of me, controlling me as he stripped me bare in preparation of fucking me, and it probably wasn’t the best analogy in general for a variety of reasons… but the point was, strength wasn’t everything.

There was willpower. There was strength of character. There was force of personality.

There was dominance, and there was submission.

Piece by piece, Ian took away everything that stood between him and me until I was naked underneath him. He rolled me over onto my back. I gasped as newly exposed skin touched the cold tile of the floor.

“I’ll have you gasping more,” he said, fumbling with his belt buckle and then the fly of his jeans. It didn’t seem like he was going to undress any more than he had to, but ethen he grabbed the back of his now untucked shirt and pulled it off over his head and flung it aside.

He stood up, planting his foot on my midriff as if to say tell me not to be fooled by this momentary change in position, and began to peel off his jeans and boxers as one single unit. He had to let up the pressure at the end, but he was on me too fast for me to more than barely notice.

He didn’t last long, but it didn’t take me long, either… his pent up frustration and passion and anger poured out of him like he would fuck me straight through the floor, and I broke like a dam beneath him moments before he came with a convulsive shudder.

His seed may have been spent, but he wasn’t… he all but jumped to his feet, then pulled me up by my hair and shoved his semi-hard, sticky-sweet dick in my face.

“Suck it until it’s hard again,” he said. I complied in an eager daze. “That… that wasn’t a consolation prize. That was my bonus.”

I had a suspicion that I knew exactly what he meant. Taking Ian’s dick in the ass was rough, like I’d said, but it would be even more so coming so soon after… well, coming so soon after he did.

Ian was young and virile, but he was only human, with a human’s limitations. A long dry spell could make leave him ready to blow off with a feather touch, but just one bout in an evening would make the next one last so much longer.

Ian’s stomach didn’t have a timepiece set into it and I didn’t have any way to mark the minutes, but I felt like I bobbed my head up and down along the shaft of his dick for a long time before he was satisfied. He didn’t say anything, he just took control and put me where he wanted me, put me in my place.

I was on the floor again, this time on my hands and knees. He pushed my back down and yanked my hips up until he had me just the way he wanted, and then he got himself into position.

If Amaranth had been there, she could help Ian get in without any alchemical preparations… nymph saliva, for some reason, made for a perfect lubricant for certain highly specific purposes. The body fluids involved in our sex, being three quarters human and not at all nymphly, made his dick wet and a bit slick, but not on the level of an actual lubricant.

I’d read more than one source… and by “source” I mean tapestry threads and angry notes on other people’s fanfic… claiming that saliva, semen, and vaginal secretions didn’t do anything for anal sex. I put this advice in mostly the same category as the “it shouldn’t hurt at all” opinion. I’m sure it was well meant, and there was an important truth within it, but the fact was that any moisture would create some slipperiness, and any slipperiness would have some effect.

Whether it was a good effect or not was in the eye of the beholder… I mean, being slick with sex and spit can make penetration possible where it otherwise wouldn’t be, although if you weren’t invulnerable and didn’t like pain you might wish it still wasn’t.

Ian was slick enough to get in and get where he was going, but I knew before he made the first push that it was going to be a memorable trip.

And I figured that was probably the point.

He wasn’t punishing me for what I’d done with Glory… Ian didn’t use sex for a punishment. But he’d seen the metaphorical mark she’d left on me, he’d seen me walking the next day… and this was him painting over that mark. He’d fucked me where Glory wouldn’t, where no one else ever had, and now he was taking me where she’d had me.

It was long. It was slow. I moved with him as he pushed in and as he pulled back, not out of some natural sexual rhythm but because my body clung to his, resisting his inward progress and then refusing to let go. He pushed in deeper on each long, slow thrust than when he pulled out. There had to be something masochistic in Ian for him to enjoy it, but I could feel his dick getting harder inside me and certainly his fervor only intensified as he went.

When he was buried to the hilt between my ass cheeks, he stopped trying to thrust at all and simply strained against me. Again, I had the vision of him thrusting right through me, fucking a hole in me and coming out the other side. I came explosively, and for one bright and starry instant I thought I understood what Steff found so appealing in her images of impalement and evisceration as erotica… sex that went in one end and exploded out the other, left you hollowed out, drained and lifeless… it wasn’t that far from the descriptive sensation of really good sex.

I was a little horrified and more than a little grossed out by those thoughts when I came back to myself as the post-orgasmic tide rolled out and I flopped down exhausted on the metaphorical shore and literal floor, but I let them drain out of me along with the bliss.

Ian extricated himself from me with more care than he’d rammed his way in.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “I think my cock is one giant bruise.”

“Whose… whose fault is that?” I said.

“Ours,” he said, and it was a good answer. “You know… you know that this isn’t going to fix everything, right?”

“If you were trying to fix something, you were definitely doing it wrong,” I said. I tried to roll over onto my back so I could sit up, or at least be looking at him, but the strength had ran out of me. “I did it because I wanted to. Isn’t that what you said, before? We should have sex because we want to… not because we’re mad, not because we’re desperate. Because we want it, because I want you and you want me.”

“Oh,” he said. “Don’t say things that are going to make my cock sit up and take notice.”

“Wait, you could go again?”

“I wouldn’t if I could right now,” he said. “And no, but it still twitches… and any movement is painful. Anyway, I guess that’s one answer to my question.”

“What do you mean?”

“About what I want, and what you want,” Ian said. “You’re right, we want each other. I just wonder…”

“What it means?” I asked. “I don’t know, Ian, but I think we can figure that out in the morning.”

“Why would it be more clear tomorrow than it was today or yesterday?”

I thought about that, and realized I didn’t have an answer.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Guess that’s good enough for now,” he said.

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  1. Order of Chaos says:

    Glad to see them back together but some questions come to mind.
    1. Doesn’t Ian have any room-mates? Are just out or did they get a show?
    2. Could Mack still finding anal painful be down to non-magical damage not reshaping her body? if so stick a magic buttplug in there for a few weeks and problem solved.
    3. By the same logic, unless a ring of protection lets a penis do magic (ice type?) damage a physical examination would find Mack to be a fully intact virgin till she gets a magic dildo right?
    4. If 4 then how do demons breed?
    Anyway I’m following that link to see what AEs wrote.

    Current score: 1
    • Christopher Martin says:

      3: Virginity is somewhat of a physical myth. The hymen is not a barrier in the vagina, just a ring basically.

      When done right, sex does not “break” the hymen. In fact, if you go long enough without sex, the hymen will return back. The biggest reason for lack of repeat instances of blood is that you have a better idea of how to do it right (ie. not painfully).

      Additionally, as the hymen is more of a ring than a barrier, it does nothing to stop or inhibit impregnation.

      Assuming I will be allowed to link this, here’s a good video for reference on this: (obviously mildly NSFW audio due to lots of talking about sex, vagina’s and hymens, visual is okay though if you have headphones)

      Current score: 5
      • Nocker says:

        By the same token, Mack is physically invulnerable, at least on the surface when it comes to skin. The same might apply to any internal lining of this and any other organs.

        Not to mention her augmented muscles and strength across the board. If they aren’t careful Ian might have something awkward to explain to the healing center.

        Current score: 0
    • zeel says:

      1. Not sure
      2. Probably just the no lube thing
      3. An interesting question.
      4. Painfully? Or maybe a demons penis counts as magical enough, her teeth and nails do, I imagine if she got punched by a demon it would count too, so a dick should as well.

      Current score: 1
    • Jess says:

      3. Hymens don’t actually work like that. It’s a longstanding sex myth. If they tear and bleed, it’s because the sex was too rough too soon; the female wasn’t turned on and lubed up enough.
      Regardless, they can heal after tearing. You can bleed again after not having had sex for a while if you don’t ease into it. If you even have a substantial one or one at all. Not everyone does.

      Current score: 2
    • Order of Chaos says:

      Thanks, questions 3&4 are withdrawn and I have 1 less missconseption about Clair from Heros and X23.

      Current score: 1
  2. pedestrian says:

    How do demons breed?

    Fortunately, very badly!

    And yes, it was be a chronic annoyance if the demon-side decided that half-demon/half-human females are suppose to have hymens. All the time.

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    • zeel says:

      It would be easy enough to fix though, I mean it seems like any enchantment is enough to count. So making a magical dildo would be no big deal.

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  3. D. D. Webb says:

    More sex than story this time around, resulting in more sex than resolution in-universe. Still…despite this being more a sweaty, grunty interaction than a thoughtful talky one, they seem to have made a little progress.

    I’m not sure if it bodes well or ill for Mack and Ian’s relationship that sex is so utterly central to it.

    Current score: 0
    • Trent Baker aka Zergonapal says:

      Sometimes sex is all you need, really that is all it was about until we decided to complicate things by thinking about it.

      Current score: 0
    • Glenn says:

      While the sex between Mack and Ian will be good as long as Ian can dominate Mack in the bedroom, the long-term problem their relationship has is that Mack is outgrowing Ian in just about every respect outside of the bedroom. Let’s compare:

      Mack is a brilliant enchanter who is being given remarkable opportunities to develop her business skills. She’s fascinated by arcane magic, shows great creativity, and has a superhuman ability to perform magic. Acantha literally defied the suggestion of a greater dragon to train her. Glory is giving her the opportunity to train as an administrative assistant. Professor Boyd once suggested she would like to work with her, which might or might not still be an open offer. Professor Stone is friendly with her and might also be a useful connection.

      Ian is a mediocre Elementalist who is only studying elementalism because his father wants him to. If he manages to get his degree, his father may be able to use his connections to get Ian a decent job in the field, but it’s not likely to be work Ian will find very interesting or fulfilling. It’s likely that Mack will have a better and perhaps a more profitable career than Ian if Ian stays in Elementalism.

      Ian might shift to music, but there are problems with that idea. His father might not be willing to pay his college tuition if he changed majors. He’s afraid Mack might be at least a little disappointed if he left arcane magic. And most important of all, it’s not clear Ian is very talented as a musician. While he can play a lute, there’s been no real suggestion that he’s extraordinarily good at it. So even if he were happier as a Bard, it might pay less well than elementalism.

      Mack currently has 4 lovers, and hopes to maintain these relationships after she graduates. She prefers to have multiple lovers, and could probably find new lovers if she lost some of the ones she currently has, especially if Amaranth helped her find people with sexual desires that matched hers.

      Ian has one lover, and wishes he was in a monogamous relationship. While he cares about Mack and really likes the sex he has with her, he knows he might be happier in the long run if he found a girl to love who didn’t intend to have multiple lovers. But he’s reluctant to abandon the relationship he has, because he doesn’t know for sure that he could find a better relationship in the future.

      It’s not surprising that Mack is more hopeful than Ian, because she has much better prospects for success than he does.
      If current trends continue, Ian will eventually have to choose between some unpalatable options. Should he stay in Elementalism, and hope for a decent but unsatisfying job, or try to make it as a bard, and risk failing completely? Should he stick with the relationship he has with Mack, and accept that she will always have other lovers besides him, or try to find a new girl with whom he can have the monogamous relationship he really wants?

      Current score: 12
      • Barnowl says:

        Good points. It’s probably also tough for him to give up the excitement of the sex life he has with Mack, as he’s not likely to find that with a more “average” girl. Maybe we’ll see some character growth for Ian. I’d rather that than have him just drop out of the picture.

        Current score: 3
      • Cadnawes says:

        I was just thinking earlier today about Mack’s talents. She is very good at a lot of things, as you list here.

        But she’s got one major problem… anything she’s not good at, she declares unimportant and dismisses. (As an art major, I saw a lot of this attitude from math and science people.) Even now, she’s willing to give up on her A from Callahan because she doesn’t think she can do it. And, I don’t know if she can or not, but the only reason I think she thinks that is she’s not used to having to REALLY TRY.

        Ian is. He isn’t using his innate talents, which I suspect are music and speech, but he’s used to working really effing hard to get anything done. Should he stop fighting himself and really apply himself in areas of strength, the patience honed by applying himself in areas of weakness will really pay off. I do not think he is permanently outclassed, he’s just not minmaxing.

        Which has nothing to do with their relationship, which has already outlived my expectations.

        Current score: 8
        • Glenn says:

          It’s an optimistic theory, and maybe even close to what AE has in mind. But I’m not sure I can believe it’s plausible. I suppose someone who had never done something might be unaware of how good or bad they would be at it if they tried. I’ve never skydived, so who knows, I might have a potential talent there which I will never discover. But Ian has spent enough time studying music to learn to play the lute. We don’t know how hard he had to work to learn to play, but he does. Are we supposed to imagine a situation like this?

          Ian: I don’t have a knack for anything…sure I can play the lute, but that doesn’t count.
          Mack: Why not?
          Ian: Because anyone can learn to play the lute. Why, I learned to play in two or three days.
          Mack: What!?! Most people can’t learn to play the lute in a few days! Ian, you must have a powerful talent for music that you are completely unaware of!

          Obviously I’m exaggerating a bit here. But how oblivious to his own strengths and weaknesses can Ian plausibly be? He knows how many months or years its taken him to get as good at the lute as he currently is. Can’t he make some estimate of his own talent from that?

          Current score: 1
          • Cadnawes says:

            Well, the powerful talent for music HAS come up. He played for everyone waaaayyyyy back when, and he was okay at it, until he stopped trying to play what was expected of him and started messing around, at which point Mack noticed a pronounced uptick in impressiveness.

            So yeah, I’m sticking by my theory.

            Current score: 2
      • Nocker says:

        Hey, those aren’t exclusive or his only options. He could pick something else entirely in a wholly different major or wind up leaving school to pursue some other choice.

        However, what I find important to keep in mind is that while Mack excels in academics she’s still the same stubborn Mackenzie Blaise from freshman year, give or take a bit of introspection. Most of the fundamental problems from year one weren’t because of how smart she was or wasn’t, but because she can’t really work under extended pressure. I mean remember, Mack knew about the whole mermaid situation and didn’t do anything. Which Ian called her on, and Emberies also put at her feet. Ian, if nothing else, is proactive enough to tackle his own lesser issues head on. He didn’t just take the mandatory class and move on, he fought in the ring and handled himself(which Mack has been invited to do but hasn’t).

        Sam was stronger and faster and smarter than most of his friends, but he needed Eugine the amateur to reign him in and make some good judgement calls. When he didn’t have someone like that in his circle, all hell broke loose. Even Dan is willing to listen to his plain old wife in his own messed up game of greater dragons and secret shadowy types. It seems like part of the “Surviving being a half demon” handbook is “have at least one regular human to talk some sense into you”.

        Current score: 3
      • Mist says:

        …. Or just maybe the story is following Mack, and we only get brief glimpses into Ian’s world when they share time, and given the pov we get Mack’s awareness of Ian. And she regards him as “dick donor” so that’s all we really need to know about Mack’s BF

        Current score: 0
        • spess imvader says:

          Poor Ian, the only thing he can claim as his is giving Mackenzie vaginal pleasure. Now again, you can only call your lover a cunt and slut so many times before she actually becomes one…

          Current score: 0
  4. Potatohead says:

    Typo check:

    “A long dry spell could make leave him ready to blow off with a feather touch,”

    I think either ‘make’ or ‘leave’ was supposed to be removed before the final draft – either/or makes the sentence work, but both trips it up.

    Current score: 0
    • Lunaroki says:

      I missed that one myself, that or else it was corrected before I got around to reading this one. Anyway…

      Typo Report

      Presumably it had more to do with training for both the rider and the ridden it did with than raw application of force.

      The “than” is on the wrong end of the bolded section.

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    • HiEv says:

      “but ethen he” -> “but then he”

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  5. Zathras IX says:

    Whether its a good
    Effect is in the aye-aye
    Of the beholden

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  6. scifi_chic says:

    “He stood up, planting his foot on my midriff as if to say tell me not to be fooled by this momentary change in position” – ‘say’ or ‘tell me’?

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  7. adsipowe says:

    ha. sexytalk is never anything but awkward babbling

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